May 22, 2010

Why I Cannot Trust Atheists Part 1

Buon giorno. Let me start with an excuse. It's only been about six weeks since I have actively come back to my Christian faith, and I am still lacking in the "Christian love" department.

But I do know about truth. And I'm not in the mood to coddle anybody, so put on your "I'm all gwowed up" pants and brace yourselves.

I have learned quite a bit over the past few weeks about the modern breed of atheists. My regular readers know that I've been around for quite a while. During those years, I've encountered atheists. One guy in 1974 (I was 14) was railing in school that "all Christians should be burned at the stake!" I never did find out what brought that on. Other than him, most of the atheists have been civil, "live and let live" types who may or may not want to discuss their beliefs. For that matter, some people call themselves atheists simply because they haven't given serious thought about God and the truth of Jesus.

Now we have the "new atheists". Saying that they are "aggressive" is an understatement. You'll notice that the "comments" section of my Weblogs has been shut down because of cowardly Internet atheist trolls.

(Sigh) I suppose I have to do this every time: I am speaking in generalities, and I know that there are atheists who are calm, intelligent and rational. They would like to discuss the subjects. I know you're out there. I implore you, please think about what the Bible says and ask God to speak to your heart and show you that he's real. You may not have tomorrow, capice?

Mind you, this Weblog has been, and I intend it to remain, a multi-purpose thing. It's not all about you, it's about what I want to put on the screen to inform and entertain. And I'm going to move on to other things because these atheists are boring and predictable. That's the first reality I'm presenting that you have to deal with.

OK, now I'm going to proceed with my thoughts and observations.

"Yeah, do it, Loser! You Xtians are all big dumb stupidheads! Yer just gonna look stoopid again"

Thank you for bringing me to my first point: Although they claim to love logic, they ignore it. There are numerous logical fallacies I've seen and experienced with them, but I don't want to take the time to cover them all. Addendum: Look for the "Logic Lessons" links on this site.
  • Instead of discussions, they resort to ad hominem attacks. I have had personal attacks here, my Western Values Weblog and in other areas. Instead of sticking to the point, they attack me. I suspect that they have two goals: First, to simply be vicious (sick minds get their kicks that way). Second, to try to neutralize me by making others hate me, or to make me clam up and go away. Bad idea. Won't happen.
  • Using the "so are you" fallacy, tu quoque. Here's a news flash: Christians do not have a monopoly on being hypocrites. When their own hypocrisy is pointed out, they go bananas. Denial, deflection, ignoring and whatever else it takes is activated to dodge the issue.
  • They commonly use something similar to "false dilemma", the "either/or" fallacy. I am uncertain if I have the correct example or if I should have found a more accurate name for this, but I have been confronted with stupid questions that I have ignored. Since I did not respond to their childish "I want an answer now" demand, it was assumed that my silence was an admission of guilt, or error. No, my silence is an admission of not wanting to waste my time, Buttercup.
  • Appeal to ridicule. "You believe in magic", or, "It makes as much sense as believing in the flying spaghetti monster", or, "The Bible is just a bunch of fairy tales". The first one is absurd, nobody is saying anything about magic except you, the second is a clear example of this fallacy, the third is an insult based on extreme ignorance.
  • Poisoning the well. The ad hominem attacks are used to say that Christians are stupid, ignorant, liars, hypocrites, etc. That is just a lame excuse to avoid issues. "He's a Christian, and they're all wrong, etc.", or, "This one is a false Christian, a liar and a hypocrite", to negate what is being said, is just another way to dodge the issue.
  • Declaring something makes it true. "Religion is fairy tales. Despite this obvious truth..."
  • I have seen some wild stuff, and they even combine fallacies. Aside from being full of venom, they will combine the straw man fallacy with sweeping generalizations (like my earlier example, "You xtians are all...") and wind up babbling into incoherence.
  • Smokescreens, dodging the question, sweeping generalizations, appealing to popularity and more are easily found.
By the way, I wanted to borrow Matt Slick's term about atheist thought, "stupidificaction", for my title. Maybe I should have. "Stupidificaction — The Next Generation".

These atheists are full of hate and rage. Want an intelligent conversation? When it comes to the majority, fuggedaboudit. I cannot reprint the hate mail I have received on my comments, nor the hateful diatribes that have been sent to me and to other Christians in forums because they are obscene, illogical and full of profanities. Again, they often ignore the subject at hand, or take it to laughable extremes.

Atheists of today are cowards. It's easy to say things online that you wouldn't have the guts to say to someone in person. Add to it that they are using fake names, "unpublished" profiles at, very few will give even an e-mail address, and you get the idea. I have given many links for further resources if someone really wants to get more information, but those have received very, very few clicks. Hey, why not call the CARM radio show and debate Matt live on the air? He's waiting for you, but you have to call during Mountain Time. Click here for more information if you're not just talk and no action.

By the way, why do you troll Christians most of all? Perhaps, deep inside, you know that we have the truth? You're following the will of your father (John 8.44). I don't see atheists giving a hard time to New Agers, followers of astrology, UFO enthusiasts, Buddhists (atheists would have a field day on the doctrines of karma and reincarnation) and so forth. Obviously, you're terrified of picking on Muslims and Satanists (although atheists would fit in with LaVey Satanism, which promotes self above all else); Jews and real Christians don't perform ritual killings or murder thousands of innocent people, so maybe that's another reason we're your targets. Huh, seems that I can think of atheists that have murdered millions of people. I'll hit you with that again later.

Hateful atheists are unbalanced. I'm going to make an exception and give an edited version of one of my love letters: "Hey there pig f**ker. I know you won't let this post through, but I want you to read it. Because I want you to know that I'm not gonna let up on you. You can run from blog to blog, but every time you post, I'll find you and call you out on your hypocritical bulls**t. So start running tough guy."

Here's another one, but edited more: "I see you're already blocking comments on your posts. That' okay. I'll just copy your nonsense and paste it on another site. [Joke's on them, I'm skipping most of their comments.] This is gonna be fun. I'll hand you your false convert ass every day, until you can't take it anymore. But don't go blowing anyone up on my account. Actually you're like the gay parent on the South Park "High School Musical" episode. The one who threatened to slap everyone. Hmmmm... Are you a self-loathing gay as well?"

Yeah, I'm shaking, Bubbles.

  • These cowards throw stones at a distance, but have nothing of substance to offer. This makes me wonder, though, how useful they are in real life. One cafone listed a hobby as "messing with Christians", or something similar. Wow, that's fulfilling. Someone so hateful, so spiteful, that they have to "follow you around" cannot be playing with a full deck. Well, maybe a full deck of jokers.
  • I read book reviews at Amazon about evidence for Intelligent Design. Atheists slam the book as being ridiculous, they presume to be smarter than the author (even if he is a qualified molecular biologist), etc. Attack, attack, attack. But they look like petty fools.
  • Also, I saw some comments about Christian rock bands: "There's no such thing as God, you're all idiots", and similar.
  • There was a forum in which I used to participate, and the militant atheists would start complaining that there were "too many Christians in here, wish they'd get their own forum". Replies included, "I just slap them down when they get out of line". I shot this one with his own gun, saying that if he felt that way, why not go to an atheist-only forum? As expected, the excrement struck the bladed cooling device.
  • Somehow, they simply think it's cool to ridicule our beliefs. What else do you ridicule? They take their Unhelpful Pills before going online, yes?
This atheistic trolling online is nothing less than their anti-faith jihad! People need to get lives. That includes growing up and coming out of their parents' basements. Also, if I get angry and strike back at every petty insult, that causes me to act in a manner unpleasing to God after a while, and I don't want to sink as low as they are.

Internet atheists are full of pride and arrogance. They claim to be "bright", "free thinkers", "enlightened" and so on, plus have astonishingly arrogant forums like, "We are so freakin' smart because we disbelieve". Tell me, O Wise Ones, how does choosing to disbelieve make you so clever? If you were truly clever, you wouldn't be trolling and trying to destroy the faith of believers. Also, if you were truly intelligent, you would consider evidence and arguments that Christians present, or visit Websites of apologetics, instead of squirming and dodging.

Atheists do not admit that they, too, have faith. In their case, most of that faith is in evolutionism despite contrary evidence, and the huge lack of evidence. After all, Papa Darwin's theory is a convenient excuse to account for the existence of an astonishingly complex universe. Also, they insist that "there is no God", an act of faith itself. If you call them on this one, there is tremendous wailing and gnashing of teeth.

OK, gang, this is enough for one day. (Ha! "One day". This was days in the planning and writing.) Part 2 can be found here.

May 20, 2010

You Know... makes more sense to believe that a tornado went through a junkyard and assembled a 747, than to believe that life, the universe and everything happened by chance.

May 17, 2010


Please give me something, I'm so thirsty...
Luke 16.24

Luke 16.19-31
Don't be a fool, it doesn't have to be this way.
Revelation 22.17
Click here.

May 16, 2010

Pouring Fuel on the Fire

We can still pray in the USA. Unless we let that right get taken away from us, too.

Want an irony? Madalyn Murray O'Badhairday led the charge for getting prayer taken out of public schools. William J. Murray, her son who was the focal point of all this, is a Christian and the director of the Religious Freedom Coalition.

Reminds me of people like Josh McDowell and Lee Strobel who started out as atheists and wanted to disprove Christianity. They became converted and are now defending the faith. I suspect that is the reason that most atheists are intellectually dishonest — they don't want it to happen to them. After all, if they give up the hate and rage, they think they would be at a loss as to what to do with themselves.

Addendum: Rev. Graham talks about the slap in the face that Obama gave his rights.

Anyway, on to the video:

May 13, 2010

Areas that Atheists Are Right

Edited for wording and clarity.

"I might believe in the Redeemer
if His followers looked more Redeemed."

— Fredrick Nietzsche

Most of the time, my dealings with atheists are filled with their wild-eyed rants, insults, putting words in the mouths of others, outright slander, profanity, aloofness and other things in their efforts to dodge the truth. (After all, I can prove something until I'm blue in the nose, but that doesn't mean they will be persuaded.) No, we can offer things, but when it comes to actually accepting and believing, "Ya gotta wanna". Otherwise, they pretend to elevate reason and logic, but fail miserably.

Here's a hint: put on your big boy pants and deal with the subject instead of railing, mmmmkay?

One dodge that they use is to attack Christians. The problem is, some of these attacks are accurate observations.

"Why are there so many denominations?" Because we're people, not androids. There have been splits due to interpretations of scripture, maybe from misconduct, other things. Also, when immigrants came to America, they brought their own traditions and language; my great grandparents on my father's side went to a church that spoke Swedish. Of course, they did bother to learn English (unlike some people). At any rate, most denominations agree on the basics of the Bible. So atheists aren't entirely right on this point, but...

"You Christians invent God in your minds to soothe your fears!" You know, some of that is true. Especially when we don't bother to actually read our Bibles or attend a church that gives decent teaching. Then we tend to paint a picture of God in our minds for what we think (or usually want) him to be. Not good. We have to accept the real God, not the one in our imaginations.

"There is so much fighting". I can't argue with that! A while back, I was looking for something online and saw some vicious, venomous attacks on other Christians over a doctrinal issue: "He's a popular TV preacher causing millions to go to Hell!" Wow! Strong charges there, Eustace! No way the preacher in question will please that author, the preacher will have to convert to the other guy's way of thinking, or simply be silenced. (There are more examples, but no need for them, you get my point.) While truth does need to be defended, many Christians forget to practice the love of Christ in their zeal.

"Christians are hypocrites, and they don't act the way Christians should act". This one, I want to slap you for. First, the arrogant part. Second, for being right and I don't like it. The arrogant part is when someone who disbelieves thinks they know how we should act. So many have an idea that Christians should walk around with hands in a prayer position, head bowed, goofy smile, always soft spoken and sickeningly gentle, and if you squint just right, you can see a halo. Wrong! We're people.

Then the second part, about being hypocrites. I know many hypocrites, and many of them are not Christians. As singer Steve Taylor rapped, "Can't understand us Christians, so you type us all in stereo: 'They're hypocrites, they're such a bore!' Well, come on in, there's room for one more." Hypocrisy is not a unique fault of believers! I agree that there is hypocrisy among believers. The problem is, we are all "works in progress", and nobody has a right to expect us to be perfect — or to fit into an unbeliever's unrealistic expectation. The hypocrisy aggravates me, and many other are well aware of it. Chuck Swindoll ("Insight for Living") gave some great messages on the subject (like this one). The worst Christian hypocrites for me are the kind that use "God talk", carry their Bibles and essentially make a big show of it all. I've found that many of the showiest ones are not genuine, and they give real believers a black eye.

When unbelievers (and disbelievers) see these things, I get ashamed. The final truth there is to look at the actual head of the church (Jesus) as explained in the Bible. He is the faultless one, and the actions of his followers should not distract anyone from the ultimate truth. I know that it's a tough challenge, but give it a try. And remember, true followers of Christ, acting in love, have done a great deal of good in the world.

By the way. That quote at the top from ol' Freddie Nietzsche? Don't forget how the author of the "God is dead" philosophy ended up. He died, completely out of his mind, in a madhouse. Rom. 1.19-20 , and see Paul's attitude in Eph. 3.8 .

If there are any intellectually honest atheists reading this and you're not afraid of answers to your questions, I have some suggestions here. If you're sincere, you can also write to me. The address is in the profile.

To any Christians that are reading: Straighten up! 2 Cor. 5.20-21

May 12, 2010

Fear of State Religion

I want to leave these things alone, but I keep getting involved — and having a perverse joy with it.

Why aren't the few thoughtful atheists and agnostics embarrassed by the actions of the vast majority of arrogant atheists? I have to talk to and about that bigger group, and the more civil "live and let live" atheists think I'm going after them as well. But the majority of the time, the atheists are rude weasels begging for a good slapping down. If you're a "good" atheist, then

Funny how there are atheists on Twitter, Facebook, forums, "boards" and such that put "atheist" in their names. It puzzles me that someone would want to have their entire online identity (or possibly every aspect of their personhood as well) wrapped up in something so hostile, negative and antagonistic. But anyway, it helps me identify my opponents. (One actually goes by the name "gaytheist". Wow. Provoke much, Bubbles?) If you read their postings, you can see that their entire purpose in life seems to be to cause problems. Nice to have a purpose in life, innit?

So anyway. In 1934, the Veterans of Foreign Wars placed a huge cross in the Mojave Desert as a memorial to those who lost their lives in the First World War. Eventually, the slimeballs at the ACLU screamed, "That violates the separation of church and state!" A federal court ordered it covered up in 2002. The US Supreme Court refused to order that the cross should be torn down. Instead, they did the cowardly thing and referred it back down to a lower court for more review. That means, it's still in a box. Or was.

Roger Hedgecock posted a link in Twitter to an article about thieves stealing the cross, and asked why anyone would do that? I reposted his link and added that they're full of hate.

An antagonistic, arrogant atheist replied back to me that they're afraid of a state-sponsored religion. (I gave him the Twitter version of a "drive-by": A snotty remark followed by blocking him.) What, are you nuts? Things are going your way in this country. Besides that, do you have so little faith in the Constitution? After all, people can believe or disbelieve however they want, no federally established religion is allowed, for over two hundred years! More than that, Pinhead, you're essentially saying that "the end justifies the means" as an excuse for crime. And you people dare to refer to Christians as Nazis?

By the way, call an ambulance before you go reading the constitutions of individual states. All that God and stuff they talk about, it'll put you into shock.

Oh, wait, there is reason to be afraid. After all, your kind is "progressive". And Progressivism is the greatest threat to the Constitution that exists. Essentially, it means to "progress" away from what the Constitution originally meant, and towards statism. Atheists and "Progressives" have this in common: No anchor, no standard for ethics and morals. The Constitution should change with the times, according to Progressives. Morals are up to each person according to the atheist. That leads to Chaos, according to people with sense. Hey, atheist, you have a conflict because you won't be able to choose your own morals, they will be controlled by the state. Hahahaha!

The bottom line is that whoever stole that war memorial is a hateful piece of slime, and I hope they get put in jail for the longest possible prison term. Maybe we can hook them up with a couple of very lonely inmates, too.

May 11, 2010


Buon giorno. First of all, I want to mention how I fouled up the other day.

Whenever I make a posting, it gets announced via Twitter and also put on Facebook. Aside from the automatic thing, I will help it along and give it some extra wording to make the announcement sensible. Well, the announcements went out, and then I began tinkering with the layout here. I thought I had things cleared up, but a couple of atheists jumped on the blog posting that appeared on top of mine. They made comments on Twitter that caused me to go, "Huh?"

But they were so determined to find something to cry and badger me about that they did not read my own material (most of them did not spend any time on this Weblog at all.) Only one guy did keep going and read my work, the one that asked me for a clarification on something.

That just reinforces my belief that atheists do not want to deal with opposing points of view, they are more interested in throwing stones. After all, when all they read was a follow-up piece to this one, (which was an expansion of another) and none of the rest of my material on atheism, it reinforces my belief that they are intellectually dishonest.

Having read some other Weblogs by Christians that were directed to atheists, my belief is reaffirmed. They were acting like monkeys flinging poo, insulting the integrity of the authors as well as using profanity in their personal attacks. So it seems that I have gotten away easily in my own Weblog (but not in other places). I will be "getting mine", because I will not stop posting the truth.

I am recommending for those atheists that want to fight, if they don't know about them already, try Atheist Central and also Debunking Atheists. Since my Weblog is multi-purpose, I can't give you shiny things to play with every day. And since I'm a "cut through the crap" kind of guy, I don't have time to play "gotcha" philosophical games for very long.

Some of the changes that I wanted to talk about are that I am going to have to be more willing to repeat myself. I recently learned that this is a Weblog, not a book. What I mean by that is people are coming and going, not reading from beginning to end; Weblogs are dynamic things. Also, it's almost three years old and I can't expect anyone to remember what I said on a topic before. All of this is because I'm reluctant to give someone an opening to say, "You said that before!" Well, I'm going to have to do it, anyway.

I have been going through some changes myself. Some of it I have to thank the atheists for! I have not darkened the doorway of a church for about fifteen years (another thing that will be changing), but I couldn't let them get away with bashing the truth while I was in certain forums or making comments on some Weblogs. That caused me to reach back into what I know and what I believe so that I can put up some kind of defense. Not that God needs my "help", but I had to do it.

Anyway, over the past few years, and then accelerating in recent months, I have been coming back to my faith in God through Jesus Christ. No, this won't turn into a preaching forum. But my beliefs will be a little less subtle. Who knows, perhaps I will have a spiritual application come out of an article on flash drives. Unlikely, but possible.

I'll get back to the political stuff eventually, but I have lost ground to make up, and I'm listening to Bible teachings and such. There is a great deal to re-learn, and God has a great deal to straighten out in me.

Yesterday, I installed a gadget that will let people see a Bible verse when I make a reference to it. All you nice people need do is hover over it. Try it, just bring your mouse pointer to Genesis 1.1, and you'll see what the verse says. You don't even need to click on it unless you want to read more of that passage. It saves me the trouble of putting the actual text in myself, and saves you the trouble of being distracted if you don't feel the need to read my reference.

OK, so I've rambled. I haven't been well lately. Have a good rest of the week. Click on the picture below for a larger version:

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