June 18, 2010

Blind Hate

Edited 5 August 2011

Buona sera. Do you know that old group of Clapton's and Winwood's called "Blind Faith"? Well, this has nothing to do with it.

I have a lesson, with some illustrations from my recent experiences in Trollsville. Sounds like a new game from Zynga, doesn't it? Well, my game was unpleasant, and yet, there were laughable experiences.

Here is the point, then I will explain it: You can become so blinded by hate that you miss out on some good things. If your criteria for whether someone is "acceptable" to you is based on qualifiers, be careful. People have chosen to hate me because I am a Christian, because I am not (denomination), because I am a Conservative, because I work for — waitaminnit, you almost got me there. Can't tell you that.

But what good is it to have such severe limiting factors?

"You Xtians are all stupid and worthless, neener neener!"

That guy is missing out on valuable information. Just today, I heard Alistair Begg give some very practical comments about financial freedom. It doesn't matter if you're a "believer" or not, Alistair said some useful things and Carl Cretin is missing out because he's rejecting the information because of who is giving it (Genetic Fallacy). Frankly, it's all due to pride.

Not very bright.

In downtown Trollsville, some basement-dwelling juvenile atheists were so wrapped up in their hatred of me (some of which is justified because I taunt them by pointing out their folly), they actually accused me of this combination:
  • Shutting off the comments on this site (yes, because of trolling; finally shut off completely in April 2012)
  • Creating a "sock puppet" of an atheist to argue with me
  • Writing lengthy diatribes by this atheist
  • Commenting back and forth with this sock puppet
  • Locking up the comments again to keep out "real" people
How dumb can you get? If they had clicked on the guy's name in the comments, they could go to his profile, and then to his Weblog where he (lamely) ridicules me. What, then? Am I creating an entire new name and many posts on another Weblog that disagree with everything I stand for on this one? All because the site had been locked down whenever he tried to check the comments. If he had checked during the right week or so, he would have found out that the comments were indeed open for a while. I suppose that he's giving himself Godlike knowledge, thereby having the power of God, in whom he disbelieves. Agonizing.

"It's your multiple personalities acting up again, Cowboy Bob!"

Now you people have Lela taking a shot at me. The difference is that I know she's not being mean-spirited.

One thing struck me, however. Was this guy so bad at attacking me that the other atheist trolls could not believe that he was real? If they could get past the source, some practical advice is to be found for them in Galatians 5.15.

Remember Neil's adventures with that welfare slob that likes to throw punches? (I have to find another name for her that is not profane, but the old one had the initials of "BB".) Although it grated on him, Neil could admit when this childish adult was actually in the right on some things. He wasn't blinded by hate.

No good can be had by forcing someone to conform to your own mold, your own construction of what a person of (whatever) persuasion stands for. "Christians are supposed to...", and , "Aren't Conservatives supposed to...?" That's neurotic, Nelly. Take people for what they are, not for what you think they should be. Especially if your judgment is clouded by hate, you cannot see the actual person or any truth in what is said.

Well, I've long believed that if someone is going to think (or say) evil about you, there is nothing you can do about it. I've seen cat fights where one girl gets into another's face and yells, "I hear you been talkin' 'bout me!" So? You can't stop it. But what can be done is to live your life, do what's right and let someone with sense see that your critic is being a fool.

So, for rational people, pay attention and don't let hatred blind you to the good things about someone. The rest of you, I posted your picture below:


Stormbringer said...

I received this comment on Twitter: "I've seen too much mouth-frothing hate spewed from those who claim to follow Yeshua to say it comes from one side."

I thanked him for helping prove my point. Christians were not the issue. The issue was, to oversimplify, getting so consumed with your hate that you make yourself stupid.

Stormbringer said...

Just me again, gang. Comments are still turned off for everyone else because of obscene, vicious juvenile trolls.

Why they like to fuss about me in other people's Weblog's comments section instead of in their own "We are so freakin' smart because we choose to disbelieve", I have no idea. But in this Weblog, I see that they are further proving me right by saying that the comments I received and posted there are things I made up myself.

Let me put this to people who have a bit of sense: Why should I bother? Add all the accusations up, that I faked an entire discussion (as seen in the article), then several obscene comments as well. That takes a great deal of time and effort. Sure, if I was a psychotic with no job, living in Mommie's basement, I'd have the time and inclination.

I want to use this to re-emphasize my caution, that you do not let blind hate make you stupidified like these guys.

Yes, I really do want to move on and discuss things, and I've done so. Problem is, they give me such great object lessons in "what not to do", I put them out for the world to see and hopefully, someone will read them and say, "Wow, what losers. Don't want to be like them!"

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