November 19, 2011

Is Atheism Another Form of Satanism?

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."
— Aleister Crowley

Buon giorno. I called Matt Slick of CARM on his radio show, and we had a rambling discussion as if we were old pals. 

In this edited excerpt, I took out tangents, some pauses and nonessentials that detract from the discussion. Matt and I were both enjoying the topics, and we covered a great deal of ground. The items discussed in the clip include Matt teaching me a new word ("sesquipedalian"), the logical fallacies of evolutionists and atheists, their blind faith remarks, bad evidence (like Lamarckianism and the Miller Experiment) and the demonic influence on atheists. 

I pointed out that one of the foundational points of the LaVey version of Satanism is selfishness. Also, the sin of Lucifer was pride. Obviously, selfishness and pride go well together, and modern arrogant atheists are saturated with pride. This leads to further sin, and to "stupidification" (that is, blind hate and sin make people stupid and they cannot reason; how else can someone justify the attitude that attacking the individual or the God he or she serves is equal to a logical argument, capice?). Then the conversation went to minority positions like atheism, Islam and homosexuality gaining power and imposing their will on others.

I have to add a comment about a remark I made in the broadcast, and at the top of this page. Ready? Good. There is dispute about Aleister Crowley being a Satanist or not, and the actual meaning of the quote. Some claim that it is simply about the Thelema religion that he manufactured, and it means, "Follow your own path". Sorry, Seymour, it still strikes me as a proclamation of selfishness; if he had meant "follow your own path", then he could have simply said that.

Sounds like a grand awful mess, I know, but it will make more sense after you hear it. Since DivShare failed again, here is the MP3 download link (ignore the "unable to play" error). Here is a link to the entire show.


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