December 16, 2010

March of the Gaystapo

Edited for clarity

Here is an edited version of a letter I received from a homosexual man:
I know you've done some stuff on this recently, and I know this goes on around the world far more than most people would admit. But can you believe this one? I find it difficult to get my head around this in a country with one of the longest Christian traditions. If lefties are looking for oppressed people to defend, Christians should be at the top of the list these days.

And I absolutely despise the type of "activists" quoted in this story. No wonder so many people think of gay people as abnormal when virtually all of the "spokespersons" spout this loony PC crap. Damn it I hate it!
But this bigotry against committed Christians is just too damn much. And the excuses, good grief! "If she goes to church every Sunday, it may impact on the amount of child care she can give." Idiotic. They sound like a loving family, yet they're painted as unsuitable just because of their Christianity. What next, are they going to start seizing kids out of their own natural parents' homes, if the family is Christian and the kid starts "questioning" his sexuality? There just aren't enough foster parents to go around if they start down that path. What happened with assessing the needs of a particular child and pairing him or her with a suitable family? What the hell happened to common sense?
Oh, you're surprised that this Conservative Christian has a good friend that is a homosexual? I bet the greater surprise is that he is outraged by the story in the UK that is linked above.

The point of this is that the "gay rights" agenda is
advanced more and more all the time. If Christians want to follow the Bible and say that God doesn't like it, then we are "homophobes", or "gay bashing", or — now get this bit of hysteria — causing them to commit suicide.

There are many instances where Christians are persecuted for simply following their beliefs and the homosexual lobby does not like it. How about the Hamilton Square Baptist Church? There was such a riot when gays (ironic misuse of the name, here) attacked and rioted because they did not like the church's guest speaker from the Traditional Values Coalition. People were assaulted and in fear for their lives — including the children. (Note this contrast: Christians will say that God is not pleased and preach the Gospel. However, Sharia law wants them dead. How about protesting and rioting in a mosque?)

Or how about the "demonstration" by "Bash Back" in Lansing, Michigan? An obscene banner, lesbians making out in the pulpit, condoms being flung about — yeah, that's a great way to get respect for your cause.

Back to Britain: A couple that runs a private hotel with a "married couples only" policy turned away a homosexual couple. They wanted to live up to their principles. So, they were sued.

There are stories of preachers being harassed and even beaten when they speak out at "Gay Pride Parades" (they have courage, I'll give them that). Unfortunately, I could not back up what I had heard. Oh, wait. Here's a story, again from the UK.

I have to point out something here: Catholic cardinal Gustaaf Joos said, "I am prepared to sign here in my blood that of all those who say they are lesbian or gay, at most five to 10 per cent are effectively lesbian or gay. All the rest are sexual perverts." Well...I know some homosexuals that are in committed relationships and act like everyone else. Then there are the "gay pride" parades which have actions that you certainly do not want your children to see by people in the creepiest forms of clothing. Maybe the cardinal was onto something?

In the Huffing Paint Fumes and Smoking Doobies Post, Lee Stranahan asks a very interesting question: Why is it that homosexuals are not defending polyamory? Good question. After all, we're in the process of tearing down traditional values and attacking those who hold to them, yes? What next? How about if you want to marry your dog? Hey, another question for my British readers: How do you feel about prisoners getting time off to celebrate the Lactating Sheep Festival or other pagan "holidays"? Special interests keep cropping up.

So, I am making two points here. First, that Christians are being persecuted for practicing their beliefs. Second, special interest legislation — where does it end?


Rhomphaia (Sword) said...

They are behind (should I say behind, in a gay context) a great deal of bashing Christians and promoting causes that attack the family unit.

They WANT to destroy the institution of marriage and family, so there will be less 'condemnation' on their sexual practices.

They are angry with Christians for calling 'sin' sin.

But what's twisted, is those groups and news organizations, etc that are angered by Christians. ..It is a GOOD thing, to tell someone that something is BAD for them.

Homosexuals are more likely to have STD's, particularly HIV. They are more likely to suffer abuse. They have a high substance abuse rate. ...And oh how evil it is to try to warn them!

But- the worst of all- this sexual practice is a sin against a Holy God.

...But they fail to hear us when we say "so was our sins" and "we are sinners too"....and "just as Christ helped us to die to our sins, He can help you too".

Homosexual: your practices are sin.

But Christ loves you and gave Himself for YOU, that you could be forgiven and free from the bondage of sin.

...whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

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