September 6, 2011

American Muslims Admit 9-11 Attacks Benefited Them

From "Answering Musims":
One of the first articles I ever wrote on Islam was titled "The Two Faces of Islam . . . Still Smiling." In the article, I argued that all Muslims actually benefit from terrorism. Violent Muslims benefit from terrorism because people start living in fear. Peaceful Muslims benefit from terrorism because non-Muslims, in an effort to protect peaceful Muslims from the fabled "anti-Muslim backlash," rush to their aid, giving Muslims multiple platforms to explain "real Islam" to us. Hence, after every terrorist attack, the West becomes a dawah paradise. The words I wrote on the day of the London subway bombing are just as relevant today as they were then:
Today’s terrorist attacks in London, strangely enough, will help Islam grow even stronger. There will be a brief period of outrage against Islam, but once the smoke has cleared (both literally and figuratively), the world will once again rush to defend Islam, and more bills will be passed, "protecting" Muslims from those who would speak out against Muhammad’s "religion of peace." No matter how violent Islam becomes, as long as people fail to recognize that its two faces are part of the same head (and that both faces are calmly smiling as new laws make Islam untouchable), Muhammad’s empire of faith will thrive in a world of false tolerance.
Interestingly, some Muslims in the West are admitting that terrorist attacks are helping the Muslim community:
Not so fast, Nadim. Read the rest of the article at its source: Answering Muslims: US Muslims Admit That 9-11 Attacks Helped Their Communities


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