December 17, 2011

Christians Respond to the Passing of Christopher Hitchens

Buona sera. Many atheists are noting the death of Christopher Hitchens. Many are lashing out at Christians who put up their announcements (including vicious, vile comments at Atheist Central). So, what was his legacy? Hitchens was called a "great man", but wherein lies his greatness? He debated the existence of God, but was not noted for having great skill. A way with words, yes, and venom, but not skill. So many modern atheists have not learned to think well. In fact, they use the poor reasoning of others as sources for copy-n-paste in lieu of actual thought. Still, there are plenty of others, such as Myers and Dawkins, that they can plagiarize, capice?

It is tragic when anyone, disbelieving celebrity or not, enters eternity without a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The fact remains that all of the philosophy, debating, logic and whatever to make excuses against this knowledge have always been available (Romans 1.18-21, Psalm 53.1-3 NIV).

Even so, and to the possible dismay of angry atheists, Christians as a whole are not celebrating the death of Hitchens. Check out the following:
The Aristophrenium
Theologian Douglas Wilson in Christianity Today
Peter Hitchens, the brother of Christopher
Frank Turek
Doug Phillips of Vision Forum Ministries
Mark Looy of Answers in Genesis
Addendum: Here is an interesting video commentary:

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