July 28, 2012

Atheists, Leftists and Hitler Stupidity

It is amazing and painful the way people are ignorant of who Adolph Hitler was and what he did. Some people are so ignorant, they never heard of him, or think he was a sports star!

Some atheopaths are so full of hatred for God and Christians, they want to "give" him to us by claiming that Hitler was a Christian! They will quote mine things that this mad occultist political manipulator said, even though this claim is easily debunked. Uh, sure, Poindexter. If you're going to believe what Hitler may have claimed despite whatever else he said and did, I don't want to waste time talking to you.

Atheists and leftists use some of his techniques and ideas... here, give Wild Bill three minutes and let him explain this to you. And after that, a longer video that is rather amazing as well as enlightening.

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