October 28, 2011

The Company You Keep

Buona sera. I am not a fan of "Guilt by Association" ("Islam is a religion. Some Muslims attacked us on 9/11 in the name of their God and their religion. Therefore religion is bad. Christianity is a religion. Therefore Christianity is bad." [1]) It's a cheap way to avoid intelligent discussion.

When bad associations accumulate, however, it should be a bit of a warning that something is seriously amiss. The rising tide of australopithecines that are doing the "Occupy Wall Street"-type fiascoes across the United States and in some other countries (I heard someone say it actually originated in Greece) are acting in a most appalling manner.

Riots, clashes with the police, public defecation (including on police cars), rape, antisemitism and other good times make this the happenin' place to be, Baby! Can you believe that some people think this is another version of the "Tea Party" movement? Ridiculous!  

But what for? Their alleged purpose is to protest the fact that corporations make money, and rich people are rich. This is just an outgrowth of B. Hussein Obama's socialistic redistribution of the wealth promises that he has not fulfilled to the satisfaction of the leftists. He supports this "Occupy Wall Street" crap.

Know who else supports "Occupy Wall Street"?
Wouldn't this make any self-respecting Democrat seriously re-evaluate their political allegiance? Hey, Democrat! Is this what you stand for? Is this what you want to be associate with? Really?

Of all the confusing twists, you won't believe who else supports this "movement". The financier of so many leftist pursuits, very rich guy George Soros supports it (there ya go, Norman, a news source of which you approve). Al Gore supports it, as does the irrational leftist Daily Kos. Yoko Ono (and the spirit of John Lennon, she says), as well as Michael Moore, Kanye West, Alec Baldwin, Russell Simmons, Susan Sarandon, Nancy Pelosi and others [2]. Of all the flaming hypocrisy! You would think that the people actually protesting the wealthy would have some qualms about their rich supporters. Ask, "Hey, have you ever had a job from a poor person?" No, never mind. I don't think these people understand "employment".

So, don't you dare equate the angry, riotous, racist, obscene "Occupy Wall Street" "movement" with the peaceful "Tea Party" movement. No, the OWS movement should be flushed, capice?

Those pseudo-hippie revolutionaries should listen to this song, then especially the last lyrics, about 7 minutes 50 seconds along:

Addendum:  Two bits of satire to illustrate the absurdity of the OWS "thinking". First, a friend of a friend on Facebook posted this:
I do not think it is fair that the Cardinals should be the only ones who get to win the World Series. The brewers did good too. The Rangers almost won. Lots of teams tried hard to win. Why should they be penalized just because the Cards scored more runs? I say we start an Occupy Baseball protest. Everyone should get a new pennant to hang in their stadium It is only right and fair.
Second, a picture that I found, also on Facebook:

Addendum 2:


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