August 18, 2011

A Troll and a Screenshot Tool

Buona sera. This is a two-in-one post. First, I want to show you a troll with one of the strangest accusations that I have ever encountered. Second, I want to show you how I get these screenshot things.

The troll:
"Blocks all scientists." HUH?

That's right, Buttercup here says I block all scientists. As if "scientists" are on patrol, looking for bad old rotten creationists like me so they can troll, harass, try to intimidate and spew forth horrible logic. Nope. Scientists have better things to do, capice?

I think this illustrates the atheists' notion that they are all at the scientist level in their minds, and Christians are dumb as stumps (even though this Christian shows their failures in basic logic). No, I block types like this who waste my time, as well as abusive clowns. By the way, I blocked him with far less than "a few" replies.

OK, now it's time for the screenshot tool. Screenshot... screen shot... one word or two? Well, never mind about that now. Never mind... nevermind... skip it.

I have something free called "Awesome Screenshot". Oh, looks like it's just one word after all. They make it for the Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers as an add-on. I think "awesome" is a bit overstated because it's not full of features. But it is awesome if you want to grab a screenshot and put it in a Weblog or attach it to your e-mail in a hurry.

The best part is when you click on it there in your browser, it lets you start working right away. Usually, the first thing I do is crop the picture into a workable size. In the example above, I used several of the annotation tools: Underline, Text (in purple), blur and arrow. You can also draw other kinds of lines, as well as circles and rectangles.

When you're done, you can save it to your hard drive (png only in some browser versions, jpg or png in Firefox) or "share" it. But I think the sharing works differently in different browsers, because I do not have as many options as their display page shows.

But so what? I have some basic stuff that I can work with right away. If I need to do more advanced things, I can do a screenshot with the Print Screen button ("prt scrn" on my keyboard) and paste it into for further work. This screenshot tool has helped me build my atheist troll hall of shame. In fact, I get hasty and forget to use the annotation tools that are at my disposal!

Oh, almost forgot to mention that if you really can't handle the .png format, not only will happily convert it for you, but so will Windows' own "Paint" tool.

There ya go, Zeke! Another public service from Stormbringer Productions.


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