August 14, 2011

Arrogant Atheist Ambush

Buon giorno. Here are a couple of audio clips from Matt Slick's "Faith and Reason" radio show. He takes many kinds of calls, whether it's a Christian that wants clarification, a cultist that wants to argue, a Calvinist that wants his Calvinism reinforced — and atheists.

I have heard several shows where atheists call in and want to get into some of the heavy philosophical stuff. (When this kind of material goes on for a while, my eyes glaze over and my mind wanders.) Some will give him direct challenges as well. I remember one caller that was so obnoxious and verbally bouncing all over the place, changing definitions and basically making a rational conversation very difficult, Matt told me to give him the message to have him call back so people could see what atheism does to the mind. Good conversations can be had if callers are courteous and have some degree of sense. If you're willing to listen and have a decent exchange, you should have a good call.

If, however, you are like Andrew the atheist who kept calling, being obtuse and annoying everyone, you're going to have problems. In fact, Andrew called so often, Matt was getting tired of the calls and he had complaints from listeners. But he also had comments from some listeners that they liked Andrew the atheist making a fool of himself.

In the following clip, after Andrew did the typical atheist trick (again!) of reading other uninformed, thoughtless Websites and then calling in to challenge Matt with their nonsense. Then, he wanted to arrogantly go on about alleged contradictions. Matt tried to get Andrew to define "contradiction". After a while, tensions rose, Matt spoke sternly to Andrew (again), and he hung up (again). This clip begins after Andrew left. Matt continued with the point that he wanted to make about contradictions, Website copying, a message to atheists and comments about arrogance in this four minute clip:

If someone wants to debate, challenge, discuss, inquire or whatever else, go for it. If you're courteous, you won't have a problem. The "Faith and Reason" times and contact information are here. Unless you're of of those types that wants a debate, but you're all talk and no action, that is.

In my case, I called about atheists and my experiences. I called on July 26 and August 4, 2011 to discuss the tricks atheists pull online. These calls focused on my Twitter experiences. I thought I was giving him new information because he does not personally use Twitter all that much, but what I described is nothing new for him. Atheists, we're onto your tricks, and you're not fooling anyone. Note: I tried some adjustments and you can hear the occasional spike distortion. Also, I added a call I made a few days later at the end. This clip is just over seven minutes long:

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