Ella? I'm Not Past That!

Buona sera. This hurts me more than it hurts you. Literally. Typing is painful right now, and I'm stopping frequently during typing. I had several things in mind to organize and begin writing over the weekend, but something stopped me: Pasteurella. Basement Cat got a little too excited the other night during our roughhousing, and she gave me a bite. Well, those almost-hypodermic syringe teeth got into two veins on the top of my hand. I rubbed alcohol lotion on it and went about my business.

I awakened at 02.00 in pain, and frankly, quite alarmed. There are infections that people can get from cats, and my tetanus shot was out of date.

The next morning, I went to the local urgent care facility (less expensive and less busy than a hospital emergency room, but not open 24/7). The medic told me that I had a pasteurella infection. Eighty percent of cat bites are likely to get infected, and mine was a deep one. Since I am not able to take penicillin, the preferred treatment, I am taking Ciprofloxacin (which is also prescribed for anthrax exposure). It messes with my concentration and has some other side effects that are not pleasing. But as Ernie the Gambler says, "Whatcha gonna do, eh?" Oh, and tetanus is not an issue; it's not like I was bitten by rusty nails.

So, don't expect my masterpieces of informative prose, satire and entertainment over the next few days. But I will try to do some links to articles of interest. Don't want to let my regular readers get bored, capice?

Learn from my experiences, OK? Animals are unpredictable. Especially Basement Cat. Bites are not to be ignored. My medic said so, and so does my swollen hand with joint pain.


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