December 20, 2010

A Few More Persecutions

Buon girono. As much as I dislike interrupting your Christmas festivities, I want to lay out some timely information (cause in part by listening to Crosstalk America). My Christian readers should be made aware of what is happening in the world; we should be informed, lean to deal with situations as well as pray about them. Unbelieving readers... well, I take a bit of  pleasure in showing you that, despite your desire to dismiss and disbelive these things, they are still happening nonetheless.

First, Dr. Gaskell is suing the University of Kentucky because he claims that his faith cost him a job. (You'll be surprised that my reference is the New York Times, even they seem to think that the story has merit.)

Do you want to scream, "Separation of church and state"? OK. Here is the state making it a point to suppress religious expression. The Federal Reserve ordered a bank in Oklahoma to take down crosses, Bible verses and Christmas buttons.

From the "Don't Mess with Muslims" Department:
On the lighter side, and not related to the persecution of Christians, a man in Austria was yodeling while mowing his lawn. His Muslim neighbor took offense, and the man was fined. Note that yodeling is from Austria and neighboring regions. Islam is not.

On a much darker note, yet another "honor killing". Somali girl Nurta Mohamed Farah became a Christian at age 17. Her parents tortured her, she fled and was subsequently shot to death. I hate this "honor killing" business. If someone leaves the Christian faith, sure, other Christians are ashamed or embarrassed, as well as saddened. But we do not kill people to restore our "honor". Listen, Achmed, if you need to kill to restore your honor, you do not have honor worth restoring, capice? 

And the "religion of peace" marches on.


Rhomphaia (Sword) said...

I heard these stories too.

Poor Kentucky...they've been through MANY battles in recent years.

You'd think the Bluegrass-loving state would be more Christian-ized than that...but the bigger cities and their liberalism have quite a pull.

But- they've got a LOT of great fighters there. Many good churches...which is not the case in my area.

I'd like to know who gave that order to the Federal Reserve. I wonder when they'll wanna destroy all of our green backs too so they can reprint some that say "LLL-Long Live Logic"!

Its really STINKY when the Muslims come to town. (America MUST wake up!) They take over- and fight to get Sharia Law enacted.

They are not a peaceful religion- perhaps when they take all of our Bibles and Christians finally take the time to look at the Koran- then they'll see -it's a LITTLE aggressive.

Much unlike the Gospel of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Well, of course you know about these stories! You're the one that turned me on to Crosstalk, and I really appreciate it.

Rhomphaia (Sword) said...

:-) *blush*

I love them. But...I must confess...that sometimes- it can get very depressing!

They do tell the stories that you won't hear anywhere else- and sometimes, the only good news, is that there's still power in the Good News.

Bob Sorensen said...

I like to mix things up. There is the CARM podcast (still excited about getting the one where Rev. Matt and I discussed Norman and other recalcitrant atheists), as well as good teaching from people like Charles Stanley and Alistair Begg. On busy days, the weekly podcasts from apologetics podcasts add fuel to my fire.

Rhomphaia (Sword) said...

Sounds like a great, well-rounded diet!!!!

I need to go to carm to see if I can find something to assist my next project!

Is this a web site?
apologetics podcasts

Bob Sorensen said...

The apologietics sites offer more than apologetics. Information about the reliability of the Bible and dealing with some tough questions, yes, but also some teachings for Christians.

There are two from Ravi Zacharias ("Let My People Think" and "Just Thinking"), Evidence4Faith, PleaseConvinceMe (a former atheist who is also a cold case homicide detective does the podcasts), StandToReason weekly podcast...yes, I have a few to keep me going while I do other stuff.

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