June 23, 2020

Amazing Atheist — A Video by Ray Comfort

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Ray Comfort has been proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ for many years, and he has made a prairie schooner-full of videos of various lengths under the banner of Living Waters. Atheists like these have a great time ridiculing and misrepresenting him, but he still preaches the gospel with love and without compromise.

This article draws from the "Amazing Atheist" documentary by Ray Comfort, and a link is provided so you can see it.
Screenshot from the title section of Amazing Atheist
While many professing atheists tend to ridicule Ray's videos, some have actually watched them. He had video interviews with two of them. John has been vile and hateful, and Justin expresses disagreement but was pleasant. In the interview, both were civil and actually let him speak. Justin is one of the few atheists I've seen that can be personable, and I think I could have a discussion with him.

One of them said that a turning point for him was that he was told to believe literally everything in the Bible. Define "literally". No rational Christian believes all of the contents in an absolutely literal manner, just like people checking for the time of sunrise actually believe the sun rises. Context is key, and we are to use the historical-grammatical method of interpretation.

Other people and I have observed that minerals-to-mycologist evolution is foundational for atheism. Also included are the Big Bang, uniformitarian geology (so that Darwin can move in mysterious ways his wonders to perform), and other natural processes. There are many resources available for people who have honest questions, and creation science models for catastrophism fit the observed data instead of uniformitarianism (slow and gradual processes over millions of years). Evolution makes atheists out of people — especially those who want to disbelieve and will not investigate further.

Evolution also helps them justify their rebellion against God because it is their creation myth. While claiming to believe in empirical science and reason, the atheists were expressing blind faith in evolution and even personifying it. The "facts" of evolution are constantly being rewritten, and we've seen many examples of fake "discoveries" as well as the exulted peer review process that have been retracted and even false. Believing in evolution is done through faith, not evidence. Doing so is neither scientific nor rational.

Even though atheism is irrational and incoherent, lacking the necessary preconditions of human experience, we see many of them attempting to convert us to their fundamentally flawed worldview. Study on it a minute. Instead of respecting our views, they seek to deprive us of our beliefs and joy. Most rational people (who do not establish their identities in denying the existence of God) will be respectful of the beliefs of others. Yes, Christians will evangelize because we want to see people experience the love, forgiveness, and lordship of Jesus Christ. We also don't want to see them going to Hell in their sin. Our injunction is to be respectful.

There are professing Christians who think love means being sunshine and lollipops, coddling atheists. Like those with violent religious views, atheists see coddling in the name of love as weakness. Sometimes we have to be blunt to get their attention, which is actually the loving thing to do! Ray Comfort can be very direct but is not unkind. I challenge atheists to read his book Out of the Comfort Zone and see if any atheists have done the things he has done to help others at personal expense and risk.

This child thinks that Justin and John didn't do their homework, preferring instead to reinforce their beliefs by using talking points from various internet atheist rhetoric supply houses. I have seen many times where professing atheists prefer to delve into cherry-picked philosophies such as, "Immanuel Kant said that morality is based on reason, a categorical imperative, so moral law comes from within". A lot of chin music. You can pull on the reins and holler, "Whoa!" by asking what happens when my inner moral law differs from your moral law?

Listen up: everyone has an ultimate starting point that is not reached through empiricism. Atheists are hardcore presuppositionalists, assuming naturalism. We presuppose the Word of God, which has been confirmed time and again. There is an ultimate truth, a First Cause, a source for morality. That is God our Creator. Our faith is not blind, and those rejecting God need to repent.

I encourage you to watch the documentary, "Amazing Atheist — A Journey of Two Atheists". There are many things I said that are not covered in the video (it would probably be four hours instead of one hour in length). Mayhaps atheists could learn a little about the man they so gleefully mock, but also may learn about the gospel as well.


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