November 26, 2011

Tolerance Does Not Extend to Creationists

Again, I have to say that people who claim to believe in "tolerance" (which is another form of relativism) tend to be the least tolerant. The true spirit of science is to investigate possibilities, test, repeat, verify and so forth. Except that evolution is protected as a "fact", and none dare question it (faith based on dogmatism). When creationists come along and say, "We have scientific evidence that evolution is not correct, and we have better explanations of the facts", well...
Information scientist, author and evangelist, Dr Werner Gitt, a close friend of CMI, told us that on 23 October 2008 he was subjected to the most strident opposition he had ever encountered.
The venue was the Audimax theatre at the Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany. Dr Gitt had been invited to give a lecture by the Forum Bibel-Glaube-Wissenschaft (Forum of Bible-Faith-Science). The talk was titled, ‘Why I as a scientist believe the Bible’.
The 600-seat auditorium was packed to overflowing for his address, with some seated in the aisles. Just as Werner was about to commence his lecture, he told us, about 40 students began to disrupt the event. Most were part of a large group at the back, while several individuals had positioned themselves strategically throughout the room.

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