February 20, 2011

Atheism Leads to Brain Damage - Continued 1

Edited for wording.

Buona sera. This article has been churning in the back of my brilliant mind for quite some time. It was going to be about two "special" atheists and their astonishing lack of thinking skills, but a third has joined their ranks. Since I indulged in some speculation and dared to ask if atheism leads to brain damage because of spiritual depravity, I have had plenty of supporting evidence. It is indeed unfortunate that I cannot take the time to spell it all out.

By the way, I know that I have plenty of haters out there. It's all part of the job. Edit: Some of the links to the first atheopath's site are no longer good. Looks like he has something to hide.

Two of these are Brits, the third is an American. I've noticed that there are very few atheists who are Conservative. For the most part, they take a leftist viewpoint and oppose almost anything for which a Conservative stands. (If something is from a Christian Conservative, watch out, it must be opposed at all costs!) The two Brits made a point of ridiculing Sarah Palin for some reason, even though she was not anywhere near the topic of discussion. Something to the effect of, "All of us over here are laughing at Sarah Palin". Yeah, all of you, Buttercup? But more importantly, why should I care what you think? It was simple childishness.

Speaking of childish, I will get into the first nutter that I affectionately refer to as Alexandra. I spanked him thoroughly, but he was unable to understand it, here and here. As my regular readers know, I do some "name calling" (like I did earlier with "Buttercup", and right now, referring to Alex as "Alexandra"), but not obscene name calling. He gets cranky, to say the least. Note: If you go to any of these links, do not blame me if you get offended, he is extremely profane. But let me show you a sample of his bad logic and hypocrisy.

He threw down a challenge (which I promptly ignored), and ended with, "And let's see if you can do that without resorting to childish name calling." Here are some edited samples:
OK, so I cannot use mild name calling, but it's OK for him to be extreme. I called him on it, but he gleefully admitted his hypocrisy: "Come on, I've never said that I won't resort to name calling, no 'higher ground claimer' I!" And I am supposed to give this guy and his nine or so few followers (one of which is was me, under the name Piltdown Superman) any huge amount of time?

In the third paragraph here, which starts with, "Speaking of childish...", I gave links to how I gave him lessons in logic, so I will not prolong this discussion on that point. I just went with the double standard and the hyperbole; would you want to waste your time having a "discussion" with someone like this? (Hey, Two Horns One Tail! You two would get along splendidly!)  If you want to read his profane rants, go ahead and see how illogical and hypocritical he can be.

I have no hope of reaching him with the gospel or to give him a grain of edjamakation. Instead, I hope that intelligent readers can learn from his foolishness. (I really should do an article on the logical fallacies of atheism, but it would be so long...

Addendum: Alexandra engages in obscenities and projection of his own inadequacies, consistently proving me right, here.

Next, I'm going to put you on hold so this article does not get excessively long, capice? Tune in tomorrow for Part 2.


Rhomphaia (Sword) said...

What a beast you have on your- your- your- proverbial tale!

He's naughty.
Have you checked his IP with the other beast? The Potty-mouth Bull?
Those two have a similar spirit.

MY how the fallen fight, and struggle, and war!

If he used to believe in God- but now doesn't- at what point did God disappear? or at what point did he go nearly criminally insane?

He's a doozy!

Anonymous said...

I think you need to be a little bit more careful with the use of the word 'Logic' when it comes to exposing people to the gospels. A cursory glance at the history of this tome, reveals staggering inconsistencies and factual inaccuracies—not least being the downright contradictory accounts of the death and resurrection of Jesus, depending on which book of the gospel you chose to examine with even a passing degree of intellectual honesty.

But, presuming you're already largely aware of this, I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting this alone affords others the right to ridicule your beliefs, no matter how tentatively they are held. But it is true to say that, precisely because of this, if you place your beliefs in the public sphere and expect them to be taken seriously, particularly when using them as a direct challenge to certain matters of scientific fact, you should expect a little push back now and then, from those of us who perhaps know rather more about the political machinations of those who have convinced you of this deception.

After all, you would do the same in our stead. You would be the first to cry foul if someone accused you of intolerance towards the beliefs held by millions of Shamen around the world, were you to assert, quite correctly, that they are suffering from a delusion when, by traversing the axis mundi, they claim to be able to heal cancers and other aliments merely by wearing strange headgear, chanting and burning incense sticks. Similarly, your belief that bronze-age, illiterate goat-herders where the vessel through which the creator of the universe voiced his pronouncements for how we are to live, eat, think and vote, are equally bizarre to any shaman.

Anonymous said...

You know this without me having to point it out. And yet the charade continues. Perhaps partly through indignation at being spoken to in a tone of voice which insults your delicate sensibilities. But what's more likely to be true is you secretly know the game is up, with regard to vast swathes of truth-claims you once held to be, literally, beyond reproach and for which you now must acknowledge, in those dark nights of the soul, are in fact entirely false.

No amount of gloating on the part of any one atheist is going to make this any easier to swallow. But know this. There are many atheists out there who, like you, once believed in belief and who similarly found it difficult to accept for a very long time that this was an ultimately empty and slavish way to live. But it does get better. You can break the spell.

My advice, is to lay on your back in a field as far away from urban light pollution as you possibly can and stare for as long as you can at any one of the billion billion single points of light—whose radiation is only just at that very moment of your most relaxed state, reaching across the universe, into your retina, billions of years after the star itself ceased to exist. Then find a verse in the bible which compares to the poetry and staggering beauty of this fact and, when you know you cannot find one, welcome yourself into a cosmos not made for you, but in complete indifference as to your existence. And bask in the wonderful experience of being sentient for this fleeting moment of space-time, despite the staggering odds against you ever being born to begin with.

If you need it to be more than that, you don't know what you're missing and you especially don't know what a transformative experience really is and what it feels like. The Christian insistence that it is the one unique vehicle by which numinous experiences of this kind are made possible is proven false, very easily, in this way and amongst this line of reasoning. At least, given that this is an experience both the religious and non-religious alike can both take to heart that would certainly appear to be the most logical conclusion.

Bob Sorensen said...

Condescend much?

You are locked in with your atheistic faith and bias. It is indeed unfortunate that you are not intellectually honest enough to come into the harsh light of evidence, because your arrogant presuppositions would fall to the ground if you ever bothered to examine the evidence.

Rick Warden said...

Good points, Bob,

1) The more adamant the atheist, the more psycho the behavior.

Jude 1.10 describes the mentality of the determined dark stars as devolving into a self-destructive beastly mentality and behavior:

"Yet these men speak abusively against whatever they do not understand; and what things they do understand by instinct, like unreasoning animals--these are the very things that destroy them."

Stalin's daughter, Swetlana Allilujewa, claimed she saw Joey raise hist fist in anger right before he died looking up to heaven saying, "Take away the Wicked."


2) Like you, 'The Alex' famously twisted my words around as well, as documented:


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