November 14, 2011

No More Girl Scout Cookies for Me!

Buona sera. It's sad, really. There are some organizations that we were able to rely on to help develop the skills and character of our young people. Since the rise of the "anything goes", tolerance, politically correct, drift to moral liberalism and political leftism, we have to check everyone, it seems. 

The Girl Scouts of the USA has lost its focus. Not only will they allow boys who are sexually confused (mostly from lousy parenting) to join their ranks, but their continual journey to the left is becoming alarming, to say the least. Their November 2011 convention is full of extreme leftists, including pro-abortionists, lesbians and other femi-nazis. Since GSUSA is hypocritical about the values they claim to support, girls are feeling betrayed and are leaving the organization. The Girl Scouts organization needs to face some very tough questions. Here are some questions that girls and their parents can ask to see if GSUSA is really the kind of outfit that they want their girls associating with.

Fortunately for the Christians in the GSUSA, there are similar groups available through churches. Unfortunately, they are not as well funded and unified. Still, these girls are not as likely to be indoctrinated in leftist "values". This can also be a wake-up call to parents to instill strong values in their children, and not rely on disingenuous organizations and the schools to do this part of their work.

Don't ask me to buy the cookies, because I cannot support leftist indoctrination projects, capice?

Credit where it's due, VCY America's "Crosstalk" program put me on to this topic.


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