June 23, 2020

Amazing Atheist — A Video by Ray Comfort

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Ray Comfort has been proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ for many years, and he has made a prairie schooner-full of videos of various lengths under the banner of Living Waters. Atheists like these have a great time ridiculing and misrepresenting him, but he still preaches the gospel with love and without compromise.

This article draws from the "Amazing Atheist" documentary by Ray Comfort, and a link is provided so you can see it.
Screenshot from the title section of Amazing Atheist
While many professing atheists tend to ridicule Ray's videos, some have actually watched them. He had video interviews with two of them. John has been vile and hateful, and Justin expresses disagreement but was pleasant. In the interview, both were civil and actually let him speak. Justin is one of the few atheists I've seen that can be personable, and I think I could have a discussion with him.

One of them said that a turning point for him was that he was told to believe literally everything in the Bible. Define "literally". No rational Christian believes all of the contents in an absolutely literal manner, just like people checking for the time of sunrise actually believe the sun rises. Context is key, and we are to use the historical-grammatical method of interpretation.

Other people and I have observed that minerals-to-mycologist evolution is foundational for atheism. Also included are the Big Bang, uniformitarian geology (so that Darwin can move in mysterious ways his wonders to perform), and other natural processes. There are many resources available for people who have honest questions, and creation science models for catastrophism fit the observed data instead of uniformitarianism (slow and gradual processes over millions of years). Evolution makes atheists out of people — especially those who want to disbelieve and will not investigate further.

Evolution also helps them justify their rebellion against God because it is their creation myth. While claiming to believe in empirical science and reason, the atheists were expressing blind faith in evolution and even personifying it. The "facts" of evolution are constantly being rewritten, and we've seen many examples of fake "discoveries" as well as the exulted peer review process that have been retracted and even false. Believing in evolution is done through faith, not evidence. Doing so is neither scientific nor rational.

Even though atheism is irrational and incoherent, lacking the necessary preconditions of human experience, we see many of them attempting to convert us to their fundamentally flawed worldview. Study on it a minute. Instead of respecting our views, they seek to deprive us of our beliefs and joy. Most rational people (who do not establish their identities in denying the existence of God) will be respectful of the beliefs of others. Yes, Christians will evangelize because we want to see people experience the love, forgiveness, and lordship of Jesus Christ. We also don't want to see them going to Hell in their sin. Our injunction is to be respectful.

There are professing Christians who think love means being sunshine and lollipops, coddling atheists. Like those with violent religious views, atheists see coddling in the name of love as weakness. Sometimes we have to be blunt to get their attention, which is actually the loving thing to do! Ray Comfort can be very direct but is not unkind. I challenge atheists to read his book Out of the Comfort Zone and see if any atheists have done the things he has done to help others at personal expense and risk.

This child thinks that Justin and John didn't do their homework, preferring instead to reinforce their beliefs by using talking points from various internet atheist rhetoric supply houses. I have seen many times where professing atheists prefer to delve into cherry-picked philosophies such as, "Immanuel Kant said that morality is based on reason, a categorical imperative, so moral law comes from within". A lot of chin music. You can pull on the reins and holler, "Whoa!" by asking what happens when my inner moral law differs from your moral law?

Listen up: everyone has an ultimate starting point that is not reached through empiricism. Atheists are hardcore presuppositionalists, assuming naturalism. We presuppose the Word of God, which has been confirmed time and again. There is an ultimate truth, a First Cause, a source for morality. That is God our Creator. Our faith is not blind, and those rejecting God need to repent.

I encourage you to watch the documentary, "Amazing Atheist — A Journey of Two Atheists". There are many things I said that are not covered in the video (it would probably be four hours instead of one hour in length). Mayhaps atheists could learn a little about the man they so gleefully mock, but also may learn about the gospel as well.

May 30, 2020

Big Business Neglecting the Human Element

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen
Edited June 2, 2020

On this anniversary of my first weblog (began in 2007), I wanted to do something very personal that also including material that applies to many people in the workforce. Readers from The Company may wonder, "Is he talking about me?" For the most part, "you" will be a combination of people. The big business shall remain unnamed.

Working for The Company has given me insight into how important factors affecting production are neglected. Also, we are people and we have personal tragedies that require our attention.
Background image: Unsplash / Rupixen
This article may get me fired or I could receive some other form of retaliation, but I am presenting the truth and the situation as I see it. Some people can't handle that.

The Hazard of Hiring Humans

It's problematic for laissez-faire capitalism (see "Evolutionary Thinking and Human Capital") that they have to employ people. Not automatons, not (as Mr. Gordons says) meat machines, but people. We are not baunistic. Mayhaps some bigwigs would like to completely automate, but even androids need maintenance. (What was that old story about a world full of machines and one man's only job was to push the start button every day?) In fact, the OCR software is faulty (despite promises to improve it over the years), so people are necessary to compensate for its shortcomings. You hired people. It's a cost of doing business, and along with that comes the human element.

Don't be disunderstanding me, there are people in supervisory positions for The Company that have some compassion. They are in a tough place because they have to prompt the workers to meet production goals, and their supervisors seem to only know about figures on spreadsheets. (I can name supervisors who left The Company because of the draconian approaches of those in the high castle.) There are also some sidewinders among us who have no interest in actually working, slacking more often than not. They need to be motivated, trained, disciplined, or removed. When it's strictly by the numbers, things get complicated. I would never want a management position.

You hired people to do a job. We get that. There are standards and criteria to meet, even though some quantities were increased and took us by surprise. (I'll allow that some were lowered later because they were unrealistic, but not until after some people were made to go away because they weren't good enough.) A personal watchword for me is balance. There must be a balance between corporate interests and compassion for the people you depend on. Don't get me started on the abysmal morale or how I've been working for 5-1/2 years. There's something sinister behind the scenes.

"This is typical of big business!"

I know. My wife can tell you about the exceptionally crooked company she works for that violates county, state, and federal laws. Doesn't make it right there or here. Part of my problem is that I have a strong sense of right and wrong. I tend to agree with John Bernard Books, pilgrim.

Needing Proper Equipment

The Company does not equip us to succeed. Faulty software that is often tweaked for the worse and our recommendations that could increase productivity are ignored. (I started to ask one jasper a question, he finished it with what I was not asking, then rejected what I said!) Although some managers listen to the concerns of the people doing the work, these are seldom taken seriously or even implemented. In a college class on systems analysis, I kept insisting that those in power need to talk with and learn from the workers. Yes, I keep saying "workers" because that's how people like this view us.

It is an unfortunate fact that the IT department will make changes that have made the work more difficult, and are unwilling to do their IT jobs. (The attitude is, "Deal with it. Here's a workaround that slows your production even more.) What is more unfortunate is that The Company employs a variety of people with disparate education and life experience. I have education and experience in data processing and computer logic, but that's not important, is it?

Professional Difficulties

"Enough with the introduction, Cowboy Bob. What does this have to do with earlier in the week?"

Many of us work from home. Several others and I received emails from our superiors about low production. I was both hurt and outraged (more on that later), and my wife was worried again that I might have a heart attack. Yes, I have health concerns including diabetes and heart things such as high blood pressure. Here are a few salient facts:
  • The Company, unlike their biggest contractor, uses our own internet connections from many servers. These in turn connect to The Company's not-exactly-reliable servers. Plenty of opportunities for slowdowns and even disconnects; I've had to disconnect and reconnect a few times while working.
  • We are on partial layoff. In my case, three nine-hour says unless we are called in for more days.
  • My "week" was based on two days (Thursday was not a working day for me, and Friday was a bereavement day). Do we need to discuss insufficient data, a limited sampling? Not like I did forty hours, you know.
  • The queues I work on were run into the ground. Sorry, my production's down because I ran out of work that is due two days from now and I have to wait to be switched over for more — if available. This and the point above make it difficult to act as if we were in a crisis, such as when there was mandatory overtime for weeks — even through holidays.
  • As it was in the office, so it is at home: we can "push" a finished batch of data entry work and call for a new one. New batches are supposed to arrive quickly, but can take quite a while. Although there is a timer on it, the timer is not accurate. I checked. Thirty seconds of software time is actually much longer in reality. There are also periods that the system is slow between fields. Also, I have seen the meter actually report zero fields per hour. Not true. These things count against our production time. Waving it off as "we take that into account" is risible, and saying "the difference is negligible" conflicts with other things we were warned about that adversely affect our performance scores.
  • One of the things I discussed is that we have providers that waste space in fields on the form with unnecessary notes. OCR picks up that extraneous material and we have to remove it. We do not receive credit for fields entered, and the deletion time counts against us. It would be mighty helpful if providers knew how to fill out the forms.
  • When I see an error that a previous processor or I made while exiting the screen, I can go back using the "page up" key. However, it often skips back two screens. More time lost.
  • One mantra in The Company is that we are responsible for all fields, even those for which we are not prompted. That means we can receive and error for something we did not enter, so when we slow down, look it over, and activate fields, our production time goes down. Cue the song by Queen, "I want it all and I want it now".
  • Sometimes a field has been cleared and, in the process of filling it in correctly, the system jumps ahead several screens. Keystrokes are accepted as entries into subsequent fields. We must go back and find those, clear, and correct them. A tremendous amount of time can be wasted when this happens. I think from now on, I'll just let it go and damn the torpedoes. No more wasting time on backtracking. There are other quirks of the software that slow us down, but you get the idea.

Spying and Insufficient Information

Spying on employees' computer screens may not be reliable. Am I on Double Secret Probation?

"It's not spying, it's electronic surveillance!"

Sure, Comey, tell yourself that. But it's a mite dehumanizing, wouldn't you say? Although you admitted to being unable to see our faces, it is assumed that we are "staring at the work desk as if there is something magical there". Not helpful. As my readers know, I can give a prairie schooner-full of sarcasm right back — but I'm resisting that impulse. I've already told you about the appeal to motive fallacy, but when you add ridicule to that, it's counterproductive. By the way, has that spying software in which you put faith been calibrated? You may be looking at a screen that is not actively connected, or the software is acting up again.

You said you can't see our faces. Nor can you see our hands. There are times when I have been typing and nothing happens. It happened in the office but it happens at home as well, it seems a bit more. When you said, "I can only assume you're staring off into space or doing something not work related".

Listen up. In addition to established breaks, we're allotted half an hour each day for non-work things (unless management privilege was invoked and the rules were changed again). These items include restroom trips or grabbing a coffee; I have a container right here so I don't have to go to the kitchen to pour it. Or maybe the lack of activity is because someone is changing tracks on the MP3 player. In fact, some of us give back a few minutes by returning from our unpaid breaks earlyAlso, the restroom is ten feet away, making for a much shorter visit than at the workplace. The diuretic is annoying, but that's what I have to live with. When you cast aspersions on the people you work with and presume the worst about us, that worms the cockles of my heart and I'm sure it's great for morale.

I have much more to say about making conclusions from insufficient evidence (and it really gets me on the prod when people do that to impugn the intelligence and integrity of the people they depend on), but that will be in another article. We had a friendly working relationship, but I reckon you've changed, old son. That also grieves me.

Personal Tragedies

The past few weeks have been rough on me, and it was no secret. First, we learned that my sister-in-law had cancer and was moving away so she could get treatment. Second, Basement Cat was having serious problems. Third, The Company was having the sign-up for healthcare benefits and I have still not been informed as to the specifics of the coverage (I will probably have to take this to state or federal government officials). Oh, and there are the ubiquitous fears of COVID-19 that has lots of folks making chin music.

All three of these took my time and attention. Wednesday the 20th was the worst. Basement Cat's breathing was worsening, and I called the vet to say that my wife and I reached the extremely difficult decision to end her suffering (for details on this and why she was not "just a cat", see "Farewell to Basement Cat"). I sent the above video to the vet, and two of them agreed that the treatments could not work. It's mighty difficult to work with tears in my eyes and even having a couple drip onto the keyboard. Yeah, I cried. Do you care about my pain and my compassion for others? I was waiting for my wife to arrive home for that awful trip, and then she sent a message that her sister had just died. I was given permission to take the rest of the day off, but I soldiered on.

A Plan for Improvement was Demanded

I was told in the email to give a plan as to how to improve my production. Okay, I don't have any more crises or impending deaths on the horizon, so those distractions are gone. I can plow ahead even though there are software issues, working on items that are due a day or two in advance, and we were partly laid off for lack of work. Yes, I know there are things I do not see, but I can only respond to what I do see, see? Well, raising a fuss later about my benefits and legal things may take some time, but we'll deal with that later.

A Human with Priorities

My god is not money. Although money is helpful living in this world, I am a son of the Living God through the blood of Jesus Christ. Money did not die for my sins or bodily rise from the dead, and I'm rock solid in the Master's hand. Ain't nobody going to take that away. Fortunately for employers, followers of Jesus are instructed by the Bible to work for the glory of God and to try to do their best. If The Company equipped us to succeed and was insightful about what is actually happening, that would help me considerable-like to accomplish that goal. You savvy?

At the beginning, I said that this article was going to be highly personal. It was, but there are several practical, realistic things included that affect many people. But I'm not someone important in The Company, so I have nothing to say. A related article is here. Still love me?

"Whaddya mean, still?"

April 26, 2020

COVID-19 Studies Falsely So Called

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

First, an explanation of the title. It is based on 1 Tim. 6:20 KJV, which modern versions translate science as knowledge (γνῶσις, gnosis).

If I had started writing a book listing the parallels between atheistic science attitudes and political discussions even in the past, say, five years, it could only be sold as an eBook because, like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it would require several large buildings to house it. Since I didn't and I don't have the travel capabilities of a Time Lord and go back in time to start over, I will have to break things up into smaller pieces. In this case, the subject is about scientific studies.

There is a great deal of overlap in what we can see in discussions on origins and politics. This includes atheists and leftists citing fake studies to further their agendas.
Public domain image, I think it is from the CDC, who is not endorsing the contents on this site
When dealing with obstreperous atheopaths and other anti-creationists, Christians and creationists are often challenged with demands for evidence of our claims. That goes with the territory. We provide links to sources, and they often reply with, "Give me a peer-reviewed report from real scientists, not creationists!" Move the goalposts much, Poindexter, or just constantly? That is bigotry and an example of the genetic fallacy; it is a way of dodging inconvenient truths. From the poor reasoning and lack of scientific knowledge that these sidewinders exhibit, I seriously doubt that they would understand a peer-reviewed paper in the first place. (Even so, creationists do have peer review — but with higher standards.) The secular system is horribly flawed, as seen in this article about scorpion evolution.

There are studies, counter studies, incomplete studies, neglected information studies, and so on. My study can beat up your study. Many that are called studies and research are fake news, as can be seen many times over at Piltdown Superman and other places. While some people want to know the truth, many prefer "studies" and "research" that confirms their biases. Those who hate creation scientists conveniently ignore the fact that most seek to please God and learn the truth instead of advancing a narrative that will give them fame and money. Savvy that?

In the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, people want hope for a cure, alleviation of symptoms, a vaccine, and so on. Because President Trump was discussing positive findings about  hydroxychloroquine, leftists jerked back on the reins and hollered, "Whoa!" That drug has not been fully tested (even though it's been around as a treatment for people for malaria and lupus for decades). Listen up, pilgrim: we know that not every drug is right for everyone. I've been told to discontinue prescriptions myself. Why do you think those advertisements include lists of side effects? I want to include this short video below, and listen carefully after the volume drops:

Since leftists are not interested in the truth, they have been caught misrepresenting science, facts, Donald Trump, God, the Bible, and more many times. I agree with statements that leftists want a high body count from this Coronavirus and for the economy to be destroyed so they can gain power. "Orange Man Bad" is their mantra, so if Donald Trump is in favor of something, they are compelled to oppose it. Trump wants research done on treatments. Here's another short video:

These wicked people who try to find any possible way to hinder research on hydroxychloroquine and suck hope out of people reject positive results and find flaws through dubious source. Leftists even cite "studies" that do not exist. Derek Hunter discussed how the Washington Post wrote some misleading material about an increase of deaths observed by the Veterans Administration. Leftists called it a "study", but that is a lie. The facts were told by the VA Secretary in an interview. He responded to a question about the alleged study and set the interviewer straight. See the video below, which is supposed to start at 8 min. 17 sec:

Something that atheists, anti-creationists and political leftists (who are often the same thing) have in common is misrepresenting people they want to destroy. In this case, leftists are willing to hinder research that could save lives by using the scientific principle of Making Things Up™. After all, this Election Year Virus is being used to gain political power and try to swing the election so that leftist democrats can gain power and turn the United States into a socialist utopia. Since American are not happy with the trial run so far, what with lockdowns and such, I reckon that the whole thing could be a massive backfire for them. Unlike what some believe, there are those of us who do not look to leftist sources to tell us what to think.

If you want to hear Derek Hunter's Daily Daily Caller podcast that discusses it (be forewarned, he uses profanity and crude humor), then click here to listen online or download. After the US presidential election, leftists can go back to hyping personal pronoun preferences, sex gender confusion, and false "facts" about anthropogenic global warming. Do you miss "settled science" and "consensus" as much as I do?

April 4, 2020

Important Recommendation for Healthcare Providers

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, there is something very important, very basic, and what should be very simple for healthcare providers to utilize that should make receiving payments more efficient. Although we are going to consider HCFA (pronounced HICK-fuh) forms, the principles apply to others as well. As providers, you want to be paid, right?

Healthcare provider fill out claim and other forms that need to be processed. Here are some recommendations to help streamline the process.
Image credit: Freeimages / Adam Ciesielski overlaid with partial HCFA form
The HCFA 1500 form was designed for Medicare and Medicaid. It is used for other claims as well. Many providers use software to fill out the forms, but a large number are filled out by hand. You fill them out and send them off to the insurance company, and most of these are scanned using OCR software so those of us behind the scenes can use our software to correct OCR errors. Then claims examiners can make sense of them and you can get paid. Nobody needs faulty submissions and delays — especially during a pandemic.

There are several errors made when filling out forms that delay your claim. This can mean problems for your patients (especially when you incorrectly bill procedures, then the patient receives a substantial bill for services that are actually covered under their plans), and you can also foul up and delay the claim so badly that you have to "eat" the financial loss.

I complained to a supervisor long ago that many providers have no idea how to fill out the forms. After all, the instructions are available. I was told that the providers are not the ones filling out the forms, staff members are doing this. That is not entirely accurate, but even so, the staff members are supposed to be trained and supervised; providers are ultimately responsible. In addition, insurance companies use lingo such as "training the providers" by alerting them to errors, but I lack belief that they are consistently doing this.

Use the Proper Forms

Even though many forms are standardized, Ultrabig Health Insurance is likely to reject Rival Lesser Insurance's forms, and vice versa. Also, you do not want to be sending a HCFA when the company simply needs a different notification form. Your submission is sent back, you have to fill out the correct form, everything is delayed.

Write Legibly

Some submissions are so poorly written, OCR and data entry processors are unable to read them. I have seen entries where I cannot tell if that is a seven, nine, zero, or something else. In fact, I have seen forms that looked like the provider or staff (herein, provider also includes staff) was trying to be cute. If you want to express your individuality, the forms are not the place for it. (Office decor, have a great time.) Far too many are partially or almost entirely illegible. We know you're in a hurry. Slow down enough to make it decipherable.

Use Proper Printer and Software Settings

It is not an exaggeration to say that I have seen thousands of forms where the software or typing layout is not properly aligned. Important information is clipped from the margins. Also, instead of being between the lines of the forms, important information is "speared" by the lines and mixed with the headers. For example, Box 23 is "Prior Authorization Number". We cannot read the number if it is "33D something something something". The entire form can be poorly calibrated so the information is shifted. This includes patient identification, diagnosis codes, provider name and address, and so on. We need to see these things.

Related to this is the use of a proper font. Times New Roman, Arial, or something that make it possible to distinguish a zero from an O, or a one from an L, may be unexciting but they make processing the forms more efficient.

Do not use tiny type sizes. I have seen unnecessarily small type and space is seldom at a premium. Sometimes the provider's organization name is ultra small and the rest of the information is in normal type. That is counterproductive and takes extra time.

Crammed Tables

There are providers that take the six-column table for dates, places, etc. for service and cram more than six entries into them — even twelve entries. Perhaps the plan to which you are submitting these allows (or tolerates) it, but you may want to consider attaching another sheet.


Many times, an address is too long. Sure, you or a patient cannot help it if  you work or they reside at a location has a long street name. However, you can mitigate damages, so to speak, by using postal abbreviations such as Ste, Rd., St, Ave, Apt, and so on. Those may help keep the information from being cut off.

A few providers may write out "USA" or "United States" after the city, state, and ZIP code. We know where you're from by the postal code and the telephone number — and because the overwhelming majority of claims are in the United States. A provider in, say, Moldova may want to write in the country name.

Provider Signature

HCFA Box 31 is for the provider or person in charge of filling out the forms. Many use "Signature on File". But why use a script font instead of a signature or "on file" notation? That is unnecessary and slows down the processors.

Patient Signature

This should not be difficult. Boxes 12 and 13 are for the patient or authorized person to sign. They are not for the provider. You have your own space. By the way, when it says "degrees or credentials", you can keep it short: Maj. Janet Fraiser, MD. We are not interested in your associates, fellowships, and so on. That was important in the credentialing process when you signed up to be a provider for a health plan, but on claim forms it is just unimpressive and adds clutter.

Provider Location

In Box 32, "Doctor's Office" or writing a street location twice are not helpful. Also, some extremely long provider names in Box 32 spill over into Box 33 and push out most of the name. Using a second line for a long organization name should be possible.

Rubber Stamps

When I see a rubber stamp in the provider information areas of Box 32 and Box 33, it says to me, "I don't care and I'm lazy". Fill it out properly or set up your software. Rubber stamps are often crooked, incomplete, and obliterate other information due to poor stamping procedure.

Extraneous Writing

If you really need to put notes on the form, kindly be sure you are not obscuring information that the form requires. Box 19 is for "Local Use", which may meet your needs. Attaching a separate letter is worth considering.

Leading or Extra Zeroes in Prices and Units

It is baffling and a waste of time to enter $0000062.00 or a unit of 005.0000 mg. Those extra zeroes do not change the value or quantities. $62.00 or 5.00 mg is sufficient. Capisce?

I had more items to list, but you get the idea. People's lives are in your hands, and if I had to find a provider that did these things, I would assume they don't care enough to get the details right.

"You have no business instructing me or talking to me this way! Do you know who I am?"

Maybe. But I don't care who you are. We have to process thousands of claims from providers in large corporate practices as well as the small provider. They're all letters and numbers on our screens, and we have to do these as efficiently and accurately as possible. 

Do you know who I am? Of course not! I am just one of many at the bottom of the food chain who are doing the best we can with the information that is available. We can't help you if you don't help yourself by giving us legible information that is as complete as your plan requires. You want to be paid, right? You'll thank us later.

April 2, 2020

COVID-19, Up Jumps Incendiary Darwinist Opportunism

Leftist politicians are using the COVID-19 virus situation as a means to gain power, and the Darwin death cult is not letting the crisis go to waste. Not only are evolutionists falsely claiming that the virus is evidence of evolution, but fake science is actually making things worse.

Darwin's disciples continue to capitalize on the COVID-19 crisis. They are not only using bad logic, but being harmful.

Scientists are working on trying to understand how this unique virus operates (this includes creation scientists), and the capitalization efforts of evolutionists is the equivalent of flinging mud on the wall, placing a frame over the splatters, then calling it artwork. 

Using circular reasoning by assuming evolution to prove evolution, some jaspers are saying that problems with social distancing are because of our relationship to primates. The American "stimulus" package was a missed opportunity to gain money for global warming. Others want the virus to help destroy the family. Close churches but call the murders of unborn children "essential services". When society turns its back on God who created us and gave us life, and these atrocities should be expected. To read about these items and more, click on "Evolutionary Advice on the Pandemic Is Not Helpful".

March 7, 2020

Atheistic Religious Jihad in New York

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

When I have time and my circumstances allow, I want to respond to some material about why Americans do not want an atheist as President. Briefly, atheists lie. A lot. They not only do it overtly, but through blatant misrepresentation.

The anti-Christian FFRF is defending their religion, and especially the dogma of Darwinism, by attacking a timorous school district in New York.

Perhaps this is to cover up the fact that while they profess to profess reason and tolerance, they are dreadful at utilizing either. This link is one of many possible sources. There you will notice little or no discernable logic, including a prairie schooner-full of straw man arguments, ad hominem attacks, baseless assertions, hasty generalizations, and ridicule. Why do they act like ridicule will make atheism and Darwinism less false? That makes sense on their world, old son.

Dan Barker is from the Freedom from Religion Foundation and acts like he's Canis Major. He claims to be a former Christian but demonstrates little knowledge of actual theology and history. While he likes to sell his books, he gets on the prod when Godless is cited at a scholarly debate (see this video link at the 24 minute mark). He spreads falsehoods about the origin of Christianity which have been refuted by accurate sources, and not those that utilize citation of citation of citation without source material. A gifted storyteller, but his bigotry and misrepresentations can be clearly seen in the video linked above as well as in this article. I lack reasons to respect him.

I have concluded long ago that ninety-nine percent of atheists give the rest a bad name, and that activist anti-Christian groups like the Freedom from Religion Foundation are weasels who hate God and persecute Christians. Ironically and despite the protestations of bigoted or misinformed atheists, it is a fact that atheism is a religion. They work to have their religion (often in the disguise of Secular Humanism) to be the religion of the land. Why do you think so many atheists are politically on the far left? If I knew what a "bottom dollar" was and had one, I'd bet that they would not support Question Evolution Day — especially the parts about freedom of speech and thought.

A cornerstone of atheism is the mythology of evolution, and they fiercely protect their dogma. This article was inspired by an article on an Intelligent Design website. As a biblical creationist, I am appreciative of how the ID movement shows scientific reasons to reject fish-to-fool evolution. Creationists use arguments showing intelligent design and irreducible, specified complexity. However, the movement itself is too limited and does not proclaim the Creator as revealed in the Bible. Even so, it reveals the blatant dishonesty of the FFRF and their blatant bullying. And they wonder why people don't trust atheists?
The bullies and censors at the Freedom from Religion Foundation have scored a point, and they are crowing about it. A biology teacher at Holland Patent High School, in Upstate New York, informed students that “evolution only goes so far.” This produced a threatening outcry from the atheist group — blasphemy against Darwin! —  that acknowledging that there is “controversy about evolution is fraught with legal peril.” The school district replied with a letter that seemed to buckle to and accept this bizarre objection.
I encourage you to read the rest of this article. You can do that by following the link to "Blasphemy Against Darwin in New York State! Atheist Group Intimidates School District". Seeing as the events are in New York, it is not all that surprising the timorous school district did not seek assistance from the American Center for Law and Justice, who have been successful in fighting back

February 12, 2020

Totalitarian Leftists Hijacking Science

The influence of Darwin's ideas has not been confined to biology, and has influenced other sciences. Unfortunately, these fundamentally flawed concepts have been applied to western society as social Darwinism, giving us eugenics, justification for abortion, and influencing tyrants. For Question Evolution Day, we will see some examples of how leftist ideologies, influenced by Darwinism, have hijacked much of the secular science industry.

Scientists are biased, and many are active promoting leftist causes. Scientific and academic institutions show their loathings for Bible believers.

Charles Darwin hated God and the Bible, and that view influenced his version of the evolution myth. Other people who wanted to rebel against God as well as theistic evolutionists (a religious fifth column working to nullify biblical theology) embraced those views. Since evolution is pervasive throughout the secular science industry, actual truth-seeking science has been hijacked by leftists who propagate evolutionism. The battle of worldviews is clearly evident.

It is interesting to this child that with postmodernism and truth being considered relative and without absolutes, people appeal to science as an arbiter of right and wrong — but only when it suits leftist causes. It is a scientific fact that men and women have different XY chromosomes, and no "gender reassignment" can change that fact. But yee haw boy howdy, if someone states that there are only two sexes, he can lose his job. It almost seems pointless to discuss facts and truth when people only use them when convenient. It's like American Democrats hypocritically appealing to religion and the US Constitution when they are trying to manipulate the public, but they show disdain for both the rest of the time.

People who have seen my work before know that I emphasize clarifying words and terms for more effective communication. Atheists and evolutionists play fast and loose with definitions, using the fallacy of conflation by changing the meanings of words and by disingenuously equating variations and change to mean evolution in the Darwinian sense. Leftists are manipulating the language of science for their own ends, and people who are supposedly doing science are making using false science for political causes. We have several important articles for your education and edification.
Leftist academia pretends to be pro-science, but the politics drives their positions.

A funny thing happened in the Inspector General’s report (see Breitbart News) on abuses by the FBI in early December, 2019. The IG found 17 abuses they committed in obtaining FISA Court authorization to spy on the presidential campaign. The funny thing was, all 17 of the mistakes and abuses helped the Democrats, but hurt the Republicans. Some commentators noted that all the “mistakes” worked to try to hinder the Trump campaign and administration once he was elected. This undercut any claims of objectivity by the FBI agents.

A similar thing is going on in “political” science (meaning: science that intersects with governmental policies). No matter the subject, it’s always anti-Trump. It’s uniformly in favor of Leftist ideals, including global governance, redistribution of wealth, and radical environmentalism. The conservative Trump administration is always cast in the worst possible light, but the same scientists and media people completely ignore or excuse similar policies or actions by the past liberal administration of Obama. This also undercuts any claims of objectivity by Big Science and Big Media who also, notably, accept Darwinian evolution uncritically. Let’s look at some recent examples. [Article written January 11, 2020]
To learn about what's happening, click on "Leftism Manipulates Science Language". I'd be much obliged if you'd come back for the other articles.

We continue with how leftists appeal to science and use it as a disguise for their political causes. Environmentalism is a good idea, but not when it's done for their agendas for power. Anthropogenic climate change supporters reject scientific information that does not fit their existing conclusions. Homosexuality evolved for social reasons (this is illogical, presupposing evolution from the get-go). There are other examples to consider.
Leftists have learned that the ‘science costume’ is their most effective means of propaganda.

Science is supposed to be apolitical. Why is so much of the science news profoundly leftist in view? Do leftists really have science on their side? We think not. Rather, it’s a consequence of political and cultural movements that began in the riots of the 1960s, when radicals crept into the universities and slowly took over. Now, many university departments lack a single conservative, especially in political ‘science,’ psychology and the biological sciences. The materialist aspect of leftist science can be traced back to Darwin and others like Comte du Buffon (16 September 2018).

Liberals are not necessarily leftists, because classical liberals believe in free speech. Leftists are totalitarians. They are pushing right now for a society of uniform acceptance of their goals: global governance, redistribution of wealth (socialism and communism) and radical materialism. Most of them are Darwinists. They advocate unlimited abortion and even infanticide and eugenics. Most of them are atheists who hate religion. Instead of appealing to evidence and logic, they use subversion to undermine traditional values and foment class warfare to increase the ranks of ‘victims’ who can be exploited for a socialist revolution. They engage in punishing those who refuse to kowtow to their redefinition of terms like sex, gender and marriage. They do this by mounting lawsuits, and coercing corporations and governments to make traditional values illegal. These haters accuse their opponents of hate.
You can read this second article by following the link to "Leftists Use Science as Camouflage". Then we have a third installment.

Totalitarians are already gaining power and using science with useful idiots in the secular science industry. Words and phrases are manufactured those that already exist are given new meanings that suit the ruling elite. From their perspective, you must not think for yourself, and you certainly cannot speak or write contrary views in many cases before you are silenced (or at least negated). Notice that leftist causes are anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-Bible, and they are increasing in fervor.
Totalitarians must be resisted before they gain power. The potential evils are far greater today with the growing loss of privacy, GPS tracking, and social-media databases. Big Brother is here, watching our every move. Today’s totalitarians would create genetically-modified clones if they could – beings incapable of resistance. They never want to reason their way into power, convincing citizens by logic and history that they have better ideas. No; they seek power by subversion. Our Baloney Detector defines propaganda as “Any attempt to influence people’s actions or attitudes without making them think.” It includes nudging (11 June 2017), repetition, and redefining words. Look how modern totalitarians are manipulating citizens with subterfuge, not reason:
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Secularists did a study and told us what we already know: Christians, and especially creationists, are unwelcome in the halls of academic indoctrination. The research was conducted using a materialistic approach, of course, but still had some interesting conclusions. They apparently were not interest in the clash of worldviews, and could not possibly consider the fact that the world is under Satan's control and that he blinds unbelievers (John 8:44, 1 Cor. 2:14, 2 Cor. 4:4, Rom. 5:10). As I have said many times, origins and other matters are not about facts or intellect, but are instead spiritually based. Materialists presuppose that God is not there, so their research is fatally flawed.
I have now been researching the problem of academic intolerance against Christians for over a half a century. A paper by Barnes et al. published on January 29th in PLoS One is the first research study that appears to attempt to find out why scientists and academics are biased against Christians, specifically Creationists. Many studies have been completed, mostly to find out how many students hold to a creation worldview and, once the number was determined, the study focused on how to better indoctrinate students into the Darwinian worldview to lower what the study’s authors argue is the unacceptably high number of Darwin Doubters.  It is well documented  that scientists are generally opposed to theism, especially a creation worldview.

In short, according to a recent Gallup poll, 40 percent of Americans agree that humans were created less than 10,000 years ago, a position the Brenan calls a “strictly creationist view of human origins.” This is in contrast to the orthodox Darwinist view that  humans evolved from some ape they call the modern ape-human common ancestor, some 6-to-7-million Darwin years ago, and that God had nothing to do with either creation.

The fact that almost half of Americans reject the alleged ‘most basic foundation of science,’ evolution, is highlighted as evidence of the abysmal state of science education in America. They view it as a crisis of denying ‘the fact of evolution,’ a premise believed to be so firmly supported by evidence that many assume it is true and, therefore, act and teach as if it were true. Accepting this definition, Darwinists argue that evolution has been overwhelmingly validated by the evidence in the same way that the Earth’s revolution around the Sun is a fact. The quotation below from a leading evolutionist of the last century, Hermann J. Muller, in his article titled, “One Hundred Years Without Darwinism Are Enough,” explains the point very well.
You can read the rest of Dr. Bergman's article (note the many materialistic presuppositions) by clicking on "Anti-Christian Bias in Academia Is Real".

Question Evolution Day has several purposes, and one of those is to give support for intellectual, academic, speech, and other freedoms. We must use our freedoms while we still have them.

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