Scientism, a Religion of Atheism

Buon giorno. Don't let atheists tell you that they do not have a religion. Although atheism itself is a religion in its own right, "science" has practically become an object of worship.

Extreme adherence to science as a worldview is "scientism", a religion in its own right.
Atheists are especially fond of science when they conflate it with evolution so they can get out of the problem of where life came from and how it allegedly evolved on the Earth. But regular observable science is one thing, and historical science is quite something else, capice? Those of us who do not believe that the facts support evolution do not "hate science"; that accusation is sneaky and disingenous. It also shows the lack of logic in the accuser's thought processes.
I’m getting some hits regarding scientism but don’t actually have any posts dedicated to it.  I thought if I’m going to be looked at on the subject I should make at least a few deliberate comments.  They should not be construed, however, as exhaustive. 
Scientism can refer to a few different ideas and I denounce them all. It goes without saying that people who exhibit ‘scientism’ would not use the word to describe themselves and they will resent the suggestion that they are as described.
Because this post is pretty lengthy here is a list of the headings in order of appearance:
  • Science as the Only Reliable Source for Knowledge
  • Scientific Reality the Only Reality
  • Science as Club for Ending Debate
  • Scientific Inquiry Always Righteous
  • Scientism as Fundamentalist Faith:  “Atheism of the Gaps.”
  • Conclusion
Read the rest of this excellent article, "Scientism: The Atheist’s Religion of Faith", here, Hans.

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