July 28, 2012

Atheism and Misrepresenting the Bible

Know how atheists prove that they are right, evolution is true? They attack and ridicule. That's it. No logic, no evidence, just bolstering their egos and dodging the truth by attacking people. It seems that theophobes are not always unaware of their lack of reasoning abilities. In fact, they actively use them to self-justify their hatred of God, Christians and the Bible. Further, they attempt to manipulate emotions to convince people that they are correct in their dreadful quote mining and misrepresentation of the Bible. Knowledgeable Christians are not fooled by these childish displays on the pooling of ignorance sites, but we are dismayed that people can be so vituperative in their ignorance. Further, skeptics think that because they make accusations, they deserve the benefit of the doubt. But that is not the case.

A series of articles at the "True Free Thinker" Weblog takes on some of the bad logic and manipulation of certain obstreperous misotheists and their sites.
Upon learning of a website entitled evilbible.com I thought that I had more important things to do with my time such as oh, I do not know; watching the hair on my knuckles grow, perhaps pocking my eye with a stick or attempting to break the Guinness Book of World's Record's record for most belly button lint collected.
My reading time already consist of circa 90% spent on reading people who are trying to get me to see just how wrong I am. Yet, my attention was drawn to evilbible.com due to a, sadly, typical example of the atheistic pseudo-skepticism modus operandi de jour. I responded to Dan Barker's claim that the Bible does not condemn rape but actually commands it. Keep in mind that Dan Barker positively affirms that rape is not absolutely immoral, as we will see in part 6. During a debate he premised his argument as to the Bible's commanding rape upon a Hebrew word which, self-servingly conveniently, he purposefully chose not to translate. I, being a true skeptic, did not take his word for it but look up the passage and did two things which no atheist of whom I am aware would even imagine doing: I actually read the text for myself and I look up the word that Dan Barker chose not to translate.

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