July 5, 2011

Homophobic - Or Homo-Skeptical?

Buon giorno. This article could almost be a "Logic Lesson" because it touches on a particular fallacy. Keep reading to see what I mean.

The term "homophobic" has lost its original meaning long ago. Today, it is pretty much a meaningless term that is used to carry emotion and poison the well; that is, if I say that Alex is a homophobe, that will make you less inclined to believe whatever Alex is trying to say, even on the remote chance that he is actually right for once. It is very convenient to do a drive-by labeling of someone with this term, especially if emotions are high and the gang is already predisposed to hate the other person.

Being a "homophobe" is the current trendy hate-word. Idiots are ready and willing to believe the accusation without proof. Why bother to discuss something when you can hate.

I have said several times that I do not phobe any homos. It is simply a matter of disagreeing with their lifestyles as a matter of culture and believing the Bible. So, idiots attack and say insanely stupid things like, "You're a homophobe! You want to pummel gays and drag them behind cars! You want to bring back the Old Testament laws and stone them to death!"

People who make those kinds of remarks make me wonder if they are giving too many Internet privileges at the insane asylum, capice? There is no point in talking to them.

But still, the inflamed emotions are there, mindless sheep do what they're told, feel what they're told to feel. (Try to use the word "faggot" in one of the other real, non-slang meanings, see what happens.) If people believe the "homophobe" accusation, you can lose social, financial, religious and political standing. It will be interesting to see what happens to the career of the health minister of India. He called homosexuality a disease. Addendum: No I didn't!

How about a word for those of us who do not hate homosexuals, do not advocate persecution and violence, but have beliefs that are contrary to the current trends?

Take it away, Peter Saunders!

Last year’s election in the United Kingdom threw up some interesting results as a variety of issues took prominence in different constituencies. In particular we saw strong reactions to four conservative parliamentary candidates who had, either during the campaign or previously, held views which were judged as being “homophobic”. 

Philip Lardner lost his candidacy for saying that homosexuality was “not normal behaviour” – sacked by party leader David Cameron. The uproar surrounding Philippa Stroud’s Christian beliefs about the issue was a major factor in her failing to take Sutton and Cheam for the Tories. Chris Grayling’s comments about Christians offering “bed and breakfast” being justified in denying double beds to gay couples staying in their homes almost certainly cost him a cabinet post.
 Read the rest of "I’m coming out as a 'homosceptic'” here.

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