March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Tree

Buon giorno. It's St. Patrick's Day. Today's post will be a partial repeat of my Valentines Day post so I can give new readers the background information.

You know that I've gone on about how Christmas trees are being called "holiday trees" by the touchie-feelie politically correct crowd, even though it's not fooling anybody; we all know what those trees really are, and what they're for.

A few years ago, I was listening to Glenn Beck on the radio. He was making "holiday tree" remarks that I thought were spot on. Essentially, they ran like this: "We have our holiday tree that we keep up all year. On President's Day, we hang dollar bills on it, and we decorate it for...", and he kept going with a few other humorous quips.

So, a worker in the local eatery put up a St. Patrick's Day tree just like she did for Valentines Day:

Yep, she's doing a real "holiday tree". She gave me permission to take a picture so I can share it with the world. Hopefully, she'll keep this new tradition going.

I think it's hilarious.

And, like my Valentines Day post, there really is no point to this. Just a bit of fun.


Rhomphaia (Sword) said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Love the tree---wearing your green?

We always make shamrock cookies and tell how St. P used them to tell of the Trinity.

We need to do a holiday tree- I like it....but we'll have to use the Christmas Tree ;-)

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