March 7, 2020

Atheistic Religious Jihad in New York

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

When I have time and my circumstances allow, I want to respond to some material about why Americans do not want an atheist as President. Briefly, atheists lie. A lot. They not only do it overtly, but through blatant misrepresentation.

The anti-Christian FFRF is defending their religion, and especially the dogma of Darwinism, by attacking a timorous school district in New York.

Perhaps this is to cover up the fact that while they profess to profess reason and tolerance, they are dreadful at utilizing either. This link is one of many possible sources. There you will notice little or no discernable logic, including a prairie schooner-full of straw man arguments, ad hominem attacks, baseless assertions, hasty generalizations, and ridicule. Why do they act like ridicule will make atheism and Darwinism less false? That makes sense on their world, old son.

Dan Barker is from the Freedom from Religion Foundation and acts like he's Canis Major. He claims to be a former Christian but demonstrates little knowledge of actual theology and history. While he likes to sell his books, he gets on the prod when Godless is cited at a scholarly debate (see this video link at the 24 minute mark). He spreads falsehoods about the origin of Christianity which have been refuted by accurate sources, and not those that utilize citation of citation of citation without source material. A gifted storyteller, but his bigotry and misrepresentations can be clearly seen in the video linked above as well as in this article. I lack reasons to respect him.

I have concluded long ago that ninety-nine percent of atheists give the rest a bad name, and that activist anti-Christian groups like the Freedom from Religion Foundation are weasels who hate God and persecute Christians. Ironically and despite the protestations of bigoted or misinformed atheists, it is a fact that atheism is a religion. They work to have their religion (often in the disguise of Secular Humanism) to be the religion of the land. Why do you think so many atheists are politically on the far left? If I knew what a "bottom dollar" was and had one, I'd bet that they would not support Question Evolution Day — especially the parts about freedom of speech and thought.

A cornerstone of atheism is the mythology of evolution, and they fiercely protect their dogma. This article was inspired by an article on an Intelligent Design website. As a biblical creationist, I am appreciative of how the ID movement shows scientific reasons to reject fish-to-fool evolution. Creationists use arguments showing intelligent design and irreducible, specified complexity. However, the movement itself is too limited and does not proclaim the Creator as revealed in the Bible. Even so, it reveals the blatant dishonesty of the FFRF and their blatant bullying. And they wonder why people don't trust atheists?
The bullies and censors at the Freedom from Religion Foundation have scored a point, and they are crowing about it. A biology teacher at Holland Patent High School, in Upstate New York, informed students that “evolution only goes so far.” This produced a threatening outcry from the atheist group — blasphemy against Darwin! —  that acknowledging that there is “controversy about evolution is fraught with legal peril.” The school district replied with a letter that seemed to buckle to and accept this bizarre objection.
I encourage you to read the rest of this article. You can do that by following the link to "Blasphemy Against Darwin in New York State! Atheist Group Intimidates School District". Seeing as the events are in New York, it is not all that surprising the timorous school district did not seek assistance from the American Center for Law and Justice, who have been successful in fighting back


Alex B said...

Thought I'd look in and see if you'd grown at all in the last few years. Nope, still a whinging deluded douche. Enjoy your echo chamber, Bob.

Piltdown Superman said...

I was hoping that mayhaps you came to apologize for calling me "clueless" when I called the Nazis socialists. You know, the National Socialist German Workers' Party? Guess not.

Let's see, have I grown? Well, The Question Evolution Project on Fazebook has over 8,400 "Likes". However, anyone who runs a Page knows that people click the "Like" button and fuggedaboudit, but when we're not under a shadowban, posts still appear in their timelines.

I have over 4,000 posts on my own properties as well as guests posts and such on other weblogs. Also, some at Creation Ministries International. Plus a few radio and podcast interviews.

Digging deeper, I have grown in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and strive to give glory to God, not glory to Bob. Many areas of instruction for Christian and biblical creation apologetics have come across my radar, so by God's grace, I am growing in those areas as well.

I noticed that like Haywire the Criminal Cyberstalker, you did not bother to address the actual contents of either article you commented about. Why do atheopaths do that? Perhaps it is because they lack the intellectual acumen and personal integrity to deal with the subjects? Personal attacks to not make atheism and anti-creationism less foolish.

You claimed to be a "former Christian" or somesuch, but since you were in the Christadelphian cult, you're not a "used to be" Christian, you're a "never was". What you need to do is stop suppressing the truth and repent.

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