July 22, 2012

Atheism: Sliding Downward Into Apathy

Thank God modern atheism is sliding into a downward spiral. One thing I have noticed among modern fundamentalist Internet atheists is denial. When they are show how atheism is on the slide, they resort to the infallible scientific response of "making stuff up". They will call me a liar, whomever publicized the statistics a liar, insist that atheism is growing rapidly, use the laughable canard that "Christianity will be gone in a hundred years", (Sorry, Sweetums, that's been said for centuries. It backfired miserably on Voltaire, because one of his homes is owned by the Geneva Bible Society!), and other irrational responses. Anger, denial — from the way these atheists conduct themselves, I would not be surprised to learn of even more acts of violence by atheists.

Ironically, they portray themselves as nice people who never bother anyone, that their only difference is that they "lack belief" in God — a transparently disingenuous escape. (For one thing, "lack of belief" never prompted anyone to be a jerk and treat people like garbage, but these theophobes do exactly that.) The anger and denial increase, and yet, they claim to believe in "reason", and will follow where the evidence leads. But this, too, is a lie. The ego and pride of types like this is astronomical, so it is exceptionally difficult for them to admit that they're wrong. How foolish is that?

Meanwhile, the surge of interest in atheism from a few years ago is indeed fading. I have my own suspicions as to why this is so:
  • Atheists make their own "Poes"; people get sick of their vituperative diatribes and foolishness, and those atheists are growing tired of being despised for being unplesant
  • Atheism is a fad, and the shock value of telling Aunt Martha after church, "I'm an atheist" is not getting the attention that is craved
  • People are standing up to them, and showing that their worldview is fundamentally flawed
  • These obstreperous atheists are realizing that hatred of God and his people is unfulfilling
  • Atheism is not only intellectually unfulfilling, but it raises more questions than answers
  • The increase in Christianity, and in Biblical creationism
  • They are beginning to realize that the Biblical creationist worldview is the only one that makes sense and has consistency, and that Christianity is reasonable (for the few that are intellectually honest enough to actually examine it)
If you want me to back up my remarks above, fuggedaboudit. Most are opinions based on my observations, experiences, articles I have read and so forth. But I have something below that further documents the continued decline of atheism.
Atheism experienced a surge of public interest due to some best selling books in the years 2004 - 2007, but the interest was not sustainable. The media hype surrounding these books and the books themselves did not gain any significant amount of new adherents to atheism in the United States. In March of 2008m the USA Today noted that survey data failed to show any discernible increase in the amount of atheists due to this publicity campaign.

The public's interest in evolutionism is now declining and global atheism is shrinking in adherents and market share.

There are a number of atheists and evolutionists who are angry about these matters and/or in denial. Why is this so? It is not because I did not provide enough evidence about this matters as I provided data from academic research, books, leading web traffic tracking companies and Google Trends. On the other hand, atheists and evolutionists provided no compelling set of data rebutting the validity of the data I provided nor my conclusions concerning this data.

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