January 27, 2013

Video: Evolution Conundrum of Symbiosis

Darwin's Cheerleaders make pronouncements that evolution is true, that's why you see what you see. When you point out that their facts are lacking and present contrary evidence, you are called "LIAR!" by these simple-minded defenders of their faith. Of course, they cannot show where the facts we present are wrong, and will not do more than give them a cursory dismissal by copying from pooling of ignorance sites. Nor can they show that someone actually intends to deceive. These people also do not seem to know the difference between "disagreement over the facts" (which increases scientific development) and "dishonesty". No, they do not really know what a lie is, they just want to provoke an emotional reaction.

So, according to those intellectually and emotionally impaired types, the following short video is a lie and full of lies. For intelligent and honest people, however, it will make them think. It points out that evolutionists ask you to discard your own ability to reason and believe their absurd "just so stories". They do this quite often, by the way.

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