May 11, 2012

Anti-Christian Bigotry News

Amazing. America was founded on Christian values (don't let the revisionist liars fool you). But some who want to follow in Stalin's footsteps and make this country an entirely secular nation ignore that fact. No, it appears that they want to remove the rights of Christians, or at least, force us to keep our beliefs to ourselves.

Why don't those contemptible clowns realize that the United States Supreme Court has references to the Ten Commandments all over their building? Listen up, Poindexter, the so-called "separation of church and state" is not only something that is not found in the Constitution, you and your disbeliever friends have never had anything to fear from the Judeo-Christian ethic being expressed in public. I still think back to what Brad Stine says: Atheists are irrational. What is more irrational, someone praying to a God that he cannot see, or someone being "offended" by a God he doesn't even believe exists?

But I digress. Let's move on to the bigotry festival, shall we?
In its most recent crusade against posting the Ten Commandments in schools, the American Civil Liberties Union is arguing that their display is unconstitutional if people who actually believe in the biblical laws advocate it. [1]
Yep, the Anti-Christian Liberties Union is that outrageous. But it gets even more interesting! The judge suggests cutting them down to six commandments! [2] How stupid is that?

Let the discrimination parade (and hypocrisy) continue! Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson is supposed to give a commencement address at Emory University and receive his honorary doctorate. Not so fast, Freddie! Since Dr. Carson does not believe in evolution, students and faculty are protesting because his values do not line up with theirs [3, 4, 5]. Ironically, the university motto is Proverbs 18.15, and the school was founded by Methodists [6] (back when that denomination actually stood for something). How stupid is that?

However, there is one bright spot in all this. Christian campus groups at Vanderbilt university have been denied status because the university has an "all-comers" policy. A Christian group cannot require Christians to be in leadership positions! [7] How stupid is that? The bright spot is that members of Congress as well as lawmakers are getting involved to try to get them to reverse this policy that violates religious freedom [8]. How good is that?

Here is a real dandy. On the May 3, 2012 radio program of Matt Slick of CARM, he had guest atheist in the studio. They were protesting the National Day of Prayer, pretending that it "violated the separation of church and state". This guy was a real jerk, to be blunt. There were two things that I saw that were useful in this conversation. First, it shows how atheism leads to brain damage [8, 9]. Second, it's a splendid  example of the "steamroller" tactic where obnoxious loudmouths fire off several things, constantly interrupt and basically act like idiots. I've endured this kind of obnoxious atheist experience many times, especially on the Internet. (The last time I heard an atheist act like this on Matt's show, he had a West Midlands accent and bounced around like a ball-bearing in a blender like this American, then claimed victory over Matt. Agonizing.) This guy would change the subject when he was losing a point, fired off excuses as to why he hated God and proudly displayed his ignorance not only of the Bible, but of reason itself. And the arbitrary assertions...oh, boy.

You can hear this example of foolishness on this MP3, skip to the twelve minute mark for the interesting but irritating stuff. Atheist should be embarrassed that there are people like this representing "reason".

Hatred of Christians, discrimination, and yes, persecution, are increasing all the time. At least I can show you their folly and appallingly bad behavior.

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