February 19, 2013

Takin' Care of Cheapness

This steak still has marks

from where the jockey was hitting it!
— Rodney Dangerfield in "Caddyshack"

I tried to tell people before, but did they listen? Noooooooo!

What is it, really? morgueFile/MaxStraeten
So I'll say it again, and appeal to the wallet instead of ethics: This is not the kind of economy for businesses to be cheap! There are reports of horse meat in various products [1,2] ("contanimated" is such a strong word...it's just not what people paid for) and speculation that the merchants are cutting corners. "Generic" or "store brand" items thaqt were formerly comparable (and sometimes superior) to their name-brand counterparts are getting less desirable; the name-brand products are often reducing quality themselves. Customer service? In many cases, fuggedaboudit! Little to no help. You have to learn how to work that gadget yourself. Restaurants that water down the soup? How cheap can you get?

Then they raise prices to prove how wonderful they are, and how you should be happy dealing with lousy service and a chintzy product.

Don't get me started on companies that pay $11 USD an hour to employees who are essential to their multi-million dollar businesses.


People want a good product at a fair price now more than ever. They You're going to drive them away to your competition. Sometimes customer service ranks higher in importance than the item itself.

Don't be a cafone, Mr. or Miss Merchant. Or your customers will find someone who will take care of them. You might wind up in the shipping department of your competitors — if you work at all, capice?

February 18, 2013

Terms of Service — Are They Enforced?

When Facebook allows Pages and groups whose names are unfit to mention in front of children and sensible ladies, when they allow atheopath hate speech, when they allow libel, when they allow threats of violence, when they allow all sorts of infractions that violate their "Terms of Service", and do not enforce them, what good are they? The message they send is the Satanic, "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law".
This was reported, and they said it was not a violation!
I have reported several posts, pictures and so on that any sensible person would clearly see that the contents violate the ToS of Facebook. Big deal. Perhaps it's because of the atheistic leanings of Facebook, but obscene anti-Christian materials are left alone.

This lack of activity from FB gives me the go-ahead for some truth-telling pages about wicked atheopaths, then. They won't care about the screenshots, will they?

On the other hand, Wordpress may not be a company to trifle with.

An atheopath was caught using an image of mine. (Actually, my wife snapped it.) I told him to take it down. It's mine, not his. Pretty simple that even this simpleton could understand it. He refused. I reported it to Wordpress (Automattic). They made him take it down.

Then he put it up again. I filed another takedown notice with Wordpress. It came down.

I found up that he put the thing up again a third time. Pretty arrogant, "Nobody's gonna tell me what to do!" attitude, he felt that he was in the right, despite what the law and what the Wordpress Terms of Service said. Guess what? Looks like the third strike, he's out. Addendum: Nope, just suspended. He perjured himself and claimed "Fair Use" to Automattic, and I would have to pursue expensive international litigation, so it was restored. Yet, the hypocrite fills his diaper whenever someone posts a public screen shot of his nefarious activities. I have an idea of something to make for his birthday.

Bottom line: ToS apply occasionally. The unfortunate lesson is: See what you can get away with.

February 17, 2013

Video — Eukaryotic Cells Refute Evolution

Evolution cannot withstand scrutiny. But it is foundational to liberal Christianity, other irrational religions and especially the incoherence known as atheistm. That's why evolution is protected, and contrary evidence suppressed, by the Evo Sith in their efforts to protect their fundamentally flawed worldviews.

And yet, the truth is discovered. Oh, sure, the protectors are sent scrambling to find excuses to keep their failed "theory" intact. Here is another short video with more information to show that evolution is a fundamentally flawed belief system. That is, evolutionism keeps looking more and more far-fetched because the evidence shows the Creator. How good is that?

February 16, 2013

Video — Dear Atheist, Let's Talk

The religion of atheism is irrational and fundamentally flawed. Although many who call themselves "atheists" claim to have rejected the existence of God through "reason", they have failed miserably, deceiving themselves and perhaps deceiving others. The irrational, unscientific worldview called "evolution" is a cornerstone of atheism. It gives their religion a veneer of intellectualism, and they refuse to acknowledge the multitudinous failings of evolutionary theories. They prefer to continually prop up the failed "science" of evolutionism for emotional comfort.
Atheism is incoherent, lacking the necessary preconditions of human experience. There is no plan for the life of the atheist, since everything is an accident of nature. This also means that there is no foundation for morality (I can name atheists who will say and do anything because their "morality" is based only on their immediate desires, and they are useless for humanity as a whole). What passes for "reasons" to embrace atheism are actually emotionally-driven excuses to hate God, the Bible and Christians; there are no reasons for atheism.
If they will take a few minutes to be honest with themselves and actually think instead of pandering to their atheopathic friends about how they ridiculed Christians and "found" another excuse to hate God, they would see that they need answers. The biblical Christian worldview has the necessary conditions of human experience, and answers the questions of life that atheism and evolutionism cannot deal with.

February 14, 2013

Dumping Posterous

Having second Weblogs on Posterous was a silly idea, I admit. Since this Weblog is a general purpose thing, I did not really need to use it. But I wanted to try it out. Posterous is a good idea that is poorly executed. You can upload MP3s and some other things and they make it accessible to everyone. The main problem is that they were down a great deal of the time. Another problem is that for having a Weblog like Blogger, Wordpress and others, fuggedaboudit. The concept was good for multimedia but I did not like it for trying to write something up.

After they were bought out by Twitter, they became even more unreliable. One time, it took me almost a week to get a good connection to be able to edit one post. Worse, one of my Posterous Weblogs had content vanish! I sent them an e-mail, asking what was going on. No reply. After several days, I fully deleted the account. I know of one page that was there, it contained public screen shots of atheopaths showing how rotten they can be in their own words, mainly from Twitter. The other stuff on that place, I don't remember. Whatever it was, I keep everything backed up so I can start over at another location.

After finding a new home for the material on my other account, I migrated the content. When I went back, they were kind enough to remind me of why I did not use them much anyway:

After I was finally able to connect, Posterous gave me this message:

"...we'd love to answer your questions." Rubbish! They ignored my question. Also, they do not even provide a feedback form asking why you're canceling like some other services do. But if they ever want to know why, they can read it right here.

So, I'm done with the hassle of trying to deal with Posterous. Not that it matters, many people have never even heard of them!

Addendum: An atheopath is claiming credit for that one site on Posterous being down. But since he is famous for lying, libel and defamation, I doubt that it's true. Even if it was, it does not excuse such terrible service, communication and incompetence from Posterous. Ironically, Posterous is owned by Twitter. Twitter "Tweets" are public. Twitter said so. Edit: Big deal. Posterous is shutting down anyway.

February 12, 2013

Video: Are There Scientists Who Reject Evolution?

Now, I know that there are people who will go with redefinitions and a "No True Scientist" fallacy here, that true scientists accept evolutionism; anyone who rejects evolution must be an unedjamakated fundie. But that is obviously fallacious. It is also an attempt at poisoning the well and an appeal to ridicule. This short video will inform you of the truth.

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