March 28, 2012

Hypocrisy at the (Un) Reason Rally

Tweaked a few hours after posting.

Buona sera. I have had many experience in dealing with atheistic hypocrisy and double standards, so there is not much that surprises me. And yet, I am still amazed by how they cannot even see that they are being hypocritical.

There are times when atheists portray themselves as harmless people who never bother anyone, and simply do not believe the way theists believe. So...
  • It must not be the atheists that troll YouTube material by Christians with ridiculous and often obscene comments, and vote down the video
  • It must not be the atheists who troll Christian groups in Facebook
  • It must not be the atheists who troll Amazon and vote down Christian books that they have not read
  • It must not be the atheists who are protesting more and more, trying to secularize America
  • It must not be the atheists who are trying to get the teaching of creation science and Intelligent Design outlawed, and pressure lawmakers with misinformation campaigns
  • It must not be the atheists who write Weblogs misrepresenting Christians (especially creationists), with equivocation, arbitrary assertions and sometimes by flat-out lying
  • It must not be the atheists who are attacking creationists and saying that we are wrong, even though they have no idea what we actually believe and teach. Hint: try actually reading the material, watching the videos and so on without looking for any little excuse to typo-pounce or some other lame excuse to say, "Gotcha!" Actually pay attention to the message instead of embarrassing yourselves with such blatant misrepresentation
  • It must not be the atheists who are trolling Weblogs by Christians, trying to pick fights and leave nasty comments
  • It must not be the atheists who are trolling Christians (especially creationists) on Twitter for the same reasons
What utter hypocritical, childish rubbish.

I posted a modified image from "Family Guy" in an atheist forum (yeah, obnoxious of me, I know, but I was making a point). If you've seen the show, it's the one where a doctor determined that Peter was retarded. He had a chart. On top was "average", followed by "retarded" with Peter's name just below, followed by "creationists" at the bottom. I took Peter's name out and put in a picture of B. Hussein Obama where it says "retarded", and changed the bottom line to "atheists".


A hatetheist commented,
"Nice photoshop. Thankfully, I've seen this episode of Family Guy and know it actually says Creationists at the bottom. As to why Obama is there *shrugs*
Can't even make your own original jokes? Have to steal the 'atheist's'?"
First, it wasn't Photoshop, it was Second, "thankfully"? Who do you have to thank, anyway? More than that, why? Third, the Obama thing was in there because I felt like it, capice? Fourth and best, you flaming hypocrite, atheists are constantly modifying Christian art for the purposes of mockery! This strengthens my theory that atheists are intolerant of anyone questioning their sanity or making jokes; they can give them, but they can't take them.

The (Un) Reason Rally claimed that it was not there to ridicule "religion". And yet, they had a good time doing it. More than that, Richard "Daffy" Dawkins urged people to (wait for it...) mock the religious people. Here is more on his hypocrisy (article dated March 25, 2012):
At yesterday’s Reason Rally, the acknowledged headline speaker was the famous Richard Dawkins. And Dawkins, true to form, managed to display both hypocrisy and irrationality in the course of his fifteen minute speech.

To set the stage, let’s remember the promise the Reason Rally organizers made to us on their website:
Are we just going to use this opportunity to trash religion?
No. This will be a positive experience, focusing on all non-theists have achieved in the past several years (and beyond) and motivating those in attendance to become more active. While speakers have the right to say what they wish, the event is indeed a celebration of secular values.
Read the rest of "The Hypocrisy of Richard Dawkins" here.

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