June 19, 2008

More Monkey Business

Still waiting for news on the Tibetan protests for yesterday and today. The Chinese changed the route of the Olympic torch, and the timing, and kept it secret. If it's so much hassle, why bother? It's only a part of the Olympics since Hitler's 1936 games in Berlin. Hey, you ChiComs have a lot in common with Der Fűhrer, huh? Stronzos.

OK, so this guy sends me a comment that is longer than the original "Monkey Business" post. Right. Like I'm going to get into an essay war with someone and bore all of you to tears. Hal the Hacker wanted to send him a "personal message" that would show up on his computer, but I don't want him to stop trying to put that virus in the CCP computers in Beijing. Nicky says, "Fuggedaboudit" — after all, he must have ignored the warning that I am right. Instead, I'll just go on a bit more. But I won't get into all the deep science that I used to study. You and I have better things to do. So get ready, Cowboy Bob is going to let loose.

Term clarification: Evolution, in this sense, is marco evolution. (No, Tommy, it's not pasta. Sheesh, what a cafone.) The big stuff, the major changes, is macro evolution. New life forms and all that. Micro evolution, on the other hand, is something that we do see happening. It's in various animal breeds, f'rinstance.

One bit in that comment was that "we see evolution happening every day". The hell we do. Some scientists have abandoned gradual evolution because there's no evidence for it, so they say it happened very fast. So, it's either too slow that you can't see it, or it's too fast and you missed it (thanks, Ken Ham). That's just a cop-out.

He mentioned bacteria. Who cares about friggin' bacteria? Even if there is change, guess what? It's micro, not macro. Bacteria is still bacteria, capice? And it's still a very simple life form. Further, if you did see actual, genuine evolution, guess what? It still doesn't mean that it happened in the past, especially on such a wide scale as to manufacture all life on earth.

One other thing he argued with me about is that "atheists aren't happy that evolution is a substitute for God". Read up on history and the reaction to Papa Darwin, Cupcake. People were looking for a "rational" excuse for their existing disbelief.

A third thing that this guy didn't like about my last post is my belief that, if evolution is a law of the universe, there would be less diversity. He said that there would be more diversity, like what we see. Ummm...sorry, Pal. That's an off-the-wall opinion, nothing more.

For me, my learning, training, observations and just plain common sense still say that the universe was created and didn't happen by chance.

OK, play time is over. It's my turn to drive the guys over to the club. Ciao!


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