May 27, 2011

A Bit More Persecution

Here's a dual entry: "Persecution" as well as "You Gotta Be Kidding Me!" departments.

A Christian GP who discussed his faith with a patient is facing disciplinary action and could even lose his job.

Dr Richard Scott, one of six Christian partners at Bethesda medical centre in Kent, says he has discussed his faith with patients “thousands of times”.
But the General Medical Council claims that by talking about Christianity Dr Scott distressed one of his patients, and risked bringing the medical profession into disrepute.
Read the rest of political correct discrimination gone mad here and here.

May 26, 2011

Free Speech Eroding for Christian Students

"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." 
— Lenin

"Teacher sayin', Can’t be prayin', says it's against the rules.
We're free today in the USA, but not here in my school."
— Morgan Cryar, "Pray in the USA"

Buona sera. If you are interested in my occasional links and such about the persecution of Christians, they will continue. After all, persecution, discrimination and so forth not only continues, but increases.

The first leader of the Soviet Union knew the value of shaping a child's mind. The history of atheism and brainwashing by atheistic indoctrination in the USSR is well known, so I do not need to give you a history lesson now.

Secularists, "Progressives", so-called humanists, atheists and cafones of that ilk have been working to undermine the Christian values and education in America for decades. I remember hearing a pastor in the small town of Ionia, Michigan somewhere around 1985 tell about a student that he knew who was told that he could not bring a Bible to school. If I remember right, the child was told that it was "illegal". Horse puckey. Fortunately, the pastor got involved and straightened out that situation.

But such nonsense continues. The "legal" excuse for it is the so-called "Constitutional wall of separation of church and state". Except that it does not appear in the Constitution. Oh, wait... yes, it does! "...the church is separated from the state, and the school from the church." It's right there in the 1977 USSR Constitution. Except that we're not communists. Yet.

A former student at Gateway East High School of the Grossmont Union High School District has filed suit against GUHSD, saying he was disciplined and suspended for sharing his faith with fellow students and for bringing his Bible to school. The student is represented by Pacific Justice Institute.

The conflict for Kenneth Dominguez began when he returned from Christmas break in January 2010 and began telling his fellow students about his Christian faith. On several occasions he was reprimanded for doing so and eventually he was told not to bring his Bible to school. An administrator told him that he could not share his Christian faith with fellow students or bring his Bible to school because of separation of church and state. When he continued to discuss his faith and bring his Bible to school he was given a 2 day suspension on February 18, 2010.

While I was on the hunt, I came across a couple of other gems.
For years, the Collier County School District allowed World Changers to offer Bibles to interested students during non-school hours on Jan. 16 in honor of Religious Freedom Day. But since last year, the superintendent and the Community Request Committee have refused to grant permission to the Southern Baptist Convention-related mission group to do so.

School officials claim Bibles do not provide any educational benefit to the students and thus distribution should stop.
Read the rest of the article about the blatant stupidity and Bible hatred here.

An Augusta State University student filed suit Wednesday after she was told to change her Christian beliefs or otherwise be expelled from the school's graduate counseling program.

"A public university student shouldn’t be threatened with expulsion for being a Christian and refusing to publicly renounce her faith, but that’s exactly what’s happening here," said David French, senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund. "Simply put, the university is imposing thought reform."

And now, the "Candy Cane Case", eight years in the making.
First, they banned eight-year-old Jonathan Morgan from handing out candy canes with Jesus’ name on them to classmates at a school holiday party.

Then they confiscated a little girl’s pencils after school because they mentioned “God.” But that’s not all…

They even banned an entire classroom from writing “Merry Christmas” on cards to our troops serving in Iraq!

Now, these same government officials are actually arguing in court that elementary students can be discriminated against and are too young to have First Amendment protection, and if they win this case, they could silence 41 million American school kids and their parents.
Read the rest of this bit of sweetness here and here. Also, see their seven minute video, below. And a music video below that.

Of course, those who approve of rewriting history, persecution and thought control deny such things, capice? Welcome to the Union of Soviet Socialist States of America, Comrade.

Credit One: Read the Details

Buon giorno. You know I try to sound the alarm now and then. After all, I hate seeing people get ripped off, get viruses, scammed or whatever. This monstrosity came in the mail, and I'm going to show the world how cafones like this gang conduct business. Many people want to begin, improve or rebuild their credit rating, often after declaring bankruptcy. Sneaky people play on the hopes and sometimes desperation of people.

This one is not the worst, it's just typical. In the picture (click for larger), you'll see that this company is "CreditOne". Their logo looks deceptively similar to CapitalOne, that's the first thing that bothered me. And you're "pre-approved" unless they decide you're no good after all. Well, even legitimate companies pull this trick, so I can't complain too loudly. By the way, I think the pretend credit card that companies attach is kind of insulting; we know what a credit card looks like, Leroy. There's an expiration date, but so what? It will overlap with the offer that they'll send in another week or two.

This next picture is where I want people to pay close attention. The Annual Percentage Rate is not all that impressive, but keep reading. There is no grace period for purchases. Most legitimate companies will not charge you as soon as the purchase hits their computers, but these exploiters jump right on that. So throw out the concept of the ideal credit card use, where you use it during the month, get the bill, pay it all off and do not pay any interest. Not these guys.

And what's that? An annual fee! Not a chance, Chauncy. Cowboy Bob doesn't pay for the privilege of owning a card and paying your other fees. No siree. Oh, and there's a fee for an additional card for another user, but that's hit-and-miss with legitimate credit card companies.
As I said earlier, this is not the worst I've seen. Wish I had one to show you, but that company learned not to send me their crapola. They were astonishingly deceptive as well as insulting. Guess they want people to be in a hurry to sign up. That one said, "No annual fee!" That was true. Instead, these jerks hit you with a monthly fee! If I recall correctly, that other one not only had the monthly fee, but a setup fee and several other outlandish fees tacked on.

If I do happen to find another of those outrageous credit card applications, I'll show you. But I'm not expecting one, especially since I have platinum cards with legitimate companies.

Even so, let this one be a lesson. Don't be in a hurry, or it can cost you, capice? Take the time to read the information on the terms, look for fees, whatever. Especially if it's from a company that you've never heard of and is trying to trick you into thinking they're a different company altogether. But as far as I can tell, this one and others are not doing anything outright illegal. Be careful, OK?

May 22, 2011

Christians Slaughtered in Nigeria

While many in Nigeria were still celebrating the victory of Christian presidential candidate Goodluck Jonathan, Christians in northern Nigeria were grieving over the mass graves that would be the final resting place of their loved ones.

Shocking scene of carnage in Nigeria
International Christian Concern (ICC) is reporting that in the Muslim north, Muslim mobs reacted to the news of Goodluck’s election on April 18th by launching massive simultaneous attacks against Christians in almost every northern state.

The mobs massacred hundreds of Christians, torched more than 300 churches, and destroyed countless Christian homes.

Read the rest of the article here.

Gagaville Updated

Not much to say here. I did a post on "Stormbringer's Auxiliary Thunder" showing the relentless push that Zynga is giving Farmville's "Gagaville" (which I call either Slutville or Gag-Me-Ville). The link to the picture post is here, and my previous complaint is here

One reminder, in one way I really don't care. But in another way, they (Zynga) are hypocrites for not allowing children to see alcoholic beverages in Farmville (allegedly on principle), but then promoting an album by this sex fiend.

Yeah, I know, I'll take heat from "enlightened" people and self-styled "intellectuals" for taking a stand on morality and values. Sucks, donut?

Update to the update:
This kind of stuff keeps coming to my Inbox — and I haven't been playing Farmville for weeks now. Do not want!

May 17, 2011

Is This What They Call “Tolerance”?

A couple of things this time around. First, the Christian fish symbol ichthus is getting out of hand. Not so much by Christians, our symbol is ancient and uncluttered:

Then someone decided to essentially raise a middle finger to it and make a Papa Darwin version, as seen in the cartoon at the top. Yes, I know they're out of order, I wanted to lead with a colorful 'toon, OK?

Anyway, someone even more clever hit back with "Truth":

I should get got one of those!

My earlier "out of hand" remark is because there are many more designs available. Several are marketed toward obstreperous atheists, and some are marketed toward sci-fi loving virgin geeks. Even more can be had. Clutter!

So anyway. This is an appropriate celebration of getting my autographed copy of The Lie: Evolution by Ken Ham replaced.

Here is an article from "Answers in Genesis":

In today’s secularized culture, we often hear people (particularly leftist humanists) demand what they call “tolerance.” Christians are often accused by these humanists of being “intolerant.” I have heard the accusation of “intolerance” against AiG and what we teach many times over the years.  However, what I have found is that usually those who call for what they call “tolerance” are extremely intolerant of the absolutes of Christianity. What they mean by “tolerance” is often a tolerance of all views that agree with theirs, but an intolerance of views that disagree with theirs.
Two interesting news items I read this week seem to illustrate this. It is also a sign of our increasingly secularized culture, with its growing anti-Christian sentiment.
The first item comes from the United Kingdom.

Nope, now you'll have to click and read the rest of the article at its source:

May 16, 2011

Bin Laden was a Harmless Old Man

This harmless old man only had one crime: Cheering for the attacks on America. Other than that, he never bothered anyone.

Anyone who believes that rubbish needs his medication adjusted. This news just in:

Just before his death, Osama bin Laden told London sleeper cells to carry out attacks. Read more here. Also linked here.

Addendum: B. Hussein Obama says that bin Laden wasn't a Muslim leader. Yeah, sure. Only Obama Zombies believe that tripe! Well, the question has been raised: If he wasn't a Muslim leader, why was he buried at sea within twenty four hours? By the way it adds fuel to my own fire that B. Hussein Obama is a closet Muslim, what with giving the carcass such dignities. Did you know that with slain murderers, the ceremonies are often postponed because of post mortems? Yup, I'm still a bit suspicious.

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