April 2, 2012

Gaystapo Harasses Baptist College

Buon girono. It is interesting that the people who insist on "tolerance" are often the least tolerant themselves. In fact, the word "tolerance" has come to mean, "You must accept my viewpoint, sexual preference, lifestyle, belief system or whatever as equal in validity to anything else". But if you disagree, they do not "tolerate" in the established definition of the word, capice?

The Gaystapo is intolerant of Christians, and tries to force their viewpoint on others. Case in point:
A gay rights group demonstrated at Oklahoma Baptist University on Wednesday as part of an ongoing project to advance acceptance of homosexuality in religious organizations.

Marty O'Gwynn, assistant to the president of Oklahoma Baptist University, told The Christian Post that the Soulforce participants were not given permission to demonstrate on campus. But he also noted that the protesters were peaceful.

O'Gwynn said that OKBU does not have any homosexual student organizations, like a Gay Straight Alliance or Pride Alliance, because "the university's student handbook states that 'the philosophy and purposes of student organizations must be compatible with the university's statement of purpose and philosophy.'"

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