August 19, 2012

Biochemist: From Atheism to Biblical Creationism

“Christianity is the foundation of modern science and explains why we can do science: a rational God created a rational man in his own image so that he is able to understand the creation with his mind. Indeed, the Creator Jesus Christ is called the Logos (Λόγος John 1:1–3), and makes sense of this orderly universe and complexity of life. Those believing in a naturalistic explanation for the origin of life are the ones with a blind faith.”
— Dr. Matti Leisola
Dr. Leisola was an evolutionist and an atheist. He studied enzymes, amino acids and DNA. After being confronted with the realities of the Christian worldview, he did some serious thinking. He found that evolution does not have a solid foundation, and a naturalistic worldview requires blind faith.
Dr Matti Leisola obtained his D.Sc. (Tech) in biotechnology from the Helsinki (Finland’s capital) University of Technology in 1979. His extensive career includes winning the Latsis Prize for a significant young researcher in 1987 in Switzerland, being Director of Research (1988–1997) in an international Biotech company, and most recently Dean of the Faculty of Chemical and Materials Sciences at the new Finnish Aalto University. He has published over 120 papers, mainly on enzyme research, authored 20 articles in books or conference proceedings, and obtained six patents. Dr Leisola’s scientific articles are cited about 1300 times in the scientific literature.
Creation Ministries International interviewed Dr. Leisola, and you can read the rest of his story here.


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