September 11, 2011

Some Of Us Did Not Forget

Kingston, New York, had been my home for about seventeen months. I was working in the warehouse with my foreman, getting the day's rounds planned. Another guy came over to us and asked if we knew what was happening. No, we did not have a radio on. He proceeded to tell us that planes had hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I was waiting for a punch line, because this guy told tacky jokes.

When he told us that it was no joke, I ran to the nearest computer and got online. I saw images of the smoking World Trade Center. Two things chilled me. First, the attack on the Pentagon made me realize that this was more ambitious than other attacks, and that the enemy was arrogant and stupid enough to take on the power of the United States military. The other thing that chilled me was when the Internet went down. At the time, I thought it was more than just overload and signal problems, but communications were not destroyed after all.

I did not grasp the physical enormity of the World Trade Center as well as its importance as a financial center. For some reason, I thought the loss of life would be minimal. When they said that somewhere around 45,000 people could be working there. As time went on and I joined with my fellow Americans obsessing over the news images, I realized the impact of the tragedy.

The cowardly cafones who attacked did a good job of coordinating, but they had some "fails". First, as I mentioned, the loss of life in the World Trade Center could have been far greater but not everyone had come to work yet. Also, they underestimated the construction of the WTC. Second, they underestimated the Pentagon itself. The seat of American military planning was designed to withstand attack. Plus, the area that was hit was not fully occupied. Third, the cowardly murderers underestimated the resolve and intelligence of the American people, as well as our supporters around the world. Emergency responders saved lives while many of them lost their own. Flight 93 did not reach a target, because heroic passengers would rather crash than add to the disasters already occurring.

Some people ask, "Where was God?" The same place he was on September 11, and where he is today.

Then, we came for you, you cowardly murderous losers.

This slide show has photos that I had not seen before. It's rather long, but after all, it is the tenth anniversary of the biggest cowardly scumbag terrorist attack in American history. (Some associates of mine have your akbar waiting right here, Habib!) Some things are worth fighting for...

Here's a suggestion for the Mohammedans: Don't mess with us. I know you want something even bigger than September 11, 2001 to happen. But do you remember the rage ten years ago? Remember that innocent Muslims were harmed? Imagine that magnified because of a new attack. Or don't you care that there could be a backlash against innocent Muslims, "your" people, and that the losers who cause these attacks are hunted down and killed? Maybe next time, the bullets will be dipped in the blood of pigs, how does that sound?


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