April 26, 2020

COVID-19 Studies Falsely So Called

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

First, an explanation of the title. It is based on 1 Tim. 6:20 KJV, which modern versions translate science as knowledge (γνῶσις, gnosis).

If I had started writing a book listing the parallels between atheistic science attitudes and political discussions even in the past, say, five years, it could only be sold as an eBook because, like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it would require several large buildings to house it. Since I didn't and I don't have the travel capabilities of a Time Lord and go back in time to start over, I will have to break things up into smaller pieces. In this case, the subject is about scientific studies.

There is a great deal of overlap in what we can see in discussions on origins and politics. This includes atheists and leftists citing fake studies to further their agendas.
Public domain image, I think it is from the CDC, who is not endorsing the contents on this site
When dealing with obstreperous atheopaths and other anti-creationists, Christians and creationists are often challenged with demands for evidence of our claims. That goes with the territory. We provide links to sources, and they often reply with, "Give me a peer-reviewed report from real scientists, not creationists!" Move the goalposts much, Poindexter, or just constantly? That is bigotry and an example of the genetic fallacy; it is a way of dodging inconvenient truths. From the poor reasoning and lack of scientific knowledge that these sidewinders exhibit, I seriously doubt that they would understand a peer-reviewed paper in the first place. (Even so, creationists do have peer review — but with higher standards.) The secular system is horribly flawed, as seen in this article about scorpion evolution.

There are studies, counter studies, incomplete studies, neglected information studies, and so on. My study can beat up your study. Many that are called studies and research are fake news, as can be seen many times over at Piltdown Superman and other places. While some people want to know the truth, many prefer "studies" and "research" that confirms their biases. Those who hate creation scientists conveniently ignore the fact that most seek to please God and learn the truth instead of advancing a narrative that will give them fame and money. Savvy that?

In the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, people want hope for a cure, alleviation of symptoms, a vaccine, and so on. Because President Trump was discussing positive findings about  hydroxychloroquine, leftists jerked back on the reins and hollered, "Whoa!" That drug has not been fully tested (even though it's been around as a treatment for people for malaria and lupus for decades). Listen up, pilgrim: we know that not every drug is right for everyone. I've been told to discontinue prescriptions myself. Why do you think those advertisements include lists of side effects? I want to include this short video below, and listen carefully after the volume drops:

Since leftists are not interested in the truth, they have been caught misrepresenting science, facts, Donald Trump, God, the Bible, and more many times. I agree with statements that leftists want a high body count from this Coronavirus and for the economy to be destroyed so they can gain power. "Orange Man Bad" is their mantra, so if Donald Trump is in favor of something, they are compelled to oppose it. Trump wants research done on treatments. Here's another short video:

These wicked people who try to find any possible way to hinder research on hydroxychloroquine and suck hope out of people reject positive results and find flaws through dubious source. Leftists even cite "studies" that do not exist. Derek Hunter discussed how the Washington Post wrote some misleading material about an increase of deaths observed by the Veterans Administration. Leftists called it a "study", but that is a lie. The facts were told by the VA Secretary in an interview. He responded to a question about the alleged study and set the interviewer straight. See the video below, which is supposed to start at 8 min. 17 sec:

Something that atheists, anti-creationists and political leftists (who are often the same thing) have in common is misrepresenting people they want to destroy. In this case, leftists are willing to hinder research that could save lives by using the scientific principle of Making Things Up™. After all, this Election Year Virus is being used to gain political power and try to swing the election so that leftist democrats can gain power and turn the United States into a socialist utopia. Since American are not happy with the trial run so far, what with lockdowns and such, I reckon that the whole thing could be a massive backfire for them. Unlike what some believe, there are those of us who do not look to leftist sources to tell us what to think.

If you want to hear Derek Hunter's Daily Daily Caller podcast that discusses it (be forewarned, he uses profanity and crude humor), then click here to listen online or download. After the US presidential election, leftists can go back to hyping personal pronoun preferences, sex gender confusion, and false "facts" about anthropogenic global warming. Do you miss "settled science" and "consensus" as much as I do?


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