December 12, 2011

Atheist Kittens?

Little Suzy had a cardboard box of very small kittens that she was playing with in front of her house.

Suddenly a big big black car stopped in front and a clean shaven man with graying hair and was wearing a sweater stepped out.

“Hi, little girl, what do you have there in the box?” he asked. 

“Kittens” Little Suzy says. “They’re so small, their eyes are not even open yet.”

“What kind of kittens are they?” he asked. 

“Atheists”, says Little Suzy.

The man smirked to himself, returned to his car and rode away.

Sensing a good publicity opportunity to boost his income, Richard Dawkins called his manager and told him about the little girl and the kittens. It was planned that they would return the next day, have all the media there and tell everyone about these great kittens.

The next day, Little Suzy is standing out on the corner with her box of kittens. A line of big black cars pulled up with all the vans and trucks from BBC, ITV, Sun, Guardian, Mail, Telegraph and others.

Everyone had their cameras ready and then, Richard Dawkins got out of his limo and walked up to Little Suzy.

“Now, don’t be frightened,” he said, “Remember me from yesterday? I just want you to tell all these nice news people just what kind of kittens you’re giving away today.”

“Yes sir,” Suzy said, “The are all Christian kittens.”

Taken by surprise, Dawkins said, “But yesterday, you told me that they were atheists!

Little Suzy says, “Yes, I know. But today, they have their eyes open and they see the light.”

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