August 18, 2011

Return Flirt

This made my day! I gave a flirt on Twitter to Ann Coulter, thinking (a) there's no way she'll see it, and (b) probably an imposter anyway. Well, from the way people are treating that Twitter account, it may very well be her. 

Anyway, you have to acquire the "eye" for it, so I'll give you the background.

Someone said something, I added on with, "@Ann Coulter is my One True Love. Ask her about me and she'll say, 'WHO???' 

She gave me a reply, a "retweet":

That's her sense of humor, that's for certain! Nice thing to do for me, huh? Addendum: This was sent to me later: "Excellent! Yup that's really her, I've been following her for a while now. Very nice! I'd be on Cloud Nine if somebody like her ever noticed me. And I'd get that framed."


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