July 27, 2012

Cowardly Atheists Protect Evolution

That's right, I said it! Protecting evolution from questioning, examination, contrary evidence and explanations — cowardice.

"You're crazy, Cowboy Bob! Evolution is a fact and doesn't need to be protected!"

Atheists and other evolutionists insist that their mythology of origins is a fact, but they protect evolution from contrary evidence and fight to keep people away from creation science.

Evolution is protected by fundamentalist extremists who will go to almost any lengths to keep people from actually thinking:
The way I understand it, the way that science advances is for people to start with a proper foundation, question the findings, challenge existing theories, examine evidence, follow where the evidence leads and so on. Instead, not only are so many evolutionists cowards, but they are totalitarian cowards.

Now the thought police have actually banned the teaching of creation in the UK — even in religious education classes! Yep, teach creation and your school will lose its funding. Cowards. But what do you expect from people who willingly promote the fallacy of evolution? The assault on evolutionism is growing. The storm is coming. Be afraid, evolutionists. Be very afraid.

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