January 28, 2021

A Bad Breakup with Firefox

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

This is somewhat depressing. I feel like an old friend betrayed me, having used Firefox off and on for several years, and now this. It has made many improvements in speed, reliability, and security, but the Mozilla company has taken the bit of leftist politics into its teeth and jumped the corral fence.

It was disappointing to learn that Mozilla, makers of Firefox, are promoting internet censorship. This is unacceptable, and there are other options.
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Shouldn't web browser companies focus on keeping us secure from tracking, spyware, hacking, and such? The expression "stay in your lane" comes to mind. I was dismayed to learn that Mozilla, makers of Firefox, have called for deplatforming and punishment of President Trump and others. So they are in favor of censorship.

I am not uninstalling Firefox because I'm leaping onto the bandwagon and saying, "Me too!" or to look good to folks who call themselves patriots. This was unpleasant news to me, and I didn't know about it until the night before I wrote this article. Unfortunately, it has some features that really don't want to live without.

Despite some negative reviews, I've saddled up the FFX-derived Pale Moon browser for a test ride. It's reasonably safe, but I can tell right now that it probably won't become my default browser. For one thing, it made writing this article difficult by refusing the "paste unformatted text" function of CTRL+SHIFT+V, and launched some of that web inspection stuff — how many people need that, really?. I moved over to the Brave browser to finish this. Also, some add-ons/extensions upon which I rely are not available in Pale Moon. Still, I can use it as a stand-by and a utility. Great name, too.

EDIT: I uninstalled Pale Moon and installed Waterfox. It has the advantages of Firefox and even allows add-ons, and seems to be working well. 

Firefox, I'll be a fool for your lovin' no more.

While writing this, I saw an article about FFX banning a "Dissenter" plugin. I don't know about it. They should be dropping plugins/extensions/add-ons that are not safe, but this was apparently a slap in the face to free speech. I wonder if the Dissenter browser is any good? Well, I do have quite a few installed now, so I'm only curious.

Now I have to find an alternative to Mozilla's "Thunderbird" desktop email client.

January 1, 2021

Browsers, Privacy, and Research Part 1

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

All y'all should know up front that this series of articles is based on my experiences as a Window 10 desktop computer user. Many of the things discussed will apply to laptops (are they different from notebooks?), but mobile devices will be left alone for the most part. Exploring browsers can be fun!

So many browsers out there to choose from. Most do the job right out of the box. Beginning a series on my browsers, and will discuss extensions.
Credit: Pixabay / Pete Linforth

While many people are content to use the browser that came with their computer, they may ignore the fact that there are many browsers to choose from. Since Google (the parent company is Alphabet) dominates teh interwebs, sojourners on their properties are inundated with, "Hey, we're the best! Download Chrome!", which is probably why they have a huge market share (a difficult process that reminds this child of political polling) in the browser wars. The dominant browser years ago was Internet Explorer, which more experienced users loved to hate.

If you want to move around the web, the major browsers will get the job done. Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi (which evolved from Opera), Safari —

"That creation scientist also designed a browser, Cowboy Bob?"

No, you're thinking of Dr. Jonathan Sarfati.

Firefox, Edge (the Microsoft replacement for Internet Explorer), and many more. They will get the basic job done right out of the box. What I am going to discuss are the browsers (and later, the extensions/add-ons) that I have used.


Considering Privacy

Should we be concerned about tracking and privacy? It's a tough call, and it may feel like the big companies know everything about each of us already, so there's not point in bothering. After all if you disable those packets of data known as cookies, your internet activities will be severely curtailed. Most are good, some are used by sidewinders to spy on us. They can generally be cleared out of browsers, but if you get radical on clearing the browser's cache, you must log in at every site where you've logged in before.

The most popular browsers claim to protect your privacy, but many people are leery of Chrome because of Google's reputation for censorship, tracking, allegedly selling information, and so on. While my weblogs are a part of Google's ecosystem, I still try to reduce my activity.

I do not use Chrome very much. Just as a standby.

Several browsers have enhanced protection built in and active, though some require the user to enable them. Ad-blocking, anti-fingerprinting, suspicious site protection, and more are there to help us. Don't be disunderstanding me, Chrome has privacy features as well and they are probably effective.

One of the simplest privacy extensions is that special function that has names like "In Private", "Incognito", "Private Mode", and similar. This bad boy lets you visit any site, but it's like you've never been there before. You'll have to log in to sites (including 2-step verification if enabled), but cookies and history are made to go away when you close it. Not only does that help with internet privacy, but snoopy spouses, children, siblings, dorm mates, and so on.

Stick a Fork in It

The ranch house for many browsers is open source code. Modifications of browsers are sometimes called forks. Mayhaps it has something to do with a fork in the road, because I can't see a culinary connection. Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge, and others are based on the Chromium source. From Chromium, the other companies add their own bells and whistles. In many ways, a Chrome user can download other browsers, import their bookmarks/favorites and other data, and see little or no difference. Firefox also has forks, but those seem less common and are considered unreliable or even pointless because FFX is more powerful.


Having Multiple Browsers

Apparently most people just use one browser. That's fine, and the privacy-minded can have extensions that help a great deal (more about that another time). However, having a One Browser to Rule them All mindset cuts down on the privacy. It has been suggested to have different browsers for different purposes.

You can have one for banking and other financial activities, another for social(ist) media, a third for— well, you get the idea. Listen, it's not a commitment. You bought the horse but don't like the way it balks at jumping fences, take it back. I mean, browser. I haven't seen one that you have to purchase outright, so if it doesn't work, uninstall it. I'm partial to Revo Uninstaller, and have used the free version for years until I upgraded to the paid version just recently. But never mind about that now.

That's enough for this first installment. I'll tell you about my main browsers, some that are auxiliary, and a couple of others next time. However, I'm looking forward to discussing extensions and why some are essential, but a security risk. Oh, a bonus right now: ditch the browser toolbars, they usually have malware or other risks. Look it up. To read the second part about browsers themselves, click here.

December 23, 2020

Nancy Pelosi Fans Flames of Science vs Faith

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Nancy Pelosi, leftist Democrat Speaker of the House of Representatives, has made it clear many times that she is dishonest and incompetent. In her latest fatuous remarks foolishness, she attempts to demonize people of faith for allegedly 'not believing in science".

Nancy Pelosi claimed the stimulus bill was delayed because people of faith do not believe in science. Clearly another lie to dehumanize Christians.
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In an article on Piltdown Superman, I wrote about how atheists and other anti-creationists dehumanize their targets. Indeed, this sort of thing only escalates. (Just think of Germany in the years around 1939 where Jews were dehumanized.) In an earlier article on this weblog, I wrote that leftists are demonizing supporters of President Trump, and they want to punish us — some are even recommending reeducation camps.

Let's saddle up and ride to higher ground to get a bigger picture.

One major instance where Nanny Pelosi demonstrated her lust for power and prestige was promoting the Obamacare bill. But what was in it? She said that we have to pass the bill to find out what's in it. Great idea. In fact, that's how I buy houses. I just plunk down the money and find out later if my million dollar investment has been worthwhile.

Pelosi is supposedly a Roman Catholic. Since people don't trust atheists (for many good reasons), claiming to be Catholic is safe enough for many people — especially if you don't practice some of the core values, such as the sanctity of life. No, she is definitely not a Catholic in good standing. It is a religion for convenience and posturing.

She said that people didn't follow the science regarding the Wuhan virus. Anyone with a grain of sense and access to a non-censorious search engine can learn that science was at the forefront. (In my opinion, Trump trusted the wrong people too much; he had dyed-in-the-wool Democrats involved. We know how they've obstructed him even before his inauguration.) Nanny also said people have said that they have faith, so they don't believe in science.

Care to back up that claim? Maybe it was the friend of an anonymous source who spoke under conditions of anonymity who had been drinking Quaalude-laced punch. Ironically, while dehumanizing "people of faith", she said that "science is an answer to our prayers" because we can do both faith and science. Two standards, no waiting.

Listen, witch, we know that your flying monkeys believe anything you tell them. There is no conflict between actual science and faith. (Between the pseudoscience of evolutionism and the Christian faith, yes, definitely.) Sheeple will believe her, of course, and that will fan the flames against not only Conservatives, but those of us who believe the Bible. 

What a liar. By the way, Nanny, I can show you many names of people who believe the Bible and are enthusiastic about science. It's really too bad that people who want free stuff and like to be told what they want to hear keep putting this wicked creature in power.

December 13, 2020

Living Under Divine Judgment

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

This article contains raw emotion, but I hope that some of these thoughts will be useful. I also hope they will be interesting not just to Americans, but people in other Western countries. Supposedly every generation feels that the world is getting worse. Well, it is.

An article written while trying to climb out of despair. Raw emotion, but clinging to faith in God who upholds the universe, not in fallible man.
Credit: Pixabay /Enrique Meseguer
Readers should be informed that I am a Christian, politically Conservative, a biblical (young age) creationist, and believe in the pre-tribulation rapture. I'm not going to spend a great deal of time backing up everything I say because people seldom pay attention to those things anyway, and y'all can look things up your ownselves. But I'll document a few things. 

Leftists and Theological Liberals

It is no secret that political leftists, professing Christians who do not believe in the inerrancy of Scripture ("liberal" theology), and misotheists all ride for the same brand. They despise those of us who believe the Bible, and those of us who uphold recent creation and provide refutations of fish-to-fool evolutionism are the worst of the lot. The Democrat party has made its hatred of Judaism and biblical Christianity increasingly known in recent years.

The First Global Divine Judgment

It didn't take long after the Fall of man (Gen. 3:6-7) for sin and wickedness to begin to escalate. Cain's killing of Abel was the first murder, and things only got worse. The Genesis Flood was a global judgment on the wickedness of the day (Gen. 6:5-8). Evil among men was rampant, so God brought the מַבּוּל, mabbul, global Flood (this word is used in the Bible only in reference to the cataclysm).

Future Divine Judgments

People don't like to be told that God is the Creator and we're accountable to him, so biblical creation science is actively suppressed in the secular science industry — especially Flood geology. We learn throughout the Bible (especially in the New Testament) that wickedness shall increase, and people will be going about their business as they did in the time of Noah (Matt. 24:37-39). Then, despite warnings, the Flood swept them away.

People are being warned and told that they must humble themselves and repent before God. Jesus died on a cross for our sins and was bodily raised from the dead, covering the sins of all who place their faith in him. There was a past judgment, and there will be a final Judgment where everyone has to stand before Jesus and everyone will confess that Jesus is Lord — whether they like it or not (Phil 2:9-11). Between the Flood and the final Judgment, there have been judgments upon nations. This is not the kind of message that gets us invited to country clubs.

Past Prophets

When people discuss prophets, many focus on foretelling future events, but this was not their primary focus. They provided warnings and calls to repentance, and in many cases, it did not go well (Luke 11:49-51). Indeed, read the prophets of the Old Testament. Israel would appreciate God, then whore after idols and provoke him to wrath (a common theme in the book of Judges and other biblical books of history), and sometimes the cycle happened in front of the prophets.

I have been very frustrated because I strive to give glory to God and to help equip the saints so they can defend the gospel message — beginning from the very first verse. How can you edify lazy people who are not serious about the Word of God and show no interest in being informed? Indeed, when I post links on social(ist) media, there have been times when I posted the wrong link and people still clicked "Like". Maybe one time someone told me about an incorrect link!

No, I'm not comparing myself to one of the prophets. Something that struck home was in Ezekiel 2:7 and 3:16-21. God said to him that the people were unlikely to listen, but it was his responsibility to be obedient. It applies to me and to others who proclaim the truth. It is difficult for me when I seldom see results for my work.

Growing Apostasy

Like great wickedness grows over time, so does rejection of the authority of God's Word. When examining the history of deep-time beliefs and evolutionism, the church ceded science as well as respect for the Bible to materialistic views of science philosophies. Compromises grew, as did apostasy. We were told that there would be a great apostasy before the appearing of the Antichrist (2 Thess. 2:3), and I believe we're very close to those events.

While there are still pockets of resistance, mainstream churches are bastions of liberalism and apostasy. The church is the Bride of Christ, but like the ancient Israelites, she chases after idols of money, prestige, fame, acceptance, and a wagon train-full of compromises. Indeed, much of the church has left its first love (Rev. 2:4-5).

Increasing Persecution

Persecution has existed from the beginning of Christianity, and we were warned (Mark 4:17, Acts 11:19, Rom. 8:35, 2 Tim. 3:12). There are organized persecutions of God's people by Mohammedans, Hindus, atheist regimes, and more around the world. In Western countries, it is increasing. Preaching the gospel or reading the Bible aloud can get you thrown in jail, for example. Do not think that the violence will decrease.

It's been said that persecution weeds out the true Christians. Those who want their best life now and will listen to false teachers are unwilling to listen to solid teachings from the Word. Instead, they listen to cherry-picked verses out of context that help them feel good. Sure, Skippy, the Bible is all about you, and making you feel good. You can be sure that false Christians will be the first in line to take the Mark of the Beast and renounce the true God as revealed in the Bible. True Christians are faithful even to death.


A biblical principle is the noetic effects of sin. All have sinned (Rom. 3:23, 6:23), and sin touches every area of our lives. As I understand it, those in rebellion against God grow more ungodly and hateful (Rom. 1:17-32). I have seen people who seem reasonable, but when the subject turns to God and especially the refutation of evolutionism (which is a cornerstone of the religion of atheism), then they go nuts. Similarly, I've seen online nests of atheists who are so consumed with hate for God and God's people, they are living illustrations of the facts that not only is atheism incoherent, it affects the mind.

America: Bye Bye Babylon

While elections in the formerly United States have been tainted with cheating and fraud for decades, it has never been as pronounced as it was in November 2020. Despite documented proof of fraud, the election has been stolen. Federal courts allowed it. 

We prayed for God to have mercy because President Trump upholds religious liberty, opposes abortion, and is a friend to Israel. However, the USA has allowed and even encouraged the evils of abortion, transgenderism, returning to Marxism, homosexuality, euthanasia, and much more, we are going to get what this country deserves. The left hates Israel. Other countries that formerly respected God's Word are wallowing in their feculent sin.

How can it be that such people are not only holding power, but get continually re-elected? Because of those things I have mentioned before: sin, apostasy, rebellion against the authority of God's Word, approval of evil, and more. This has been escalating in recent years.

Further, I also believe it's greed. People vote for politicians because they believe the promises of getting free stuff, or at least that their lot in life will improve. Black people are, according to Democrats, too stupid to make anything of themselves, so continue to keep tax 'n' spend leftists in power and remain dependent. Greed, selfishness, and dependency are what made America great, right?

Some Democrats only want to win at all costs, and have their heads wedged where the sun doesn't shine. They only pay attention to the leftist media outlets, and many had voter's remorse when they learned of Lyin' Joe Biden's views (when he remembers them, or even his own name) and criminal allegations against him. Does anyone actually like him or Cram-a-lot Harris?

I have lost respect for Democrat voters. God forgive me for the contempt I have.

Republicans have accepted previous election results and have not been doing violence. It is the Democrats and other leftists have been violent. Although supporters of President Trump have wanted fair election results, leftists want us punished (see "Expect Mostly Peaceful Post-Election Activities from Leftist Democrats"). Listen to this vile sidewinder who is in a position of power:

That's criminal. Literally. But she's walking around free.

People are talking about secession, and it is very likely that there will be a civil war. There may yet be a miracle and God will delay judgment.

Republicans are not as pure as the driven snow. When they had authority and political power to make changes for the better, they squandered it. Country club Republicans should be slapped. Hard. If we are given a miracle and self-proclaimed Conservatives and Republicans foul up their opportunities, be assured that the trend toward a leftist one-party totalitarian system will continue.

My Confession

Over the years, I have struggled with depression. Y'all probably picked up on that when I was expressing my frustration with the apathy of professing Christians and creationists to my efforts and those of others at The Question Evolution Project (as well as shadowbans from Facebook leftists). In fact, I stated that I am ashamed to be an American and will never vote again. You have no idea how many strong profanities I had to resist putting in this article. 

Depression, personal failures, stolen election, living in a nation under divine judgment — I was in despair and actually prayed that God would end my life (and considered hastening the event myself). I can point out some atheists and evolutionists who would celebrate, and Christians might say, "Isn't that a shame, tsk tsk" and go back to sharing captioned pictures. I had to confess my lack of faith to God, the Creator of the universe who upholds all things (Heb. 1:3, Col 1:17, Gen. 1:1, John 1:1). I am ashamed of myself. My faith and trust are supposed to be in God, not in man. I did say that this had raw emotion...

Not a Bang but a Whimper?

It may very well be the end of America. Loss of freedoms, global government, all those things we saw in socialism and communism that people refused to learn will come upon us. This may be delayed. In fact, this article may be partially outdated. But I had to write it.

Let me leave you with links to some articles that helped improve my outlook, plus two music videos below. First, "Where Do We Go from Here?" by Ken Ham. In addition, I recommend, "Is This How It All Ends?" by Bill Muehlenberg. Finally, a bit of an unusual source: a reluctantly-written newsletter from J. Jackson of ApologetiX. You may have to embiggen your browser display, or use a browser function (or add-on) to make it easier to read. For that newsletter, click here. Now get portable electronic copies of your Bibles and hide them.

November 1, 2020

Expect Mostly Peaceful Post-Election Activities from Leftist Democrats

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

There was a scene in The Blues Brothers movie where the band was playing rock music at a country bar. The people started throwing bottles and such because they were angry. When the band played appropriate music, the same activities commenced. You could not tell the difference between rage and joy. Same with the political left.

Expect violence from the left before, during, and after the election. Also, they have plans to eradicate people who oppose them.
Mostly made at Pablo
Sure, people get a mite rambunctious when celebrating, but we've seen leftists acting up with any excuse. The mainstream media are controlled by sidewinders who actively suppress views that differ from leftist talking points. Indeed, back in 1977 Francis Shaeffer described what we see today [1]. If you search for material on how Joe Biden and other leftists are corrupt socialists, keep in mind that social(ist) media have saddled up to ride for the Biden brand [2] and mainstream news is demonstrably dishonest.

This country was established to be a constitutional republic using a democratic process. It was never meant to be mob rule, but that's what you get when you listen to fools.

Elections are supposed to be about concepts and belief systems (see "God, Creation, and Government" for more [3]), selecting the right person for the job. People used to have respect for one another, at least to some extent. When B. Hussein Obama became Caliph in Chief, there was no wide-scale rioting by Republicans and Conservatives. (Remember how just before he got elected that he was on the way to "fundamentally transforming the United States of America", a country he obviously did not love?) Now leftists will riot — I mean, engage in mostly peaceful protests — for any alleged reason.

Leftists have been increasingly active in suppressing Republicans and Conservatives through harassment, intimidation, outright violence, lying about history [4] — and even witches casting spells [5], [6]. Biden and Harris want to eliminate the tax cuts that the Trump administration enacted [7], and  Biden desires to take away religious freedoms, defying the US Constitution [8]. (He even referred to our Creator as a "thing" [9].) Many of us believe that leftists resort to these tactics as well as massive election fraud [10] because they cannot honestly win the hearts and minds of the majority of the American people. So they lie, cheat, and steal.

Since leftists under the excuse of the Marxist Black Lives Matter[11] and the anarchist Antifa (Biden says it's "an idea", which is false [12]) are burning and looting. BLM and other leftists are anti-police [13], which is no surprise because they spoil murder, arson, looting and so on in the name of "justice". Come on, man! Cries of "justice" are just malarkey. Did you ever notice that Biden and other leftist politicians do not condemn violent "protests"?

This election has definite spiritual components.

With this background, it should come as no surprise that leftists are expected to be even more violent after the election. I reckon some of it will be under the guise of celebration, but if Donald J. Trump and Republicans have the landslide victory that many of use are expecting, we could be having category five-type rioting. Businesses are boarding up like people who are under hurricane and cyclone warnings [14], [15], [16], [17]. What these mindless thugs will have to learn the hard way is that many of us will shoot back.

What if the leftists win? Mayhaps we will see, for once, Republicans rioting out of frustration at how leftists will finish destroying the country. I have to admit that my faith in God's providence and plan falters sometimes, but we all need to remember what we've been told in the Bible [18]. Not only do we have fear of expected violence by leftist snowflakes, but they are on record as desiring to reeducate or even eradicate Trump supporters [19]. 

We have to keep our constitutional republic and support the laws of the land. While many of us expect victory, there is no excuse for complacency. We have to vote — and pray. Pray a lot. God's will be done, and may he have mercy on us. And Republicans? Provided we do win, don't betray us like country-club Republicans have done in the past. Otherwise, the left will gain power until the reign of the Antichrist.

October 13, 2020

Solved Windows 10 DVD Burning Problem

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Since my reliable workhorse eMachine Windows 7 computer was showing signs that it was ready to take a dirt nap on Boot Hill, I decided to choose a replacement before I had to hurry the process along. This here Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92 has been working mighty well for a few months now, but there are some Windows 10 quirks that put burrs under my saddle. One is its reluctance to burn a DVD.

Probable solution to a problem with Windows 10 forbidding software from burning DVDs.
Credit: Unsplash / Phil Hearing
To get the hang of Win10, I did a passel of searching and reading. Videos by ThioJoe, Tech Gumbo, and others helped me considerable-like. One thing I found out is the timing of reference material. Win10 was made available to the public in 2015, and as usual, had a series of updates. When searching articles and forums for information and ways to solve problems, many became quickly outdated because new updates changed how the OS worked. I have spent hours on some problems (such as Windows refusing to go into sleep mode except when it wants to, so I gave up on finding a solution), but some were resolved quickly, even with older posts and articles.

I chose this computer because it has the optical disc drive, and I occasionally need to burn a CD or DVD. Yes, it's great to have my Roku device so my wife and I can watch YouTube and other videos on the TV, but there are times when I want to burn a DVD of a downloaded video and plug it into a player to watch in a more comfortable setting. My needs are simple, and DVDStyler (which has more features than I use) was reliable on the Win7 machine. Why didn't it work now?

"Does this get useful for anyone, Cowboy Bob?"

Yes, I think there's something very useful in a few paragraphs, but I'm also having fun telling this story.

It gave me an error, telling me that I didn't have a DVD in the drive. Yes, yes I did, and this computer recognized it. I was able to play a "store bought" DVD, and to use the built-in data burning software to save a file. I tried other burning programs, but none of them worked.

After spending hours searching forums and articles, I had no solutions. However, using my experiences with software and the logical mind that God gave me, some things came together. A few of the incidental remarks in forums and such were actually important for fixing the problem.

DVDStyler can burn ISO (International Organization for Standardization) images. Those are on CDs and DVDs and have other uses. DVDStyler was able to take my downloaded video and burn it into an ISO. That was a promising development.

The workaround was to use the software to make an ISO. That was successful, and when I clicked on it, the computer believed it was a DVD and offered the VLC (VideoLAN) player. That's great, making progress. Next step, I used the built in ISO burner. Yee ha boy howdy, I had a disc for the player.

Now we can move on to what I think is the actual problem and its solution.

Windows 10 users, you know that thing in the lower right corner on the taskbar? You click that for messages from Windows Security. My fussing with DVDStyler indicating there was no disc happened in the evening before bedtime, so I didn't look at the messages until the next day. I had a prairie schooner-full of notifications, many of them were of incidents that happened in the same minute. Well, I was on the prod when getting the errors, so I kept clicking "try again" and getting the alert tone until I shut it down. Each of those was listed.

While it may be "Fair Use", I don't want to risk getting in trouble with Microsoft, so no screenshots. Sorry.

Was Windows Security was getting over-protective again? Yes. There is a setting for "ransomware protection" to stop "unauthorized changes by unfriendly applications". Although I did install the software, the security wouldn't let it operate. I needed to find out.

Here's the fix: I disabled the "controlled folder access" protection, and DVDStyler was more than glad to burn my video to a DVD. I'm willing to switch that off when I need to do this, but I'm thinking the protection setting has caused other problems and errors with installations, applications, and so on, It's worth watching.

Hope the information here is useful to someone. Too bad there's no fix for the way this platform on Blogger was changed by it's masters at Google. They forced it on us, and I hope to be going elsewhere and leaving this for an archive.

ADDENDUM: Out of curiosity, I went to the Windows Security panel and saw which threats were blocked while leaving the folder protection active, and allowed one. Error. Okay, saw another program was blocked, so I allowed that. Another error. Allowed a third program, and the burning was successful. I'm glad blank DVDs are not expensive. The lesson from this part is that we can choose to allow access without disabling that part of our security.

September 8, 2020

More Leftist Malarkey in the Secular Science Industry

When writing about science and the origins controversy, it is a given that Darwinism and theology will intersect (such as the dependence of atheism upon Darwinism). It is indeed unfortunate that the secular science industry is riding for the leftist brand instead of trying to do science.

The secular science industry is increasingly in support of leftist agendas, even to the point of using their power to suppress the rights of people who do not think they way leftists prefer.
Mostly made at PhotoFunia
Some people may scoff when we say that the secular science industry supports causes that are on the far left of the political spectrum, but we can back up such claims. Most of these come ultimately link to material from Creation-Evolution Headlines:
Those ought to keep "fact checkers" busy for a while.

We have three important articles to ponder below. They're not exactly huge, but devastating to the leadership in secular science. As an aside, however, we know there are people in science and academic professions who just want to do their jobs. News has come out that the US FBI is corrupt, but there are agents working diligently to keep us safe and have no say in what happens at the upper levels. The same is true in science organizations. You savvy that?

To help emphasize the point that the secular science industry has a leftist agenda, we have three articles to examine. As we have seen, the powers that be in science and academic organizations have been caught stacking the deck in favor of leftist causes. After the hands at the Darwin Ranch were done running in circles, screaming and shouting, they attempted to gaslight the world. "Political? Uh, sure, science has been political for a long time, ya silly galoots!"

Others continued to make the Wuhan COVID-19 virus into a political thing, including about racism (while ignoring pertinent information that involved data sampling and differences in subcultures). Those tinhorns conveniently forgot to mention things in their own history, such as scientific racism and eugenics. They even dodge their own racism. Then there's the appeal for more transparency and morality (like we need more of that stuff from secularists!), which would be interesting if applied to creation science instead of blackballing it.
Big Science is recognizing its political bias and lack of integrity. Sometimes they worry about it; sometimes they just rationalize it.
As we have noted previously, the leaders of Big Science (i.e., the journals, lobbyists, and academic institutions who presume to “speak for science”) have a decidedly leftist bent (13 July 2020). As we have also noted, they are worried about lack of integrity and loss of public trust (9 July 2020).  Here are some recent headlines on those topics.
You can read the first article at "Political Science Swallows Empiricism". Don't wander too far away, we have a couple more startling articles.

Not only has the secular science industry promoted leftist causes, but they have been acting like an arm of the Democrat Party. They want "progressive" causes (read: anti-creationist, socialist, abortionist, and so on). In fact, the pusillanimous science media have been saddling up and riding for communist views. You might think I've been into the peyote buttons, but this, too, is supported in the link below. 

Worse, Chinese Communists get a platform to denounce American Conservatives, but the media do not bother with due diligence and get the other side of the story. How about the way COVID-19 mask-wearing mandates are inconsistent and discriminatory and those who question or resist must be punished? It's the same modus operandi as the leftist propaganda for global climate change/warming.
We challenge you to find any science story that praises conservatives for anything. Big Science would rather praise communist China.

For those who are not convinced of the complete abdication of Big Science and Big Media to the anti-Trump Democrat Party, and to its comrades in socialist and radical leftist organizations, let facts be submitted to a candid world.
They sure do love them some atheism! You can read about what was mentioned above and more by following the link to "Leftist Takeover of Big Science Continues". To be blunt, the last article (below) is quite alarming.

Regular readers have seen that when atheists and evolutionists talk about morality, it is from a materialistic worldview. It is therefore inconsistent, arbitrary, and incoherent. Yet sidewinders like that want to control the narrative, and even our very thoughts. Object to wearing a mask for the Wuhan virus or doubt the fake news media? That can be fixed. Take a pill. Oh, you don't want the pill? Our morality dictates that we can put it in your water! A government that allows something like this has no moral foundation to hinder it from using that or other surreptitious methods to control people. The only true foundation for morality is found in the Word of God.
Leftist totalitarians are becoming more brazen in their tactics for enforcing conformity on the public.
The COVID-19 pandemic has been developing into a fight between individualism and groupthink. When the seriousness of COVID-19 was unfolding in March, most citizens complied with government mandates, even to great personal loss of incomes and businesses. . . . citizens have been watching very unequal application of mandates: gambling halls are OK, but church meetings are not; rioters get away with close encounters without masks, but everybody else must wear a mask, even when alone at home or in the woods by oneself. . . . At the heart of the contest are scientific questions: what does the science say about masks and social distancing? Both sides are appealing to scientific facts to support their positions.
To read this disconcerting article, click on "Don’t Swallow the Morality Pill". Don't be surprised if this and the other articles are made to go away before you get there.

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