April 3, 2012

Religious Speech IS Still Allowed

Buon giorno. Secularists are intent on banishing freedom of religion (and I suspect that freedom of religious thought is threatened). Some even think that "religion" should not be allowed in the workplace and attempt to secularize it, reminiscent of Stalin's efforts to secularize the Soviet Union. No, prohibiting religious speech is a federal crime (unless, of course, it is actually interfering with the workplace). In previous posts, I showed how the rights of Christian students is eroding, and organized efforts by atheists to persecute Christians. Not only with the truth go on, but we still have free speech in the USA. Capice?
A Christian-based legal defense alliance wants to make sure everyone understands that schools in the U.S. may talk about Easter in the historical sense of what is written in the Bible about the time of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection – not just about chocolate Easter bunnies.

The Alliance Defense Fund published a memorandum last week which states that courts have long held that it is permissible to objectively discuss the different holidays (including Easter) that are celebrated and what their meaning is to those who celebrate them.

ADF Senior Legal Counsel David Cortman wrote in a blog posted last week – titled "Easter: Bunny or Jesus?" –that simply talking about Jesus does not violate the "so-called separation of church and state."


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