August 18, 2011

A Troll and a Screenshot Tool

Buona sera. This is a two-in-one post. First, I want to show you a troll with one of the strangest accusations that I have ever encountered. Second, I want to show you how I get these screenshot things.

The troll:
"Blocks all scientists." HUH?

That's right, Buttercup here says I block all scientists. As if "scientists" are on patrol, looking for bad old rotten creationists like me so they can troll, harass, try to intimidate and spew forth horrible logic. Nope. Scientists have better things to do, capice?

I think this illustrates the atheists' notion that they are all at the scientist level in their minds, and Christians are dumb as stumps (even though this Christian shows their failures in basic logic). No, I block types like this who waste my time, as well as abusive clowns. By the way, I blocked him with far less than "a few" replies.

OK, now it's time for the screenshot tool. Screenshot... screen shot... one word or two? Well, never mind about that now. Never mind... nevermind... skip it.

I have something free called "Awesome Screenshot". Oh, looks like it's just one word after all. They make it for the Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers as an add-on. I think "awesome" is a bit overstated because it's not full of features. But it is awesome if you want to grab a screenshot and put it in a Weblog or attach it to your e-mail in a hurry.

The best part is when you click on it there in your browser, it lets you start working right away. Usually, the first thing I do is crop the picture into a workable size. In the example above, I used several of the annotation tools: Underline, Text (in purple), blur and arrow. You can also draw other kinds of lines, as well as circles and rectangles.

When you're done, you can save it to your hard drive (png only in some browser versions, jpg or png in Firefox) or "share" it. But I think the sharing works differently in different browsers, because I do not have as many options as their display page shows.

But so what? I have some basic stuff that I can work with right away. If I need to do more advanced things, I can do a screenshot with the Print Screen button ("prt scrn" on my keyboard) and paste it into for further work. This screenshot tool has helped me build my atheist troll hall of shame. In fact, I get hasty and forget to use the annotation tools that are at my disposal!

Oh, almost forgot to mention that if you really can't handle the .png format, not only will happily convert it for you, but so will Windows' own "Paint" tool.

There ya go, Zeke! Another public service from Stormbringer Productions.

Return Flirt

This made my day! I gave a flirt on Twitter to Ann Coulter, thinking (a) there's no way she'll see it, and (b) probably an imposter anyway. Well, from the way people are treating that Twitter account, it may very well be her. 

Anyway, you have to acquire the "eye" for it, so I'll give you the background.

Someone said something, I added on with, "@Ann Coulter is my One True Love. Ask her about me and she'll say, 'WHO???' 

She gave me a reply, a "retweet":

That's her sense of humor, that's for certain! Nice thing to do for me, huh? Addendum: This was sent to me later: "Excellent! Yup that's really her, I've been following her for a while now. Very nice! I'd be on Cloud Nine if somebody like her ever noticed me. And I'd get that framed."

August 15, 2011

Lies, Confusion and Downright Stupidity

Whoever practices evil pays attention to wicked speech, and the liar listens to malicious talk.
(Prov. 17:4, ISV)

Buona sera. Although I have written about this before, I thought it needed to be revisited. Briefly.

Some people that I have to deal with seem to have a great deal of confusion about lies. This is a bit surprising to me, because I thought everyone knew that a lie is a deliberate false statement with the intent to deceive. That's the basic form. You can lie in other ways, such as withholding relevant information or even telling the truth in such a way that it is not accepted. For the most part, a lie involves the intent to deceive. And I think most people know that.

"How are people confused about lies, Cowboy Bob?"

There are several things that occur in the course of communication, and certain rabid dogs will try to bite you with the epithet, "Liar!"
  • Mistakes. Maybe it was simple carelessness, maybe it was irresponsibly repeating erroneous information. But mistakes happen. I've made them, and admitted it both times. By the way, it bothers me when I'm talking to someone who makes a statement and then corrects it with the comment, "Oh, I lied. I said 1939 and I meant 1945". No, Snookums, you did not lie, it was a simple mistake, capice?
  • Disagreements. Just because you disagree with something the other person says does not mean that he or she is lying.
  • Disbelief. Guess what, Gertrude? Just because you do not believe what the other person is saying does not automatically make it a lie.
  • Ignorance. This is close to the above concern: Just because you do not know about something the other person is presenting does not automatically make it a lie.
  • Antipathy. Would you believe that I learned that word from a song by Blue Oyster Cult? "...pure nectar of antipathy..." Anyway, just because you don't like it doesn't make something untrue.
  • Source. Another one that is close to the previous concern: Just because you hate the person or what he or she stands for does not make what they say untrue.
  • Humor. Yes, humor can be used very effectively to convey truth as well as falsehood. But making a joke in and of itself is generally not a lie. Exaggeration, sarcasm, hyperbole and the like also qualify as not being lies themselves per se.
I'm amazed that I have to lay down these explanations! But I am convinced that there are cafones who are so antagonistic, they use inaccurate but emotionally-laden words like "liar" to attack another person. This kind of attack, which is an attempt to manipulate the perceptions of others through emotions rather than facts, is a kind of lie in and of itself.

By the way, it's also dishonest (and downright stupid) to assign evil motives to someone just because you hate him or her.

Hopefully, this article will help clear up some confusion. Also, perhaps some people can grow up and act like responsible adults rather than hate-filled attack machines. These people have been dropped from receiving complementary Piltdown Superman T-shirts.

Don't Blink

"Sexual Diversity" Propaganda

Buon giorno. My regular readers know that I am very annoyed with the "gay is okay" and "acceptance" propaganda for "alternative lifestyles". Somehow, a minority of people confused about their sexuality are using politics, religion and various forms of bullying to attempt to force the rest of society to redefine relationships and marriage itself. Now that a few states have passed same-sex "marriage" laws, the rest of society is expected to redefine marriage itself, even though it has worked quite well for civilization for five, ten, a few thousand years. Those of us who believe that homosexuality is unnatural and/or sinful are given the nonsensical label of "homophobes". I'll say it yet again: I don't phobe any homos. And I have nothing but contempt for people who use such a term as a substitute for actual thought, capice?

On a recent Dr. Who episode, some future-esque space marine types had one male soldier refer to another male soldier as "my husband". One of the last straws for me to quit Zynga's "Farmville" was its promotion of Lady Gaga's "Born this Way" album. Can't I escape the propaganda from the loud minority anywhere?

Not bloody likely!

I blundered across something while doing research. It seems that perversion is not only invading video games, but "sexual diversity" is seen as a good thing. In "Persona 4",  Kanji Tatsumi is struggling with his homosexuality. He is struggling because bad old society sees is as "unmanly". Well, according to this video, that is (they deleted the video at the source). So, let me get this straight: It's society's fault that we have not redefined marriage and relationships so that a minority of people with unnatural sexual urges can feel good about themselves. The rest of us have to trash our beliefs and values for their sake. Do I have this right?

Another character has considered a sex change operation.

The video justifies the "sexual diversity" because it makes for better character development. I've got some bad news for you, Sunshine, that is a transparent excuse. Instead, it's another attempt to normalize what is abnormal. In a video game, for crying out loud! If I say it's an effort to indoctrinate the kids, I know what I'll hear: "It's rated 'M', you have to be an adult to buy it!", which is a load of rubbish and we all know it.

All I can say is for parents to be watchful, this propaganda nonsense is everywhere. Unless you don't care that your kids are being indoctrinated by proudly perverted messages. In that case, don't come crying to me when your kids are confused.

Addendum: I see that Ridicule Central is in the stone-throwing business again. Hey, gang! I have your mascot here!

August 14, 2011

Arrogant Atheist Ambush

Buon giorno. Here are a couple of audio clips from Matt Slick's "Faith and Reason" radio show. He takes many kinds of calls, whether it's a Christian that wants clarification, a cultist that wants to argue, a Calvinist that wants his Calvinism reinforced — and atheists.

I have heard several shows where atheists call in and want to get into some of the heavy philosophical stuff. (When this kind of material goes on for a while, my eyes glaze over and my mind wanders.) Some will give him direct challenges as well. I remember one caller that was so obnoxious and verbally bouncing all over the place, changing definitions and basically making a rational conversation very difficult, Matt told me to give him the message to have him call back so people could see what atheism does to the mind. Good conversations can be had if callers are courteous and have some degree of sense. If you're willing to listen and have a decent exchange, you should have a good call.

If, however, you are like Andrew the atheist who kept calling, being obtuse and annoying everyone, you're going to have problems. In fact, Andrew called so often, Matt was getting tired of the calls and he had complaints from listeners. But he also had comments from some listeners that they liked Andrew the atheist making a fool of himself.

In the following clip, after Andrew did the typical atheist trick (again!) of reading other uninformed, thoughtless Websites and then calling in to challenge Matt with their nonsense. Then, he wanted to arrogantly go on about alleged contradictions. Matt tried to get Andrew to define "contradiction". After a while, tensions rose, Matt spoke sternly to Andrew (again), and he hung up (again). This clip begins after Andrew left. Matt continued with the point that he wanted to make about contradictions, Website copying, a message to atheists and comments about arrogance in this four minute clip:

If someone wants to debate, challenge, discuss, inquire or whatever else, go for it. If you're courteous, you won't have a problem. The "Faith and Reason" times and contact information are here. Unless you're of of those types that wants a debate, but you're all talk and no action, that is.

In my case, I called about atheists and my experiences. I called on July 26 and August 4, 2011 to discuss the tricks atheists pull online. These calls focused on my Twitter experiences. I thought I was giving him new information because he does not personally use Twitter all that much, but what I described is nothing new for him. Atheists, we're onto your tricks, and you're not fooling anyone. Note: I tried some adjustments and you can hear the occasional spike distortion. Also, I added a call I made a few days later at the end. This clip is just over seven minutes long:

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