June 8, 2011

No Atheist Experience

Buon giorno. I wanted to get it nailed down one last time for a certain obstreperous atheist: I have no interest in calling "Atheist Experience", whatever that is.

You see, this guy was crying that he was not getting good debate action at the "Stand to Reason" Weblog (if he had a grasp of logic, as well as civility, it would have been different). So, the recommendation was made that he call Matt Slick at CARM. Although I was not the only one to challenge him on this, I was probably the most persistent. As I mentioned earlier, he did so and did a great job at humiliating himself. And had the nerve to brag about it afterward. Agonizing.

He called again, which surprised me. With this call, he was less off the rails, but did not understand the (discredited) concept of Lamarckism that he was putting forth.

However, he had a logic fail that he tried on me: Since I challenged him to call Matt, I am now obligated to call Atheist Experience twice. Listen up, Poindexter, one last time, slowly and with style. Are you paying attention? Good. I am not the one that was bragging about being the sharpest bulb in the drawer and wanting a debate! Also, I never made such a challenge, agreed to or knew about these "terms" that you manufactured. With your "logic", I wouldn't be surprised if Atheist Experience is embarrassed when you make yourself the east end of a horse going west. On the other hand, some atheists are practically making this atheopath into a folk hero; one site increased my number of hits by at least two or three. I was so impressed!

So, I called Matt to tell him of this guy's logic fail. Want to know what he said? I bet you do! It is in the audio clip, below. It only lasts about a minute. (Snicker) The entire hour is here.

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