September 9, 2011

Strange Searches: You Can't Do That HERE!

Buona sera. I just had to throw this one at you. Catch!

There are several drawbacks to picking the "Stormbringer" moniker. One is that people who are unaware that the world existed and had history before they were born, such as the origins of the name itself. Another problem is that quite a few people use it (notice the URL here, I had to add numbers to the name). One Stormbringer is a purveyor of, uh, "adult" material. I've had quite a few people hit this site looking for his stuff.

What I found amusing is that someone is looking for the naughty bits from a public library in Brooklyn! Although it says "stories by stormbringer", I don't write stories, I've had many hits from people searching for "a bit of the other", and I know this horndog was trying to find this stuff to read in a public place. Come on, do it at home in the dark or something.


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