August 15, 2011

"Sexual Diversity" Propaganda

Buon giorno. My regular readers know that I am very annoyed with the "gay is okay" and "acceptance" propaganda for "alternative lifestyles". Somehow, a minority of people confused about their sexuality are using politics, religion and various forms of bullying to attempt to force the rest of society to redefine relationships and marriage itself. Now that a few states have passed same-sex "marriage" laws, the rest of society is expected to redefine marriage itself, even though it has worked quite well for civilization for five, ten, a few thousand years. Those of us who believe that homosexuality is unnatural and/or sinful are given the nonsensical label of "homophobes". I'll say it yet again: I don't phobe any homos. And I have nothing but contempt for people who use such a term as a substitute for actual thought, capice?

On a recent Dr. Who episode, some future-esque space marine types had one male soldier refer to another male soldier as "my husband". One of the last straws for me to quit Zynga's "Farmville" was its promotion of Lady Gaga's "Born this Way" album. Can't I escape the propaganda from the loud minority anywhere?

Not bloody likely!

I blundered across something while doing research. It seems that perversion is not only invading video games, but "sexual diversity" is seen as a good thing. In "Persona 4",  Kanji Tatsumi is struggling with his homosexuality. He is struggling because bad old society sees is as "unmanly". Well, according to this video, that is (they deleted the video at the source). So, let me get this straight: It's society's fault that we have not redefined marriage and relationships so that a minority of people with unnatural sexual urges can feel good about themselves. The rest of us have to trash our beliefs and values for their sake. Do I have this right?

Another character has considered a sex change operation.

The video justifies the "sexual diversity" because it makes for better character development. I've got some bad news for you, Sunshine, that is a transparent excuse. Instead, it's another attempt to normalize what is abnormal. In a video game, for crying out loud! If I say it's an effort to indoctrinate the kids, I know what I'll hear: "It's rated 'M', you have to be an adult to buy it!", which is a load of rubbish and we all know it.

All I can say is for parents to be watchful, this propaganda nonsense is everywhere. Unless you don't care that your kids are being indoctrinated by proudly perverted messages. In that case, don't come crying to me when your kids are confused.

Addendum: I see that Ridicule Central is in the stone-throwing business again. Hey, gang! I have your mascot here!

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