September 9, 2010

Proven Right Again!

Buona sera. With Nicky and Lela both on assignment, I have to do extra work, so this article and the next one will be short.

In this article, I showed how weasels manage to confuse the issues by, among other things, selective citing. Well, there is something I need to bring out. Again. (sigh)

Ernie the Gambler reported that one of my pet trolls who never leaves Mommie's basement has been maligning me again. She's all worked up because I pranked the atheist trolls with temporary faked posts.

"Why did you fake posts, Cowboy Bob?"

As a payback prank. Try to keep up.

I messed with the juveniles, and then took the posts down. Miss Wants Me has no life, and is obsessed with posting about me, a mere individual. So, I'll point out to her and her tiny cadre of followers (how you can follow someone when you don't leave your basement, I'll never know), once again, the facts of the matter. Hopefully, it will go down the drain. Nah. They're hateful, obsessed — and not very bright.

Here is what was posted, a quote from me, in the proper context. I am putting the parts in red that she left off from her personal attack on me:
Addendum: Screaming like scalded cats when I gave them a payback: I faked a couple of "responses"from the main trolls here in the comment section, left them for a couple of days and took them down. Helps prove two of my points: They can't take a joke, and if they had lives that extended beyond trolling, they wouldn't have been pranked. Their double standards are amazing.

Then, it was coupled with another out-of-context quote. Such disingenuous selective citing is amazingly absurd. But these stronzos prove me right. Again. (Keep it up, Girlfriend, the crew and I are laughing at you again.) Even more surprising, this was done to "prove" that I have made up entire people, numerous comments and, I assume, entire Websites. Or that I proved that the people she accused me of manufacturing actually exist. "Where has all the logic gone? Long time passing..." Oops, I made up the wrong lyrics there.

See what happens Trollita elevates hatred above the "reason" and "logic" that she pretends to embrace? Or maybe she's just unhappy because she's still using Internet Explorer 6 on an old computer, that would make anyone cranky.

For (hopefully) the last time: If they hadn't insisted on obscene trolling comments, they would not have been pranked. Even though they can't take a joke, I had mine. Snicker.


Whateverman said...

I would love to meet you in person.

I have a hard time imagining you being less of a sanctimonious windbag than you are online, and the curiosity is killing me.

Bob Sorensen said...

Bring that girl that wants me so we can all discuss how atheist logic and "morals" are based on convenience at best.

Whateverman said...

All variations of logic are a convenience, if I understand what you're saying. none of us can account for them without that accounting being circular (and this includes presuppositional apologetics).

Better to leave it as "axiomatic" than to demand someone else account for it better than you (or I) can.

Bob Sorensen said...

"...none of us can account for them without that accounting being circular..."

I disagree. Simple violations of logic can and should be pointed out (such as selective citing and taking out of context). However, I do agree that in some areas, logic itself becomes the topic of discussion because of gray areas: "You're appealing to authority!"..."Yes, it's justified in this context." &c

Bob Sorensen said...

PS -
I bet your "smart" friends are as astonished as you are.

Have you tried Firefox? It is my understanding that Mac users have better results from that than from using Safari.

Whateverman said...

I tried Firefox back in the day, but had trouble managing the plugins, and moved to Chrome.

I tried Safari once when I had access to a Mac, and didn't like it one bit.

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