November 26, 2011

When Atheists Gain Power

Buon giorno. Every year, atheists and "humanists" (those are atheists who want legal standing as a religion) ramp up their attacks on Christmas. The 2011 attacks have already started, but this time, they're playing the "discrimination" card. (Some complain of discrimination in employment and in other places where it is illegal to ask, or make a prerequisite for employment, someone's worldview. News flash, Poindexter: Clam up. You either offered this irrelevant information as a matter of pride, or the discrimination probably did not happen.) With the growing snarling of atheists, their antics to interfere with the rights, sensibilities and beliefs of the majority of the people — how can anyone honestly wonder why atheists are the least trusted and least respected "minority" in the country? [1,2] (Edit: In my experience, and in the experience of others to whom I have spoken, atheists are also the least honest people.) It must be something to be ranked at the bottom with radical Mohammedans, who hate Christians as much as you do! These atheists pretend that they are the victims of discrimination, but let's be honest: They are the instigators of extreme religious bigotry.

The obstreperous atheists are gaining power. What happens when atheists control countries? They force their ideologies on others, killing and imprisoning dissenters.

I have a few articles about present-day atheist regimes for your perusal. You may want to click around the sites linked below and see other stories of persecution.

Chinese Pastor Zhang Rongliang, also known as Uncle Z, reports that the seven years and six months he spent in prison were a fruitful time of ministry. Zhang is still recovering from severe health problems after completing his full sentence on Aug. 31, 2011. He was immediately admitted to a hospital for 15 days where doctors monitored Zhang’s high blood pressure and diabetes.

In early December 2004 Zhang disappeared, and eventually, the Chinese government admitted they had him in custody. Zhang was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison for possessing and using a forged passport — which typically carries a six-month sentence. People and organizations around the world pressured Chinese Communist leaders to release Zhang. Thousands of individuals wrote letters and prayed while multiple organizations worked to secure his release.
Maoist rebels in Nepal attacked Christians at an evening prayer meeting, according to VOM contacts. The rebels ordered them to stop the meeting and then assaulted the pastor and believers when they refused.

Before the attack, the pastor had asked the Maoists to leave and return the next day to talk with him, but the rebels instead began to beat him with sticks. When church members, including the pastor’s father and women in the church, tried to defend the pastor, the Maoists attacked them, too. The rebels also burned Bibles and hymnals during the attack.
After a few months' break, Belarusian authorities have resumed punishing leaders of the Baptist Council of Churches, whose congregations refuse on principle to gain the state registration which officials insist is compulsory. In the third court case in 2011, Pastor Aleksei Abramovich, who leads their congregation in Zhodino in Minsk Region, was fined several weeks' average local wages in late September, Council of Churches Baptists told Forum 18 News Service. Meanwhile, another Protestant church in Zhodino has been repeatedly denied registration because no local enterprise is willing to give it a legal address, while architectural officials will not approve their newly-built church. Eight Jehovah's Witness congregations across Belarus, as well as non-Moscow Patriarchate Orthodox congregations are among other religious communities currently unable to get state registration, Forum 18 notes. Their religious activity is at risk of raids and punishment at any time.

Pastors and Christian leaders in Cuba are reporting a shift in how the government treats Christians. The government appears to have moved away from higher profile forms of oppression, such as threatening to shut down or destroy churches, and is now focusing pressure on church leaders, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW).

Church leaders both within and outside of the Cuban Council of Churches (CCC) report receiving frequent visits from state security agents and Cuban Communist Party (CCP) officials. The CCC is an umbrella organization representing Protestant churches. These visits and meetings seem to have the intent of intimidating church leaders and making them aware they are under close surveillance.
Read the rest of "Persecution Increases" here. But first, throw away those loathsome Che Guevara T-shirts and flags. They're sickening to decent people, capice?
Fourteen Khmu Christian families in Laos are standing strong in their faith, despite the Communist government forcing them to relocate to another village and their homes and church building being destroyed, according to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts.
In 2003, the families were evicted by the government and relocated to another village where they were moved again. "After these 14 families stayed at this village for a year, the Communist Party members of the village found out that the head of the village loved them," VOM contacts said. "[The village leader] even allowed them to build a bamboo church on his land."

The Communist district governor was not happy with the head of the village. "... [The] governor kicked him out from his post and then replaced [him] with another man. The new head of the village started persecuting them from 2006 to 2009," VOM contacts report. The leader refused to allow them to register, making them illegal residents and he stopped them from farming land, the contacts said.
Forum 18 News reports that on Aug. 20, New Life Full Gospel Church in Minsk, Moscow [district], was issued an eviction notice by government officials, forcing them to abandon their church building purchased in 2002.

The church is adamant they do not fear the government’s threats. “We’re here praying and believe God will protect us,” Sergei Lukanin, the church’s lawyer told Forum 18 News. “As a lawyer I believe the state could do anything, including the use of force. But as a believer I rely on God.”

Government authorities have not disclosed why the church is being evicted, but have repeatedly refused to grant the church’s application for registration. In 2002, Belarus passed a restrictive religion law that made all unregistered religious activity illegal.
Read the rest of "Church Evicted" here.

Edit: Added item
Three Christians seriously injured during a savage attack near Hanoi on Nov. 13 have been evacuated to an undisclosed hospital in Ho Chi Minh City after several hospitals in the region refused to examine and treat them.
The attack on a church leaders’ worship service of an Agape Baptist Church (ABC) house church in Lai Tao village, Bot Xuyen commune, My Duc district left one woman, evangelist Nguyen Thi Lan, with her pelvis broken in two places and with badly damaged internal organs, according to doctors who recommended emergency surgery. Yet previously doctors at three area hospitals had told her and two other seriously injured Christians that they were fine and dismissed them, said Pastor Nguyen Cong Thanh, head of the ABC.
When doctors in Vietnam learn that religious motives play a role in violence, commonly they do not dare to treat or even examine the victims of persecution.
Read the rest of "Christians Injured in Attack in Vietnam Denied Medical Care" here. 

So, why are atheists so despised? Aside from the lack of logic skills that I have encountered, they persecute Christians and seek to take away our rights. After imposing their minority views on the rest of us, they complain about being disliked. When they gain power, the persecution of Christians and Jews increases dramatically. Perhaps if you lot exercised some of that "tolerance" that you proclaim...

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