June 15, 2010

More Stuff that Grinds My Gears

Buon giorno. Been getting myself in trouble with the crew. Grousing to Lela, Hal the Hacker, Tommy the Knocker, Billy the Baptist, Rowdy Ralph, Tommy the Knocker, Nicky and the others... they told me to put it into writing so they don't have to hear me.

I'm in the mood for a little grumbling, making the sound of a distant thunder. Most are small. Sure, I have plenty of things that I can rant about, such as people who use bad reasoning but cannot see it, double standards of the Hollyweird leftists (sure, complain about Bush at every turn, not a peep about B. Hussein Obama's failings in dealing with the BP situation), the way PayPal is letting finances for terrorist lovers go through but shuts down their account with Atlas Shrugs and other anti-jihad sites — but I want to let other people handle those so I can go after must less important things.

Except one brief comment of something bigger. Can the criticism of Elton John for playing at the Limbaugh wedding, willya? People got along, they liked each other, everyone had a good time and so on. Also, Elton said that he was there to "build bridges", according to Rush's account on today's broadcast. So, you hateful leftists, where everything is supposed to be peace, love and grooviness, you are way out of line, capice?

OK, now the small stuff.

It really grinds my gears when I hear amplified and often processed eating sounds. I was raised to chew with my mouth closed and not to talk with food in my mouth. When my relatives sound like jungle animals grunting over the kill in their "see-food diets", I get aggravated. When things like the Kit Kat candy bar commercial come on and I'm subjected to "CrunchSmackSnarfGrind", at least I can shut off the volume on the telly and wonder why they have to lie to us with amplified, processed crunch noises. OK, so Kit Kat is crunchy, I get it, no etiquette.

Another gear-grinder is when, despite my repeated attempts like this one, people don't listen and insist on forwarding a forward of a forward. When (if!) you finally get to the message after wading through everyone else it's gone to, it's full of border lines |||| that make it || very annoying to read.

Related to that, the forwarded letters with a blonde-haired, blue-eyed "luck angel" or some similar nonsense. Blackmail! Send it to everyone in your address book in three minutes and you will have something wonderful happen to you at 21.58 tonight. Otherwise, Jesus will drown a kitten. Spare me! I know, I know I've talked about this, but I can always hope that someone will take the hint.

People who want to debate on Twitter. That really grinds my gears. I mean, sure, the occasional exchange of comments is one thing. But to try and debate or have a lengthy discussion? My Twitter activities are automatic postings from my Weblogs, the others are "drive-by" at best. I was hit with stuff like, "Your article assumes that evolutionist is not fact and neglects to mention genetic evidence which proves common ancestry". It has plenty of things I could debate, but not on Twitter! Also, I had a comment from someone who's purpose is to destroy religion (his "bio" says, "Showing the harm of religious beliefs"). When I called him on it, he said, "That's not true, I hope to raise questions in their mind—but I also hope to show that 'atheist' is not the same as 'immoral'". Yeah, really useful to do this on Twitter. Except that I think both of those guys are just stringing me along.

Right, that's enough. Ciao.


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