December 8, 2012

Video by The Atheist Antidote: "Atheists and Christmas"

Perhaps they're just angry that they have to wait until April 1 for their own joyless holiday, so they can't get into ours. Perhaps it's just hate in disguise. They pretend to be standing for something when they seek to remove the civil rights of Christians, what a joke. Atheopaths are not fooling anyone. And they really wonder why people can't stand them?

December 6, 2012

Atheists and their Demonizing — What's the Point?

For a long time, I have said that people are stupidified by hate. (Yes, I learned that word from Matt Slick.) They are so wrapped up in their hatred of people that there is little, if anything, that hate-ee can do that is "right" in their eyes.

When it comes to atheism, the stupidification is a spiritual problem. Not only are they suppressing the truth about God (Rom. 1.20), they are unable to understand deeper spiritual matters (1 Cor. 2.14). This feeds itself and other areas of their lives are affected (Rom. 1.21-22), especially the ability to reason. Some refer to this as the "noetic effect of sin".
This helps explain why the garden variety atheopath is unable to understand basic concepts of logic, even after they are explained. These proponents of "reason" are exceedingly irrational.

(Click for larger.) This troll's assertion is helpful how, exactly?

Since they are unable to defend their incoherent worldview, preferring instead to make excuses for why they hate God (who does not exist in their minds except when it is convenient to hate him); they cannot make a logical presentation for atheism. Wouldn't it be nice if they could do it without vitriol and appeals to emotion?

Why else do we see misotheists on pa-TROLL, attacking Christians with irrelevant and irrational nonsense?

(Click for larger.) This troll came on the attack using fallacies and showing his appalling ignorance.
"Neolithic goat herders", indeed. Humiliate yourself much, Horatio? Do some research
instead of relying on pooling of ignorance sites run by misotheists.

It is so tiresome when these people use prejudicial conjecture with their ad hominems.
And I see this atheofascist is admitting to being a part of the Thought Police.

When they encounter a Christian (especially a biblical creationist) that will stand up to them, they decide to attack the person.

(Click for larger.) This helps me grow as a person. Really it does!
Especially the appeal to motive fallacies and the arbitrary assertion.
This is very baffling, actually. What do they hope to accomplish? If someone wants to ridicule and humiliate me, that only makes them look petty and childish. Worse, I have some bad news for you, Sunshine: I have already admitted that I am not perfect. I have sinned before almighty God, I have done bad things in the past, I have done bad things earlier today and will probably foul up tomorrow.

So what?

I have seen people with such "reasoning" abilities make a chain of argument something like this: You are not a good enough Christian to please me. Christianity has failed. The Bible is false. There is no God!

Perhaps another factor that motivates them in their hate and rage to do pointless things is that, deep down, they know we have the rational worldview.

Also, the ridicule that atheopaths heap on Christians does not change the truth. It only shows what they are. No wonder so many are unemployed and spend all their time online — it seems that they are too unstable to be employable.

Addendum: I was given this example of inability to reason that helps prove my point, presumably from Reddit:

Note that the intellectual level of argument is along the lines of "No, it isn't!", and fits with the Insanity Wolf "meme", above. If this kind of thinking is common, I fear for the future of mankind.

December 1, 2012

Video: Atheists with ADD

The old question, "Who made God?" is, I believe, childish and shows lack of thought. Some people disagree with me, and choose to answer it.

It is quite fair to ask a question, and then ask for clarification if you do not understand it. But to ask the same exact question twice in the same conference with the same wording? I believe that many atheopaths (especially the unemployed alcoholics) do not want answers, they prefer to challenge and look for opportunities to ridicule. And that is what I think is happening with these repeated questions. But then again, I also suspect that they are autistic. And are doing the bidding of one of their hypocritical "leaders", Richard "Daffy" Dawkins.

Here is a video highlighting members of the "Repeat Silly Questions Even Thought They've Been Answered" club.

November 26, 2012

Muslims and Nazis

Excellent work! Found on Facebook. Thanks, whoever made this.
The propaganda used by modern Muslims against the Jews is startlingly similar, often identical, to the anti-Jew propaganda of Nazi Germany. The hatred and bigotry is amazing.

Edit: Austrian Mohammedans chant, "Death to Jews!" Losers.

Some of it is childish, too. When they "martyr" themselves in cowardly suicide attacks, or when they get killed when the Israeli military strikes back, they cry for vengeance, as if they were quietly minding their own business and did not start anything. It reminds me of an old joke where a mother hears her child crying in the other room. When she rushes in, one child points to the other and sobs, "He hit me back!"

I am not going to say that the Israelis are pure as the driven snow and never do anything wrong (nor do I approve of their religion). When they do commit crimes, those become front page news and the atrocities of the Palestinians are either buried or ignored altogether.

For the record, again, I believe that Israel has the right to have its land and to protect itself.

November 24, 2012

Good Without God? Nope!

Atheists like to claim that they can be "good without God". But the claim itself is self-refuting, since anti-theism presupposes theism. Atheism has no consistent moral standard, no basis on which to define "good". If atheism was rational and true, then we are just bundles of chemicals responding to our impulses; some have even said that rape is acceptable in an atheistic evolutionary worldview. And why not? One bundle of chemicals violating another bundle of chemicals, there is nothing wrong with that in this worldview.

Like any self-respecting Stalin, Hitler, Mao or any other totalitarian knows, go after the children and indoctrinate them in anti-God propaganda. This encourages distrust of parents and outright rebellion, which in turn causes a reliance on the atheistic whims of the State. A typical example of this tyranny can be seen in the latest efforts of the American Humanist Association.

So, goodness is defined by arbitrary standards, whims, convenience and sometimes by evolution (presupposing that evolution is true).
Atheists and Christians often debate such questions. In this case, the politician’s answer is true: it really does depend upon what you mean by ‘God’ and ‘without’.
In fact, atheists not only can, but must be (at least to some extent) good without believing in God—even if they hate God with every inch of their being. If they are really made in the image of God as the Bible teaches (Genesis 1:28), then that fact must have some results. They, like all of us, are fallen (as explained in Genesis 3), but even so must still have an in-built sense of the reality and the importance of right and wrong. The very fact that atheists routinely argue that this or that is moral or immoral, and that such matters are important, bespeaks that fact. Unless that were so then the Bible would start to look suspect. When society comes across someone who really does seem to have mostly wiped out the ideas of right and wrong from their mind, we label them as insane and lock them in padded cells. We don’t just say, ‘If that’s what you like, then we’ll respect your choice.

If atheists were generally able to throw off all the shackles of morality and live their lives consistently with atheism, we’d be worried. If they could consistently live out such ideas as, ‘We’re just here to pass on our selfish genes’, ‘Survival of the fittest’ or ‘Life is ultimately all without meaning or purpose’, it would put a serious question mark over the record given to us in Genesis. It would be evidence that maybe they weren’t creatures made by God after all, and that atheism might actually be true.
Read the rest of "Can we be good without God?", and you may like a follow-up article from an atheist who could not grasp the concept.

November 23, 2012

Happy CHRISTmas!

Why are people hung up on saying "Christmas"? American say "Happy Thanksgiving", and people are willing to say, "Happy Valentine's Day", "Happy New Year" and others. Maybe it's like Brad Stine said, that after 2,000 years, Jesus Christ is still intimidating people.
“Have a Happy Holiday,” I said.
I had purposely avoided saying Merry CHRISTmas because I’ve been told that I am somehow shoving my religion down everyone’s throat ever time I say Merry CHRISTmas. And far be it from me to play havoc with the mercurial beliefs of those weak-willed enough to convert based on a simple greeting.
Honestly, I had no idea that such a sentiment could be so powerful. Did YOU know that wishing someone a Merry CHRISTmas would force them to convert to my faith? Did you know that acknowledging the existence of an officially recognized national holiday celebrated by the majority of a democratic nation would officially set up a Christian Theocracy?? Did you know that the mere mention of CHRISTmas would have such an effect?  I am assured it is so.
Read the rest of "What's So Dangerous About... Merry CHRISTmas?" here.

Video: No Evidence for God

This video is short and fast-moving, showing that the claim, "There is no evidence for God" (laughable on the surface) is irrational.

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