January 10, 2013

Laziness With Pay — Ask Your Union Representative

Unions played an important part in establishing working conditions in America. Employers had a version of the Golden Rule: "Whoever has the gold makes the rules". They often treated employess in near slave-like conditions with no regard to fair wages, health or safety.

Eventually, things changed and other countries caught on. Today, employment is market-driven and employers match or compete with each other to attract reliable laborers. There are laws in place as well.

Modern unions are self-serving left-wing outposts, having grown into their own kind of tyranny. The union negotiates a raise so that the union member's dues can go up and pay more to the union. Often, the employee is worse off for the deal.

I haven't mentioned Neil for a long time. He goes to work, does his job, is a Bible-believing Christian and creationist, all-around good guy. Well, I'm still not going to mention him. This is about where his wife works.

Neil's wife works for a company that can be vaguely considered healthcare related. Their union is a B. Hussein Obama-kissing racket. Her place of employment negotiated a contract. Everyone gets a raise, but health insurance increases dramatically. Neil's wife and other long-term employees hated the proposal. But short-term employees loved it because (drum roll, please) they get more money.

Side point. I believe in two kinds of raises. One is a "thanks for being a reliable employee, this is a token of our appreciation, boy the taxes and cost of living sure are going up after the election, huh?" raise. The other is performance-based. Companies that want to attract and keep good people do this. Other companies think it is Optumal to find every possible excuse to deny even the smallest raise, and only reward the boss' pets or people who have sold their souls, denying family and friends for the sake of The Company.

The wife and I watch "Restaurant Impossible" on the Food Network. Chef Robert Irvine and his crew straighten things out for failing restaurants. In a recent episode (I think it was the "Whiskey Creek" steakhouse), he learned that the owners were relying on a night manager. He said something like, "You're trusting a thirteen-dollar-an-hour employee with a restaurant that you spent a million and a half dollars on?"

Cheapskates should learn that you get what you pay for, and if you want good help to remain good help, treat them right.

But I digress. I do that a lot, don't I?

Back to the subject. Mrs. Neil's company pays people for not doing much. Many of them are lazy slobs that just punch a clock. And they're getting fat raises. Long-term, hard-working employees get thrown a bone. They do not have incentive to work harder.

This is Obama's economy in action. The leftist union uses his "principles", and the idiots that voted for him because they figured he was going to give them free stuff and free money are the kinds of people that approved that laziness-rewarding contract. Honest, hard-working people get a rude gesture.

Wake me up from this American dream of selfishness and laziness.

January 6, 2013

I Trolled You So!

The word "troll" seems to have shifted meanings since the invention of Algore's Amazing Internet™. (I pick up some interesting phrases from Chris Plante.) Traditionally, it is someone who makes comments in forums and such to provoke a negative response. Since they are doing this for attention, it led to the phrase, "Do not feed the trolls".

By the way, someone who posts a comment in a thread that disagrees with others is often mistakenly called a troll. Perhaps it is true, but quite often, the label is incorrect.

The definition has broadened in recent years, probably because of the availability of social media. Trolls have become obsessive and vindictive. In my experience, many Internet atheists are not only trolls, but are bullies and narcissistic stalkers who seek to do harm to others. Many are unemployed, so they have time to wreak havoc. Most are dealt with by simply blocking them and reporting them to the appropriate authorities. Then they play the victim card.

Many atheopath trolls are indeed mentally unbalanced. Some have become a bit more sophisticated in their approach, wanting to "have a discussion" or "ask questions" in a manner that is meant to be destructive, disruptive and upsetting. One of the first indications of trollishness is of a provocative, off-topic comment or question. But they do not seek to have discussions or gain knowledge.

My wife likes to give what I call a "voice over" to Basement Cat when she seems to have an attitude; "leave me 'lone" became "LML". These reprobates do not respect other people, and will not "LML" unless they are forced to do so.

Here is an excellent article that covers troll stuff quite nicely:
While the hot topic of the moment is cyber bullying (after the Charlotte Dawson affair) I have to speak up and make it clear that I’ve been irritated by the ‘comment’ button for quite some time. It’s a great invention if you want to tell people how awesome they are and show appreciation but then there’s the other side – the darker side of the ability to comment.
While I haven’t yet made my way to Twitter I’ve seen enough hatred when I visit Christian philosophy videos on YouTube or some of my favourite blogs. It’s not just the comment button either. Some websites (such as creationist ones – creation.com and answersingenesis.org) don’t allow for commenting but they still get emails sent to them with all sorts of creative language and ill-founded assertions. And yet in an act of good sportsmanship they still bother responding to letters of people that can’t be bothered researching the facts first.
I’ve learned my own personal lesson with this, with my own Facebook ‘friend’-turned-bully who would attack every Christian post I made claiming that Christians (and especially creationists) were stupid and uneducated. The fact that we used to frequently spend time together should have told her that I was neither, but she clearly never thought of that as she was too busy trying to discredit me in front of others before I blocked her.
You can read the rest of "Welcome to Troll City", here.

Video: The Fishpond Parable

Atheists use the straw man of "The Magic Man in the Sky" to be insulting, but they are also showing their ignorance.

January 4, 2013

Liars, Libelers and Censors, OH MY!

Excuse me while I think out loud. There are some things I've heard, and observations I've made, that need to be put together.

There are some people in the music industry that will have outrageous and often obscene lyrics. These are often accompanied by antics on stage that sensible people don't want their kids to see. When it was suggested that warning labels should be put on certain recordings, some recording artists howled about "censorship" (even though they still record the same nasty lyrics). Sometimes, they would go on crusades against "censorship". 

Chris Plante was commenting on how those on the left have disdain for people who think differently from them, think those people should be controlled, and that they're the ones to do it.

I've noticed the same thing about many modern atheists. They are very controlling, and want to usher Stalin's vision of a secular state through any means possible. Although these atheopaths are held in contempt by most of civilization and their numbers are dwindling, they are shrill and furious. Not intellectually fast, just furious.

They assume that they have the "right" to turn every inch of the Internet into their litter box. When they are denied the rights that they never really had, they use all sorts of emotional buzz words in their manipulative attempts to get their way. Cries of "Liar! Censorship! Coward! I'm smarter than you!" and childish insults are expected. And we are not disappointed, because people like that are so predictable.

Text from actual response to libelous hit piece about me
This also illustrates their hypocrisy. They scream about their imagined "rights", but have nothing but contempt for the actual rights of others. Misotheists want to control people, and hate our rights to have freedom of speech and freedom of thought, or even to be left alone. When we tell the truth about their intellectual and moral failings, when we show the flaws in evolutionism, we are called "liars" and "censors". In doing this, they show their inability to grasp morality, honesty, integrity, science, logic or anything of importance. And we know full well that they are the censors.

By attacking us, they show their own failings and gain further contempt from sensible people. How good is that?

One thing that the aforementioned "musicians" have in common with the atheopaths (well, two things, if you count that both are usually leftists) is the unwillingness to grasp the fact that people have the right to set standards. You cannot threaten to kill someone, you cannot fornicate in the street in most places, you cannot shoot at the Kingston Police Department building, you cannot shout "Fire!" in a crowded cinema, and so on. If what some people want to do is unwanted or unfit by the people, they should seriously think about obeying the laws and respecting the rights of others. While some of us have rights, that is.

And people like that are wanting to remove our rights through bullying, force, activist judges and so on. (At least, misotheists are not in political power yet, and they cannot tax us.) After all, modern Internet atheists and pr0n merchant "musicians" have no respect for the majority who have differing views. Because those of us who actually think for ourselves are dangerous to them.

January 2, 2013

Washing It Away

A New Year's Rant

Recently, I said that making preparations for New Year's Day has some psychological value. Wearing a new piece of clothing is good. I started reading a version of the Bible that was new to me, and had things lined up as I could to start the business aspect of the New Year.

As a bonus, "The Question Evolution Project" on Facebook gained some new Admins to add content and sweep up troll droppings. This is great, because the influence of Richard Dawkins and vitriolic atheism is fading, and creation science is gaining ground. People are realizing that they need the truth, not the hatred from atheopaths.

I'll come back to this in a moment.

In a podcast, Dr. James White was discussing how many Islamic apologists are inconsistent and disingenuous. This part caught my attention:

What he said reminded me of many misotheists. They do not care about truth, accuracy, integrity, the rights of others or even obeying the law. (For that matter, these types not only oppose free speech, but oppose your right to think for yourself if you disagree with them.) No, they want to be childish and attack people and "excite their base". Then they get praise from other weak-minded atheopaths for their ridicule.

But they will not get attention from people who matter.

Trolls and stalkers get squashed when they get in the way, but I am not interested in their distractions; we are not interested in their distractions, since we have far more important things to do.

When my informants tell me that my intellectual inferiors like Ashes for Brain, Halloween Boy, Norman the Paranoid Android Troll and others have libeled me yet again, I am not interested. While it is pitifully easy to dismantle what passes for logic on their hit pieces, I am not going to waste time on them. So, informants — don't inform me.

People who have such blatant double standards about libel — just a moment.

Some of them keep using that word (libel). It does not mean what they think it does. It's amazing how some people who cannot comprehend basic logic somehow consider themselves experts in law. Even if I did libel an atheopath troll, he would have to show how he was damaged; his own history would be brought forward and hilarity would ensue. 

There are legal decisions on record where someone sued for defamation of character and won the case. But he was such a louse, he was awarded one dollar in the settlement. For many atheopathic trolls, it would not be defamation of character. Rather (to borrow from the TV show "M*A*S*H"), it would be definition of character!

Can you imagine: "Yes, Your Honor, I can prove that I am the microcephalic misfit that he is talking about!"

Anyway, some trolls who start stuff  and have libeled me will accuse me of the same thing. (Sounds like a problem with projection, n'est-ce pas? Not only do they have a double standard, they are playing to their base with that lie as well.

Some of these people are so angry, so hateful, so devoid of morality, I have no doubt that they would be violent in person. Guess what? If an atheopath whacked me during a misotheist jihad, I would still be the winner! Jesus would be waiting for me. Unless they repent and receive the love and forgiveness of almighty God, judgment and eternal damnation are waiting for them.

Now, back to the shower.

I do that to symbolically wash away the bad things of the previous year. I made a point of sending alcoholic unemployed atheist stalkers and haters down the drain. Nobody needs to dwell on such negative things, and I've never been comfortable with their unnatural affections. Good riddance to attention whores.

Morons that glance at the introductions to articles here and at Piltdown Superman, but do not read the rest, and feel qualified to refute the whole thing go down the drain.

Other stuff is down the drain as well.

I have a mission to fulfill. One part of it is Question Evolution Day.

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