March 30, 2012

BULLY for Dawkins at (Un) Reason Rally

Buon giorno. I can't stand bullies. Partly because I endured it as a child. Now I intervene. Sometimes, I even give it back. Bullies should appreciate getting some of their own rotten treatment, capice? But right now, the best thing I can do is point out their foolishness and tell the truth about the angry misotheists and their "Me, too!" yap dogs that actually think that hatred is a valid form of logic.

What did we get at the so-called "Reason Rally?" Lots of whining, hypocrisy, appeals to emotion, rampant hatred, trashing of the vague "religion" boogieman — but nothing resembling actual "reason". Do you know how these kinds of atheists refute Christian logic? Just declare them wrong or find a rescuing device (an excuse) to get out of it; the conclusions reached do not agree with atheistic presuppositions. From there, many Internet atheists resort to bullying tactics. But not logic, because their logic is fundamentally flawed.

Atheists are the least-liked and least-trusted group. Do we really wonder why? Instead of working on their image and their conduct, Richard "Daffy" Dawkins incites mockery, ridicule — and even bullying. Nice going, Dick!
Richard Dawkins has done it again. And this time he has really placed atheists in a pickle. Do they follow the abusive admonition of one of their idols, and thereby reject reason; or do they continue to teach their children that bullying is wrong? Something has got to give here. With mentors like Dawkins, it's getting tougher and tougher in America for atheists to maintain a consistency between their doctrine and their practice.
The rally in Washington on Saturday was supposed to embolden atheists in their positions. Instead, it has created a real dilemma for atheists who hold personal convictions against bullying. How would Dawkins have atheists treat religious people in the public square? "Mock them, ridicule them in public." Ouch. That one will come back to bite him many times over.

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