October 29, 2011

The Danger of Militant Atheists

Buon giorno. I have been challenged when I point out that militant atheists are a threat to Christians. Not only do they continually seek to take away our rights, but have shown a penchant toward violence. (I am including a failed actor who became a failed massage therapist that demanded to know my name and location, and another hateful atheist told him what he thought was the truth — the same one who told me to commit suicide. And the guy in school who raved that he wanted all Christians to be burned at the stake. And...)

They hate God (who only exists in their minds when they want to hate him), and they hate Christians. A few even pretend that they care about us, and want to "help" us away from our faith. A man with that attitude is a lousy excuse for a man!

Atheism was the driving force behind Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and other mass-murdering totalitarians.

"But Cowboy Bob! Atheism is currently defined as a lack of belief in gods. This had nothing to do with their murderous actions, or the compulsory atheist education in Communist countries, or the torture and murder of Christians and Jews throughout those countries —"

Oh, really?

The best part, however, is a post over at Wintry Knight. I challenge thinking people to read it.
I do want to make a distinction between ordinary individual atheists and militant atheists. This post is about militant atheists, the kind that organizes into groups and then exerts political power to try to trample the rights of religious people. This post is about that kind of atheist, not the ordinary kind that is honest and open to being convinced that God exists. If you are an atheist, and you don’t have any thoughts about silencing religious people, or making religious people deny their convictions, or taking away their rights to speak freely or assemble, then this post isn’t about you. But there is another group of atheists that does have these and other goals, and this post is an answer to them.
Consider this post on the American Atheists web site.

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