June 17, 2010

United States Air Force in my Waffle!

Buona sera. Hey, what do you get when you cross an atheist with a Jehovah's Witness? Someone who knocks on your door for no apparent reason. Ha! Love that one. (Insert Larry the Cable Guy voice): I don't care who ya are, that's funny!

You're not going to believe this. With the merging of technology and magic, the United States Air Force has made a holy relic in my waffle!

Are you ready?

OK, here's the Nighthawk:

Even though it's officially retired, I still think it's cool.

OK, now dig this. The USAF has made it happen that an image of the Nighthawk has appeared in my waffle! Get a load of this:

What will happen next? I love miracles of technology! They send a tingle down my leg, just like Obama does to Keith "Leftist Nutcase" Olbermann. Do more than ten people watch that show anymore?

Now I have something a bit more serious. It's another area where I agree with disbelievers, and that's when religious people act like pagans worshiping idols. For instance, the "Virgin Mary" was seen in a piece of toast:

There's one very serious problem with this, aside from the fact that the mind can create images where there is nothing (like when I unfocus my eyes while staring at the couch and see a face in the pattern). That problem is very simple and basic, that nobody knows what Mary looked like! Just like when people see images of Jesus in things. Those images are based on imagined resemblances to paintings of imagined images, capice? Nobody knows.

So, unbelievers and disbelievers, you're right on this. "Religious" people need to focus on the Word of God, and not get wrapped up in imagination and silliness.

That cheese sandwich pictured here was sold for quite a few grotzits. I could have had good money for my stealth waffle, but I was hungry.


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